45 Perfect Gifts for Outdoorsy Women This Mother’s Day

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Finding ideal gifts for outdoorsy moms, girls and ladies for their next adventure

What better gift to give your outdoorsy women than something ultra-practical they can use on their next adventure?

With an action-packed year shaping up for 2024, more families than ever are heading outdoors. Get your ladies equipped with all the best gear with this huge list of outdoorsy gifts women will love.

This post is part of our best travel gifts series – helping you find the perfect presents for travel and adventure lovers

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Some tips when choosing gifts for outdoorsy women

“Outdoorsy” can cover a huge spectrum from women who love nature hikes to time in the garden, out at the beach, extreme sports or just gentle strolls.

There’s absolutely no one size fits all, but here are some handy tips to steer you in the right way in selecting a gift that’s fit for purpose for your lovely ladies. And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gifts for grandma, these next picks make excellent presents for outdoorsy moms and mothers-in-law.

  • Sizing – choosing sizing on women’s clothing can be super tough – while you might know their regular shoe or clothing size, outdoorsy clothing can be really brand specific to how it fits. Some will have sizing guides like REI talks about true fit, but if in doubt, look for stores with good refund policies or gift cards.
  • Style can still count! Just because your lady is “outdoorsy” doesn’t mean style doesn’t matter (ok, granted, don’t look at my desert camping wardrobe!) But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and liven up an outfit, find her favorite colors and stylize with useful accessories.

Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women

Clothing gifts for the outdoorsy women

Marmot Water Resistant Jacket

  • When headed out on an adventure, your lady is going to want a lightweight jacket that’s both comfortable and water-resistant. This jacket is made using 700-fill down with water-resistant Down Defender and was built to withstand the elements, no matter what adventure she’s off to.

Winter Warm Fleece Lined Leggings

  • Keeping her warm while working out or sleeping, these fleeced-lined leggings are exactly what an outdoorsy woman needs in winter. The leggings are made of nylon and a stretchy Spandex knit fabric to help keep her warm during extreme cold temperatures.

Eddie Bauer Trail Leggings

  • Made specifically for hiking and taking part in outdoor activities, these trail leggings feature a high-rise style and are made from moisture-wicking polyester and Spandex. The leggings also offer sun protection for the legs.

Quick Dry Hiking Pants

  • Stay comfortable no matter what season it is with these water-repellent and windproof hiking pants. The pants feature an elastic waist to give you comfort and include zip pockets so that she can keep her phone and other essentials secure while doi8ng what she loves best.

Lightweight Hiking Shorts

  • Made for comfort during her hiking and outdoor adventures, these breathable shorts are lightweight, offer plenty of pockets, and are made with quick-drying material, perfect for summer hikes and camping trips.

KEEN Hiking Sandals

  • KEEN hiking sandals are comfortable and made for those who want to take an adventure hiking the rocky terrain while still maintaining a little style! KEEN offers a great selection of durable hiking sandals for both men and women and would make the perfect gift for your adventurous gift receiver.

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

  • One of the most popular socks for those who enjoy hiking, the Darn Tough hiking socks are comfortable and durable. No matter what conditions she’s hiking in, these socks will ensure a comfortable journey.

High Impact Racerback Sports Bra

  • Made with a racerback design to help keep her comfortable and secure, this sports bra gives high-impact support for ladies participating in rigorous outdoor activities.

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Essential accessories for the outdoorsy woman

Reflective Survival Bandana

  • Perfect for hiking or camping, this bandana is made with cotton and is printed with high visibility reflective ink so that she can be seen while out adventuring. With its lightweight design, she won’t even be able to tell she has it on.

Hiking Hat

  • Great for both ladies and men, this wide-brimmed sun hat is the perfect gift for a lady hiker who wants to protect her head from the sun. The hat offers UV protection, has a sweat band and breathable mesh and is waterproof, so she can take it on any sort of outdoor adventure through the seasons.

Water-resistant Goose Down Booties

  • Ideal for camping in cold weather, these unisex waterproof booties are a must for keeping her feet warm at night. They are super lightweight at only 80g and contain 90% white goose down with 700 fluffiness. Folding down super-small these camping slippers are a special and thoughtful idea to include in your outdoorsy woman’s stocking.

