Best gift ideas for the travel-loving parents-to-be

What travel gear does the parent-to-be really needed?

Expectant Mum | What gifts does the traveling mom to be really need?

Whether you are an avid traveller yourself – or your searching for that perfect gift for friends and family who are always on the move – let me assure you of one thing; you DON’T have to stop travelling the world just because you have a family on the way!!

We have plenty of advice on our website on how to travel while you’re pregnant and handling all those logistical travel matters once baby comes along.

This post is to help guide you in what you should actually be asking for from all those well-meaning people in your life before baby arrives.  Now you can forget diaper cakes (as cute as they may be) and start focusing on some ultra practical stuff that you will ACTUALLY USE!!!  We cover on this page:

  • Practical gear for getting around with baby
  • Cold weather extremes
  • Hot weather extremes
  • Toys & entertainment
  • Travel bags
  • How to set up a registry for your baby travel needs

This post is part of our series best baby travel advice and our product reviews and recommendations

Baby's pacifier on world ma; travel related gifts for the parent to be

A few things to bear in mind when looking for gifts suitable for travel:

  • Portability  (weight, ability to collapse)
  • Washability (materials)
  • Safety

Practical travel gear for getting around with a baby

A lot of big baby gear can be very personal to the family as they will use a lot of these items at home as much as on the go, but think really practical when it comes to travel gear;  let’s be honest some is just gimmicky.

Here’s our brief guide to what you really need, but don’t forget to check out our post on baby travel essentials (includes a downloadable baby packing list) and some of the more detailed buying guides we have linked to here:

Baby carrier

Hands down, the most practical item a new family will own is a baby carrier.  Especially while your baby is still small, being able to attach them to you while travelling is a life saver.  Baby should be worn facing you to begin with (newborns are better in a wrap than a structured carrier until their heads are strong enough).

As they grow you can move to back backpack style models.  Here are our favourite front carriers for new babies:

Travelling in hot weather? There’s a great guide here for the best hot weather baby carriers.

Travel Strollers

When carrying gets too much, having somewhere to lie baby down is great. Here are a few pointers on strollers

Expecting more than one baby? We also have a great guide here to compact double strollers that work best for travel.

5 important things to know when travelling with a newborn

Travel Bassinets

The great news with babies sleeping on the move, they are so adaptable!!!!  Now some babies do have their very particular way of falling asleep and don’t like to move about, but most will simply sleep when tired.

If there’s one piece of travel gear I wouldn’t go overboard on its expensive sleeping arrangements. Most hotels these days CAN provide you with an infant cot on request. As they grow though, and depending on how adventurous you’ll get, there are plenty of options.    If you’re unsure though and would prefer to BYO, then select a style that is SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT!

We love the ones that are flexible as outdoor day beds as well as indoor sleeping.

For more on the best infant beds from portacots to little tents, especially as they transition to toddlers see our Best Infant Travel Cots Guide here. 

On the plane?  You don’t need to bring your own bassinet on an aeroplane.  In this post, we describe how aeroplane bassinets work; how you book them and what you should expect.

You can read more about flying with babies here

Portable high chair

Most babies are ready to start weaning onto solids at around 6 months.  It’s at around this age they will also be getting old enough to sit unsupported on the floor.  When it comes to meal times though, you will very much need them to be strapped to something!

Now unless you’ve become a pro at the one-handed meal (trust me, our first had colic, we became experts) you will likely want your child to have their own seat.  It’s debatable though on whether you need to BYO these items, or will the places you travel to be able to provide you with an appropriate and safe highchair?

Each baby is likely to be very personal in their desire to sit nicely in one of these products! I personally think they add too much weight and bulk for the number of times you use them travelling, but others swear by them! Here’s a good guide to travel highchairs, or see our favourites below:

Other really practical feeding bits

For a nursing mum, a nursing cover is a fabulous idea, particularly if they are travelling to a more conservative country.  Once you get to weaning stage, there are also many practical solutions like easy-clean neoprene bibs, formula dispensers, bottle warmers  – just don’t go overboard and remember to think about things like TSA liquid restrictions (or whatever country you are flying from) and voltage on anything that requires plugs – yes we’ve lugged breast pumps halfway around the world only to find they won’t work!

