Best Baby Travel Advice

If there’s one thing we know best here at Our Globetrotters, it’s the ins and outs of travelling with babies!

Everything you need to know before flying with a baby - Best Baby Travel advice from Our Globetrotters

I know leaving the house with an infant can feel daunting in those first few months, let alone a night away – or the prospect of flying halfway around the world!  

Preparing for baby travel can be incredibly stressful, and I bet you have a load of questions you might be embarrassed to ask.

Let us guide you through your baby travel journey step by step and give you the confidence that YOU CAN TRAVEL WITH YOUR KIDS – AND ENJOY IT! 


Flying with a Baby

One of the most daunting aspects of travel can be getting on a plane with your bundle of joy.  Air travel can do unpredictable things to babies making it a nerve-racking experience that you might be ‘those parents’ with the screaming infant.  

Fear not; we have a lot of your flying with baby questions answered here:

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Baby Packing & Travel Gear

Fly Baybee bassinet cover - your ultimate guide to airline baby bassinets | Travel Advice | OurGlobetrotters.Ne
Fly Babyee bassinet cover in action © Fly Babyee

One of the major off-putting factors of going anywhere with a baby is the amount of gear you need to bring with you! From stroller travel systems to infant car seats, what do you really need?  

Helping you with some of those critical packing decisions, we have several product reviews and round-ups for baby travel products you may find helpful;

For Outdoor Adventures With Baby

Still not sure what to pack?

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General Baby Travel Advice

Keep diving through our archives! We also have these detailed guides that may help nervous first-time travellers with a baby

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Not yet had your first baby? Pregnancy Travel Advice

No worries, here at Our Globetrotters, we’re looking out for expectant mothers too. See our posts covering:

Everything you need to know before flying pregnant - family travel experts Our Globetrotters

Are there any burning baby travel questions we haven’t covered on here? We’d love to help you through every step of the way, so do drop us an email, and we’ll either send a personal response or answer your query in a new post.

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