Microfiber Towel for Quick Drying

  • This quick-drying towel is made from microfiber, providing active, outdoorsy ladies with a comfortable way to dry off after outdoor activities. The great thing about microfiber towels are they are super compact and lightweight to take on any sort of outdoor adventure and come in a huge variety of colors to add some jazz to hiking and camping gear kits.

Thinksport Mineral Sunscreen

  • Wearing sunscreen is so important during outdoor activities – no matter the season. One of the most recommended sunscreens for active, outdoorsy women is Thinksport mineral sunscreen. It offers UVA/UVB sun protection and is water resistant, so it can’t last for a full day of sweaty and active adventures without wearing off.

Anti-Chafing Stick from KT Performance+

  • Help your lady stay chaff-free during active outdoor adventures with Chafe Safe. This easy-to-apply anti-chafe gel “chafe safe” by KY Tape is sweat and water-resistant providing all-day protection. A really thoughtful stocking stuffer idea for an outdoorsy woman you think may already have everything!

Polarized Sports Sunglasses

  • Help keep her eyes protected outdoors with these lightweight framed polarized sunglasses. The composite lens has a UV protection coating to block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Practical items and a little luxury for your outdoorsy women

Osprey Ladies Daypack

  • Holds just about everything she’ll need for day hiking, the popular Osprey backpack includes attachments that allow her to carry trekking polls, mesh pockets for storage, and a ventilated back panel, ideally sized for a women’s build.

First Aid Kit with Flashlight

Small First Aid Kit, 300PCS Essential Emergency Trauma Medical Supplies Packed in a Red Waterproof Box, Perfect for Car Home Office Travel Outdoor Camping Hiking (Red)
  • Everything she’ll need to take care of small emergencies or injuries while exploring outdoors. This compact survival kit includes first aid items most commonly required outdoors and includes a 4-mode LED mode. Built from military-grade aluminium and completely watertight to last the distance even in the most rugged conditions.

Garmin InReach Mini

  • Stay in communication with the Garmin InReach mini handheld satellite communicator. When she’s off the grid, staying in contact can be life-saving, and the InReach mini is perfectly sized for safety without adding too much weight. The most practical and potentially life-saving gadget you can invest in for an outdoorsy woman.

Wise Owl Outfitter Hammock

  • This portable hammock can go anywhere you want. It’s perfect for outdoor use and offers tree straps if you want to use it to for napping during your outdoor adventures. We love the wide range of colors on offer by Wise Owl Outfitters and the compact design.

3 in 1 camp chair

  • This lightweight back pack-style 3-in-1 camp chair by One Savvy Girl is perfect for hiking, camping, the beach, music festivals and more! Converting from backpack to chair in seconds, it also contains a cooler bag making it an ideal hiking companion.

Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Staying warm while you are camping is essential for a good night’s sleep. With a compact design, this heated sleeping bag liner will help add some extra warmth to her sleeping bag on her next outdoor adventure.

Wearable Sleeping Bag

  • Cozy and warm, a wearable sleeping bag can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Your active outdoor lady will love getting cozy in this wearable sleeping bag in temperatures down to 40F. Sizing from 5ft to 6ft 4″.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

  • Winter adventurers will know just how important it is to keep hands warm. Capable of 8 hours of hand warmth on high, these 10,000mAh rechargeable hand warmers are ideal for day hikers. As a bonus, it can be used as a power bank to charge your electronic devices on the go! The perfect little gadget for an outdoorsy woman.

Light My Fire Lighting Kit

  • A full kit that includes everything she needs to spark a fire safely, this is a must-have for campers or hikers.

Unbreakable Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

  • Just because your lady wants to enjoy nature and go camping, doesn’t mean she can’t also enjoy a nice glass of her favorite wine! These sturdy outdoor wine glasses are double-wall insulated to keep drinks cool and are unbreakable, with several colors to choose from to suit your outdoorsy woman’s personality.

Cocktail Mixes for Camping

  • Whether camping or traveling with limited tools, this cocktail mix can go anywhere she goes! The powdered singles can be mixed on the go right in her glass for a special treat.

Portable Espresso Maker

  • Know a lady who loves waking up to her espresso no matter where she is? A portable espresso maker might just make your outdoorsy woman’s day! A high-quality, durable, battery-operated espresso maker is a great gadget to take on outdoor adventures for coffee-lovers.

Multitool Pocket Knife

  • A pocket-sized multitool is essential for any woman’s outdoor adventure. Packed with useful features, from blades to wire cutters, screwdrivers and bottle openers, make sure your outdoorsy woman is prepared for any situation with this super practical gift.

