50+ Terrific Travel Gifts For Dad in 2023

Gadgetry to outdoor kit – we have your dad’s travel gifts covered!

Got a man who you think has everything? Our traveling Dads are far more than just our carrying-pack horses on family vacation! They deserve something special ready for that next big family – or solo – adventure!

Whether it’s the frequent business traveler, the outdoor lover, or the family guy always looking for the latest gadgets and tech to make life easier, come and check out this bumper collection of the best travel gifts for men who travel.

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Travel Gadgets for Men Who Love Travel

Men love their gadgets and electronic devices that offer simple solutions to travel problems. Whether it’s upping their filming skills or getting comfortable on long flights, check out this latest travel tech, perfect for men who travel and like useful travel gifts.

Sony RX100 VIII

  • Ready to up your photography game from amateur to amazing? Forget smartphones, you need to invest and the Sony RX100 VIII – the best of the best compact cameras is capable of some amazing results. One of the most talked-about brands this year for a powerful camera in a small unit that takes stunning stills and great 4K video, too, it would make the perfect father’s day gift.

DSLR Cheat Sheets

  • The perfect accompaniment if your man really wants to improve his photography skill set whether its DSLR or mirrorless cameras. This handy clip-on prompt card set gives the little reminders you need to shoot in manual mode effectively and really up your photography game; waterproof and easy to fit in with your camera gear.

GoPro Hero9 Black

  • If you’re still not convinced about the investment in a mirrorless camera, you can’t go wrong with a GoPro instead. Whether it’s recording your live-action adventures in ultra slow-mo or simply having the convenience of a camera that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, there’s a good reason GoPro remains the market leader in action cameras. The GoPro Hero9 Black offers 5K video and HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilisation, making it some of the clearest footage you can get in such a small unit. The perfect gift for men who love to travel

Joby Gorilla Pod

  • A great add-on for your action camera fanatics, the Gorilla Pod folds up compact for your man’s day bag and grips or clings to almost any surface for capturing those epic shots. The perfect gift for men who love adventure travel and capturing their memories on vacation.

Durable Tungsten Gents Ring

Tungsten wedding band for men durable mens rings held in a hand with pink roses
  • Tungsten mens wedding bands are the most durable and scratch resistant. But why not get your outdoorsy guy something that looks stylish too? Tungsten rings can come with stone inlays in various eye-catching colors, as well as black and highly polished metals to suit their preferred look.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • The white noise on a plane can be surprisingly loud, so a good set of noise-canceling headphones is essential for frequent flyers (or their uncanny ability to block out noise when you’re toddlers having a meltdown mid-air….) It is always worth investing in a good set of quality, wireless headphones that don’t get twisted and knotted up in your seat.

Tablet keyboard

  • Keeping things compact, if your favorite traveler doesn’t want to lug a whole laptop on his travels, a foldable keyboard can be a great solution for men travelling for business who want to keep it light but still prefer to type on a full-sized keyboard. This particular keyboard can work with Bluetooth or USB.

Joseche Wireless Blackout Mask

  1. Looking for the perfect gift for a frequent flyer? It’s so important to catch some decent zzz’s when you’re flying. If you’re your man is not lucky enough to be at the pointy end of the plane every time with his own sleep cabin, these ultra blackout masks are the perfect choice to block out distractions from light AND noise with built-in noise-canceling HD speakers.

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Maker

  • The ultimate in men’s travel accessories! The perfect way to start your day on the go when there’s not a coffee shop in sight, this portable coffee press includes a travel cup that doubles as a carry case making it perfect for the travelling Dad who loves coffee.

Brookstone Total Comfort Travel Pillow

  • It might not look as exciting on the tech front, but the design features of the Brookstone Total Comfort travel pillow are exactly what your frequent traveler fella needs. The curved shape of the charcoal-enriched memory foam offers ideal comfort and support far superior to cheap blow up u-shaped neck pillows, a great travel gift for men, in the air, or on a family road trip.

Kobo Clara HD 6″ Carta E Ink Touchscreen E-Reader

  • We’ve dabbled in all sorts of electronic reading devices over the years, and whilst we’ve found tablets that can ‘do the lot’ useful for other reasons, undoubtedly if you’re a reader you want to stick to the backlit E Ink readers. Mr Globetrotter is currently loving the Kobo Clara, but equally, the waterproof Kindle paperwhite can do the job too.

Travel Gifts for Outdoorsy Men

Got a man who loves hiking and the outdoors? Then check out these great ideas for men who travel beyond resorts and city breaks!

RSPB Birdwatching Binoculars

Binoculars RSPB
  • A pair of binoculars for a man that travels is a must, especially if they are a keen birdwatcher. Whether your dad loves nothing more than sitting on the porch scouting out local wildlife or is an experienced wild birder, binoculars are the perfect gift for the outdoorsy man.

Solar Power Battery Bank

  • Battery packs have become almost essential for every type of traveller these days, but they are only useful if you can actually keep the battery pack charged! No easy feat when you’re away from a power source. This solar-powered battery pack is the ultimate piece of kit for your outdoorsy dad, charging your devices with an impressive 30000mAh capacity it’s ideal for multi-day trips.

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

  • Every Dad NEEDS a Leatherman! I can’t tell you the number of times Mr Globetrotters Leatherman has come in handy in our travels (just remember not to take it in your plane carry-on bag!) The Leatherman Wave Plus has 18 different tools, from pliers to bottle openers and a 25-year warranty – an investment well worth making for a premium quality travel gift.

