50+ Incredible Gifts for Beach Lovers in 2023

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Shopping for someone who simply loves going to the beach?

For beach lovers, these gifts for the beach will make the perfect present and will allow them to set off and enjoy the warm weather and beautiful water with everything they need.

Enjoying the beach is all about having fun in the sun. Days filled with water sports, building sandcastles, playing beach sports, and relaxing next to the water as you hear the waves crashing can be beautiful.

These gifts for the beach provide you with a variety of different items that you can have fun with outdoors. We’ve thrown in some ideas that are fashionable as well as functional items so you can enjoy your stress-free trip to the beach.

Best Beach Lover Gifts – The Practical Needs

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Beach Tent

In order to stay cool and away from the direct sunlight on the beach, this automatic pop-up beach tent will be great for the trip. The tent can fit two people and is easy to set up while you are on the go.

Beach Swim Shoes

Having a pair of comfortable beach shoes can help protect your feet while enjoying fun in the sun. These anti-slip shoes are made from a breathable material and are made to fit both men and women. 

Infusion Water Bottle

This shatterproof and leakproof infusion water bottle brings fresh fruit flavor to your water while enjoying the beach. The bottle allows you to infuse fresh fruit flavors to give you a refreshing drink.

Waterproof Lanyard

Keep your phone safe while you enjoy the beach with a protective phone pouch. This pouch is waterproof and is attached to a lanyard, so you can keep your phone close to you. It’s also touch-capable, so you can respond or make calls without even taking it out of the case.

Mesh Bag Tote

Store your toys and personal items in a mesh bag tote while you are enjoying the beach. This stylish mom bag for the beach can easily carry family games, kid’s toys, wet clothes, and more.

Towel Bands

The best way to keep your towels clipped onto your chair so you don’t lose them, they can also help hold your towel in place as you go from beach to water – the perfect cooler for the beach!

Insulated Can Cooler

Don’t let the warm weather ruin your cold drink. A stainless-steel insulated cup holder can help keep your drink cold as you enjoy your time on the beach with friends and family.

Insulated Cooler Bag

Not only is the bag insulated and waterproof, but it also comes with two microfiber beach towels for your beach trip.

Folding Backpack Beach Chair

Stay comfortable on the beach as you enjoy the sun with a dependable beach chair. Plenty of space can help you keep things close to you, and the chair folds for easy carrying when you’re not using it.

Folding Chair with Canopy

Stay comfortable and protected from the sun with a folding canopy chair. The canopy can help provide you with UV protection as you sit by the water and enjoy the warm beach weather.

Beach Bath Towel

Lightweight and perfect for the beach, this Turkish beach bath towel is comfortable, colorful, and available in a variety of different colors.

Adjustable Towel Holder

After some time in the water, hanging your towels up to dry will allow you to reuse them throughout the day. This towel holder also has a shelf for small items and will be the perfect way to store your towels and other essentials in between trips to the water.

Waterproof First Aid Kit

Stay ready for emergencies while at the beach with this travel survivor first aid kit. The kit is waterproof so you can be prepared no matter what the weather is.

Beach Umbrella Tray

This beach umbrella tray can be used to hold drinks or other necessities while you enjoy some time at the beach. It fits most beach umbrella poles and will help you keep your items safe from the sand and water.

Best Beach Lover Gifts for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Baby Pool Float with Canopy

Let your little one enjoy the water safely with the rest of the family in this water floatie. The floatie also has a pop-up shade to help protect them from the sun.

Baby Sunglasses

Taking a little one to the beach? Adjustable sunglasses that properly fit is important for young children to wear for protection. These are 100 percent UV-proof to protect their eyes and have high ratings for comfort and effectiveness.

Baby Ring Floats

Swim rings for babies can be used in the water, whether in the ocean or the pool, making it a safe experience for them.

Folding Collapsible Wagon

This outdoor wagon has a lot of storage capacity and is made from heavy-duty material that will allow you to maneuver through the sand. It also has cup holders and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Pop-Up Beach Pool

For little ones who can’t get into the ocean, a pop-up beach pool can allow them to have some fun in the water still safely. You can easily set it up close to you so that you and the baby can have some fun together.

Family Beach Tent

The whole family can stay out of the sun with this family beach tent. It comes with a floor mat so you can lay comfortably in the sand and is big enough for the whole family.

Silicone Beach Toys

Let the kids have fun in the sand with these silicone beach toys. The toys come in a travel beach bag, so you can easily transport them back and forth. They’ll have fun using their imaginations as they build and play.

Best Beach Lover Gifts For Fun in the Sun

Outdoor Polish Horseshoes Game

Take a break from the water with friends and family to play a fun outdoor game of Polish horseshoes. This kit includes everything you need and folds into a storage bag for easy carrying to and from the beach.

