Perfect Gifts For Keeping Your Travel Memories

Gift guide ideas what to buy for keeping your travel memories alive

Finding the perfect gift for you and your home to keep your travel memories going

We know all too well that feeling of euphoria you get while traveling, then the sudden letdown after a trip has been and gone. How do you keep hold of those travel vibes a little longer?

We’ve been looking for some ingenious ways to keep our precious memories going long after the journey has ended, as well as some fun and personal gifts to suit everyone in your family who loves travel too.

One of my favorite places to shop for original and personalized travel-inspired gifts is the online store Uncommon Goods.  Not only are there some seriously cool and original ideas and gadgets, but;

  • I can shop in my local currency, and they’ll ship direct (living in the UAE, this is so rare!!)
  • Free returns are offered at present on internationally shipped items!!
  • Their website is super friendly to use, with items clearly set out, making it a breeze to drill down to the products you’re actually seeking at the price you want to pay (seriously one of the best gift buying homepages I’ve seen!)
  • They have a philosophy of sustainability I can really get behind.  They work with small businesses and artists who not only source eco-friendly and recycled products but are encouraged to make their products in a socially and environmentally friendly manner as well
  • In the spirit of giving, you also have the option to donate to a not-for-profit cause at check out!
Educational gifts that keep giving year round

So, without further ado, here are our suggestions for keeping those vacation memories alive.

Mapping out your adventures

Anyone else as obsessed with world maps as I am? Loving these ideas to create something personalized just for you.  We already have the scratch map but would love something that incorporates photos too.

Love match poster with your two ‘home’ cities
Personalized drink coasters for your favorite city
Personaliszd push pin map
Scratch off map

Personalised cross-stitch map
Beer cap map of the USA
Beer cap map of the USA

A great way to personalize your travel art and decor is with a fun and motivating travel quote. If you’re stuck for ideas, these are our favorite family travel quotes you’re welcome to use to make the perfect travel talking piece for your family.

Seriously cool home decor ideas

Beyond just maps, immortalize the places you love with some reminders around the home!

Personalised family member signpost

Hand-embroidered city/country pillows

Personalised cushions


Keeping it personal – travel jewelry

Not just for the home, take your map art with you in these personalized world travel reminders, they make wonderful little stocking stuffers.

custom map cufflinks

Ideas that all the family can enjoy

I also love ideas that the kids can get involved with too.  Something we love to do during our travels is picking out Christmas tree decorations.  We have everything from Mexican singing Santas to Canadian black bears and Omani camels in our collection! Every year we get the excitement and pleasure when putting up our tree of memories from the year gone by.

We also love anything that involves globes and maps! From picking where family members live to ‘that place where you bought us ice cream’ (clearly, they remember the important stuff), we love having little reminders all over our home, even better if they’re interactive.

Travel stub diary
Past and future adventures plotted on your cork globe
Colour your own world map pillowcase

If you love your travel decor as much as we do, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest travel Decor Board and if you missed it, pop back and check out our original and unique gift ideas for boys & men, and beach-inspired gifts for moms, also sourced from Uncommon Goods.

What special travel-inspired touches could you give your home – or your jewellery perhaps?

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Travel-inspired gifts for you and the family to cherish the memories

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Disclosures: This post has been written in collaboration with one of our favorite online stores Uncommon Goods. They are a business we genuinely believe in and support their cause. We have found their customer service to be excellent and are personally repeat customers! The post contains affiliate links that will earn us a commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Gifts For Keeping Your Travel Memories

  1. Shea says:

    We are also a Christmas decoration collecting family. It is the one gift our friends bring back from their adventures for us as well. A tree of memories – love it! Love the wall maps…

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      Oh i never thought of asking other family members to add to ours too, what a brilliant suggestion! Yes having influences from other people’s home or expat countries would be a wonderful thing to capture

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