Yeti Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug

  • Protect hands while enjoying a hot cup of coffee with the Yeti vacuum-insulated coffee mug. The lid uses magnets so that her drink won’t spill and adds an extra layer of protection when it comes to keeping drinks warm for longer.

MicroLite Vacuum Bottle

  • Whether she wants her drink ice cold or piping hot, the MicroLite Vacuum bottle is perfect for traveling, camping, or hiking. It features a lightweight design that’s made of stainless steel and has a secure screw-top lid.

Insulated Travel Lunch Bag

  • This great-looking insulated lunch bag is ideal for the active outdoor lady. Perfect for picnics, beach trips or day hikes, it’s large enough to hold a variety of different foods or drinks. The ability to carry hands-free over the shoulders is a great help, as is its super lightweight and water-resistant material, making it an ideal day trip companion available in several colors.

Electrolyte Fastchews

  • A really thoughtful stocking filler for the outdoorsy woman, help her replenish electrolytes with these chewable tablets during outdoor activities. They dissolve quickly helping to replenish and reduce cramps and heat stress.

Reusable Food Storage Bags

  • No need to waste food while you are camping or taking an outdoor adventure; these reusable food storage bags feature a leakproof design. Hand wash them after use, and you can reuse them over and over. You can also use the to take snacks or other healthy treats with you.

Trekking Poles

  • Featuring a lightweight foam grip and grip extension, this trekking pole has a speed cone deployment and is optimized for joint support and durability. Perfect for your outdoorsy women who prefers a little extra support on those strenuous hikes.

Hydration Powder Packets

  • On the go single-serving sticks, these hydration powder packets can be taken anywhere you go and offer you faster hydration than water alone.

LifeStraw Water Bottle

  • A perfect water bottle for your outdoor adventures, the LifeStraw bottle offers an advanced water filtration system that’s inside the bottle to help protect against chemicals, microplastics, and many more. Available in several colors to pick your outdoorsy woman’s favorite.

ChicoBag Bottle Sling

  • Carry your water bottle easily with this heavy-duty bottle sling. You can stuff it into a pouch when not being used and there are also strap pockets for your small essentials so that you can keep them close.

Portable Camping Lights

  • These portable camping lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are battery-powered, so you can use them as emergency lights no matter where you go. They’ll easily fit in a backpack, and can be used in the tent or on your hike.

LED Headlamp

  • A waterproof headlamp is great for camping or hiking. This one includes 7 different modes and has a long-lasting ultra-bright light so that she doesn’t need to worry about it dying mid-trip and an adjustable strap to perfectly fit her head.

Refillable Travelers Journal

  • Whether camping or hiking, taking a journal will allow her to record her thoughts and experiences down on paper. This notebook journal is refillable, so she can easily make room for more experiences once she has filled the journal.

Waterproof Toiletry Bag

  • Waterproof and leakproof, this toiletry bag can go anywhere you go, and you won’t have to worry about things getting wet or ending up at the bottom of the backpack.

JOBY Flexible Tripod

  • A stainless-steel reinforced ball head allows her to securely place her camera or phone onto the tripod so that she can take pictures anywhere – even when traveling solo.

Portable Battery Pack

  • Solar powered and ready to charge her devices while outdoors, this portable battery pack works with tablets, Samsung products, or iPhones; an ideal travel companion for any occasion, the extra tough design is ideal for ladies on the go or for taking on camping trips.

iPhone Lens Kit

  • With this all-in-one system, she’ll be able to use her mobile device to capture and record her outdoor adventures. It perfectly aligns with a camera smartphone and is easy to use; it can save taking bully professional camera gear but still deliver excellent results for the photo enthusiast

A Girl’s Guide to the Wild: Be an Adventure-Seeking Outdoor Explorer

  • This handbook covers everything a girl needs to get outside and enjoy themselves. It’s full of ideas on what to do and helps teach her about different outdoor survival skills – a must-read for your newbie to outdoor adventures.

Outside Magazine Subscription

  • Available in print or on the kindle, anyone who loves to be outdoors and enjoys outdoor activities will love a subscription to Outside. Give the gift of 12 months of informative stories, tips, and helpful tips to all things outdoors.

We hope you’ve found something in this selection to help your outdoor-loving lady.

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