8 Best Large Beach Bags to fit everything your family needs!

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Summer is fast approaching, and vacation time is almost here. Are you excited to get ready for a great day at the beach? 

Whether you plan to stay at the beach all day or just a few hours, we all know there’s a lot to pack when it comes to a family trip to the beach. The days of simply throwing a towel on your shoulder and a book in your hands are well gone!

Packing for a day at the beach need not be a mission if you are well prepared with a good beach packing checklist, and a great beach bag.

There are a few considerations you need to think about when choosing a family beach bag – not least of which is size! Do you want a separate cooler box for food and drinks? And do you want a separate beach bag just for sand toys or an all-in-one bag that will hold all of your families needs?

We’ve been looking at all of these considerations to help you pick out the best large beach bag for your family’s needs.

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Best XXL Family-sized Beach Bags

Beach Bag XXL by Shylero

This classic and beautiful beach bag is durable, washable, and waterproof, safeguarding your valuable items from getting wet or damaged.

  • Size: 22″ x 15″ x 6“, holds 32L

Coming in both a blue and turquoise design, and now a brightly coloured starfish design, you need not compromise on style with this beautiful but roomy beach bag for families. Plenty of room for your toys clothing, sunscreen and toys – holding up to 4 large beach towels. Strong and sturdy rope handles with a waterproof liner making it easy to rinse out when you’re home.

Extra added features include a built-in key holder & bottle opener for your convenience and a removable plastic pouch for your valuables which can be attached to your when you swim. Two exterior pockets give easy access to your water bottle, sunglasses, or anything you want to put in there!

KUAK Beach Bag Waterproof

Bringing a classy touch to your extra-large beach bag, there are tropical vibes aplenty in the KUAK range of waterproof beach bags. With over a dozen beautiful designs to choose from, the sturdy rope handle makes carry this family-sized bag a breeze.

  • Size:  L25″ x H15″ x W6″

High-quality, durable waterproof and sandproof composite material make it the ideal companion for a beach loaded with handy extras like a plastic insert pocket for your valuable, a sturdy zip closure system, internal pockets and a zipped compartment – even a bottle opener!

Some models even come with an external bottle pocket – an ideal extra large bag for when you still want to look a little classy carrying the full family load to the beach!

Savvy Outdoors Beach Bag Tote Set

The deluxe version of a family beach bag! This versatile beach tote comes with a matching insulated cooler and two quick-dry microbibre towels that attach to the outside with a simple toggle system.

  • Size: 23.2″ x 14.3″ x 3.7″ (packaged flat)

Coming in a green and white striped pattern with a blue handle, the high quality polyester is super lightweight for carrying. The cooler bag it removable if you need more space inside and a handy external pocket too.

Scout 4 Extra Large Beach Bag with Zipper

This extra-large family beach bag means business! One of the roomiest ones out there that also fold up extra flat when you’re finished with beach season, this is sure to fit everything from the sunscreen to snorkel sets!

  • Size: 24″ x 19″ x 12″

This extra-large beach bag is made from interwoven polypropylene for a light but strong and water-resistant material. It’s easy to clean (though not machine washable) and dries fast. The carry handle is an extra durable 9 inches so it can still be carried over the shoulder.

We love the extra-large u-shape zipper, great for cramming everything the family needs into one bag. Comes in several designs including the classic blue & white beach stripes, plus some brighter designs.

FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Detachable Beach Cooler

This large stylish beach bag comes with the added bonus of a detachable soft cooler on the bottom with the capacity to hold 12 bottles of drink and 4 big towels.

  • Size: 19″ x 15.5″ x 6.5″, up to 34L

Made with PVC, it has strong zippers on the cooler bag and front pocket and will easy wipe clean on your return home. The shoulder strap is padded, and the cooler bag has it’s own carry handle should you wish to separate the items (it’s quite heavy when loaded to capacity)

Coming in pink, black and blue, its the perfect family beach accessory.

XL Beach Tote Chevron Print by 101Snorkel

Looking for something a little more secure and discreet? If you don’t like the contents of your beach bag on display this extra large beach bag comes with a zipper to keep your beach geat secure.

  • Size: 24″ x 16″ x 7″

Available in several stylish colours, we love the long handles for ease of carrying, and the nylon interior for ease of cleaning. You can also have your name monogrammed onto the bag. Not quite as large as some of the XXL beach totes, but a great stylish choice for those looking for something a little more secure and stylish.

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

A bag large enough to hold all your toys, clothes, towels and kiddy paraphernalia. Made of high-quality polyester, this robust mesh is designed to withstand family wear and tear.

  • Size: 16.5″ x 15″ x 8.5″

This beach bag has seven internal pockets for smaller items such as sunblock and electronics with one large central pocket for your bulky items. The bag has a private zippered pocket for your keys, phone, and other valuables.

It can be easily folded and is very convenient for storage or transportation and comes in a huge range of bright and cheerful summer colours.

SupMLC Mesh Beach Bag

If you are looking for something super simple for your sandy gear, this is perfect for you. Longer-term we have gone with keeping two beach bags; one for our towels and dry clothes and a separate bag for all the beach toys!

  • Size: 18″ x 12″ x 18″

This shoulder bag is roomy and lightweight (only 50g!) and makes packing up at the end of the day a breeze (its easy to throw the whole bag under the tap to rinse!). When not in use, it folds up inside it’s own pouch, and is easy to store inside your other beach bags.

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