Slammo Game Set

The whole family can play an engaging and fun game while enjoying a day at the beach, this kit comes with everything you need to play a 2v2 volleyball beach style.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Just because you are headed out to the beach doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your music! This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can clip to your bag or chair so that you can easily take it with you wherever you venture to.

Outdoor Pillow

Relax on the sandy beach and soak up the sun with a comfortable and lightweight travel pillow. The pillow comes with a travel bag so that you can easily transport it.

Paddle Ball Game

Enjoy a game of paddle ball even on the beach with this travel paddle ball set. Friends and family can enjoy the ultimate game of paddle ball while enjoying some fun in the sun.

Beach Cup Holders

Keep your drinks, phone, sunglasses, and other small items handy and protected from the sand with these beach holders.

Beach Wine Purse Tote

This tote has a hidden, insulated, and leakproof compartment that can hold up to 2 bottles of wine so you can take your favorite drink to the beach.

Portable Folding Table

Whether you are on the beach with the family or sitting outside on the patio, easily keep the entertainment going with this outdoor picnic table.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Lightweight, waterproof, and easy to travel with, this dry storage backpack can hold your swimsuit, phone, and more.

Beach Day Pouch

This water-resistant zipper bag includes a small pouch for personal items, towel clips, and a drink hugger for your adventure on the beach.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Enjoy a fun game of cards with friends and family while you are relaxing and taking a break from playing in the water. These cards are protected in a plastic case, so you can play them at the beach.

Octopus Kites

The kids will love flying a kite while enjoying the breeze from the ocean. No need to assemble; the kites are ready to go when you open them, so they can have fun right off the bat.

Sports Watch

Having a water-resistant sports watch can help you keep track of time throughout your day of fun-filled activities. Stylish and ready for the beach, this dive surf series watch is comfortable and practical.

Flying Rings

Have some family fun by tossing these flying rings. One of the best-selling outdoor toys for the beach, the flying discs can be played at the beach with everyone.

Beach Ball

You can’t go to the beach without a beach ball! A beach ball can come in handy when it comes to keeping everyone entertained. You can play a variety of different games with a beach ball, and even the kids can play with it when they aren’t in the water.

Waterproof Digital Camera

Capture every minute of fun, even when you are in the water, with a waterproof digital camera. The high-pixel camera will take good-quality videos and images while you do your thing and enjoy the sun and water.

Swim Goggles

For older kids and adults, swim goggles can be a beach necessity that will allow them to explore underwater and go swimming. These goggles are leakproof and adjustable so tweens, teens, and adults can wear them.

Swimming Fins

These swimming fins are made for young children and will allow them to easily swim and play in the water while at the beach.

Best Gifts For Beach Lovers – Clothing, Accessories & Sun Protection

Swimsuit Cover Up

A bohemia-style swimsuit cover-up can come in handy at the beach. A variety of different colors are available so you can coordinate colors with your swim attire, the perfect beach gift for mom!

Men’s Drawstring Shorts

Staying comfortable at the beach is important, and with these classy beach shorts, your gent will be comfortable the entire time he’s enjoying his fun in the sun – an ideal beach gift for dad.

Travel Size Sun Care Pack

No matter where you go, this premium sun protection kit can help keep your skin protected from the weather. It’s travel size, so you can easily put it in your beach bag and take it with you.

Flower Hair Ties

Sport the beach style even when you need to keep your hair up with these flower hair bands. Practical and fashionable, these hair ties are perfect for your beach trip and can be used by adults or children.

Sun Straw Hat

Protect your head and your face from the sun while enjoying a day at the beach with this UV UPF50 straw hat.

Sunscreen Spray

Keep everyone protected from the sun with sunscreen spray. You can easily put these in your travel bag, making it handy to pull out whenever you need to apply it.

Beach Flip Flops

Made with a T-strip design, these flip-flops are designed to give you a comfortable experience while enjoying a day on the beach.

Boonie Hat

Whether you are wading on the beach or enjoying a relaxing time on the sand, this boonie hat will provide you with sun protection while keeping your head cool.

Detangler Brush

Between the swimming and the heat, those with long hair know how frustrating keeping your hair tangle-free can be. Having a detangler brush will come in handy for both kids and adults on your beach day, and you can easily store it away in your beach bag.

Beach Survival Kit Cosmetic Bag

The perfect cosmetic bag you can take with you to store small essentials as you head off to the sandy beaches. The bag is waterproof and includes a durable anti-slip slider allowing you to take it as you go.

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Best Gifts for Beach Lovers
Gifts for the beach

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