Little Passports Subscription Review

What does baby need in weather extremes?

Baby items you need in cold weather

Baby dressed for winter weather | what to buy baby for cold climates

An ideal companion to a baby stroller is a Cosy Toes or foot muff.  Many strollers come with matching branded foot muffs, but honestly, the generic brands to the job just fine, especially if you are only travelling to a cold place for a short period of time.

A swaddle blanket that fits with a 5 point harness.  When you still need to keep baby secure while wrapped in winter layers.  Best to keep the same amount of clothing on baby but wrap them in a swaddle for the car.  A purpose made brand such as ByBoom will ensure they are still snuggly and safe.

TOP TIP: Looking at Baby Clothing?  As cute as tiny baby outfits can be, don’t try and predict clothing sizes too far in advance. If you are buying for someone else, you are best choosing items that can last for a wide age range so the parents-to-be can maximise us.

Gift ideas for baby in hot weather

Think about items that not only provide sun protection but breathable material.

One big change new parents find is the sudden need to seek out shade wherever you go! This can be quite a shock if you’re used to being a sun worshipper and outside all day.  A portable shade can be a really good idea if you think you’ll be spending time at the beach, it keeps sand off baby (because trust me, everything they touch ends up in their mouth) as well as providing shade.

Here are a few more ideas for hot weather packing items:

Summer Sun Protection: How to deal with the sun and heat in hot climates

Toys and entertainment

Stuffed teddy - what toys you need for baby travel

The biggest mistake most new parents make is the overpack!  When it comes to small babies and toys – serious, light, little and less is more!  Babies are really more interested in everyday objects than they are in shiny toys (just pack your sterilising wipes though for all those unique foreign surfaces and objects they want to touch!)

It never hurts though to have a few small sensory items in your baby-bag arsenal.  Here are a few suggestions on easy to pack toys that make minimal noise:

You can see our complete list of travel toy suggestions for all age groups here.

Slightly older children?  See what we are packing in our plane bag

Travel Diaper Bags

Now speaking of that all-important baby bag  – diaper bag – nappy bag – call it what you will.  Forget the cute bunny lined things, your traveller wants something ultra-practical.  We have always found a backpack style design works best.

The material, like everything, needs to be durable and getting something in a unisex pattern always a bonus. Check out this selection of bags that can also be warn as a back pack, or hooked off a stroller:

10 ways to photograph your kids like a pro

An alternative is to use a great trusted backpack like an Osprey Nebula. It doesn’t need to be branded as a diaper bag to have all the great functionality that you need.

What else can you give for the travel-loving parents-to-be?

Inspire them – Globetrotter News

Sign them up to the Globetrotters Newsletter!  The gift that keeps on giving right?  We love welcoming new members to our community, so send them the sign up to our newsletter.  Not only will they immediately access all our travel checklists, but also our top tips for flying with kids and our weekly travel news and inspiration.

Send them the sign-up link here

Set up a baby registry

Where was this when I had my babies!!! Registries aren’t just for fancy weddings, they are an ultra-practical way of making sure people buy the items you actually need – diaper cakes be gone!!!!

We love the Amazon Baby Registry.   Here’s just a brief run-through of how it works, but you can read all the techy details on how to set one up here:

  • The beauty is it’s not just for Amazon products (though we’ve mentioned quite a few here, I know…)
  • Add any item directly from Amazon OR other sites using the wishlist button app
  • Share the link to your registry with family & friends and they purchase the item for you – these items purchased will appear on a thank you list and be sent directly to you
  • Get yourself a 10% discount of any items not purchased on your registry that you personally purchase within 30 days of due date (or 15% if you are a member of Amazon Family).

So following all the suggestions above you can start your baby registry now (especially given the festive season is approaching – I bet people are asking you already what you need! ) And simply keep adding to it as you get inspired by more suggestions.

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Do you have any more suggestions for the parents-to-be should have on their wishlist?  Any ultra-practical gifts that you have received and absolutely loved?

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