JBL Flip 6 Portable Speaker

  • This shockproof and waterproof speaker comes everywhere with us, camping or at the beach! Easy to connect via Bluetooth and recharges with USB. We love the hard carry case to keep it protected in our beach bag or camping gear and the choice of different colors.

Foldable Firepit

  • Leave no mark behind when you hit the trails. A portable BBQ firepit stacks up so super slim it’ll fit great in your outdoorsy guy’s daypack – just add fire and food!

KEEN Targhee III Hiking Sandals

  • It took a while to convince Mr Globetrotter he needed to switch from hiking shoes to sandals – but what can we say, revolutionary! These waterproof sandals from Keen have been ideal for our hiking in hot climates. They also work great for beaches and travelling in the tropics where you need to cross streams and waterways. An ideal gift for men who love hiking and the outdoors.

Filtered Water Bottle

  • Heading off the beaten track? Your travelling Dad needs a SurviMate Purified water bottle includes a 4 stage integrated filter essential for healthy hydration. No more worrying about water purity with your own purifier on the go. Easy clips to his backpack with 650ml/22oz capacity, these is the perfect travel gift for men who love the outdoors.

Travel Coffee Mug

  • Oh, how many hours has Mr Globetrotter spent researching this one! A great way to stay environmentally friendly when you travel and keep your brew warm. Every guy will have his preference for coffee cup size and style, but in our household, we’ve settled on the Brumate Toddy insulated mugs as an excellent camping gift for men.

Microfibre Travel Towel

  • Another ultra-handy traveling man gift is microfibre towels. They don’t take up much space and dry fast, making them an easy gift idea for your frequent traveler to fit in their travel backpack or suitcase.

YETI Panga Airtight, Waterproof and Submersible Bags

  • This YETI Panga is one serious outdoor adventure backpack for your men serious about their outdoor adventures. The specially designed Hydrolock Zipper keeps the contents watertight with Dryhaul shoulder straps for comfort.

OneTigris Camping Backpacking Chair

  • Perfect for picnics and hikes, the OneTigris is one of the most compact but comfortable camping chairs out there. It would make an ideal travel gift for Dad.

Men’s Hydration Backpack

  • We all know Dads end up carrying far more than their fair share on a day trip! The best thing you can get a Dad who does it all out on day hikes is a hydration pack that’s roomy enough to fit other family hiking essentials.

VSSL Flask

  • It’s a flashlight. It’s a flask. It’s a compass. It’s a can opener. It’s all of the above! This multi-tool is a great addition to any outdoor adventure one of the best luxury travel gifts. Sure to make an impression and be ultra-practical the powerful 4-mode LED flashlight is also a bottle with two shot glasses. Maybe not enough for a full night around the campfire but a great one for watching the sunset and still having your flashlight to see your way home!

Garmin Instinct Solar Powered SmartWatch

  • Your outdoor and fitness enthusiast fella will love this latest edition Garmin SmartWatch. We all know watches now do far more than just tell the time; they are water-rated to 100m, have GPS to step counts, heart rate monitor and Pulse Ox. Seriously packed full of gadgetry features that traveling men will love, this sort of watch might make your man feel like a Navy Seal!

Vont Ultrabright Headlamp

  • A total game-changer for our camping trips has been getting everyone LED headlamps. You can get basic flashlight headlamps for the kids, but Dad has the 200-lumen headlamp. Ideal not just for campsites but for night runs, and blackouts in the house; Every camping Dad needs a headlamp!

Self-Inflating Camp Mattress

  • Another camping game-changer for us in the past few years has been moving from blow-up mattresses to sleek air-inflating mattresses. Far more compact and easy to travel with, and far much less work to set up camp! Your man will still get great comfort and support on all but the hardest of rocky surfaces using an air inflated mattress.

Barillo Bartender Bag

  • For the cocktail connoisseur! Don’t worry about leaving your mod-cons behind when you’re away from home; this essential barman’s kit comes with you in a stylish canvas roll bag. This is one of the most unique travel gift ideas, which will make a memorable travel gift for a man who also loves his drinks around the campfire!

Inflatable Lounger

  • You’ll wonder why you never went camping without one! Another total space and time saver when we go camping, it takes seconds to inflate and gives a comfortable and relaxing day bed for camping, beaches or family picnic days – the only problem will be getting everyone else off Dad’s couch!.

Kabob Grilling Sticks

Kabob Grilling Sticks
  • Camping dinners are about to turn gourmet! No need to spend hours grilling, these ready-to-fill stainless steel baskets are a fun travel gift for a Dad that loves camping and showing off his culinary skills.

Travel Bags & Luggage for Men

When did your man last get a chance to refresh his suitcases and travel gear? Graduating well beyond old backpacking days, here are some modern and sophisticated ideas for perfect men’s luggage.

Swissgear Premium Rolling Garment Bag

  • Any business traveling dad will know just how vital it is to have the right size luggage to carry on ready for a swift airport departure on arrival. But how do you travel carry-on only without your suits getting creased? A cabin-sized rolling garment bag is an essential investment for frequent flying gents that can fit everything you need for short business trips.

Travelers Club Midtown Hardsided Luggage Set

  • If it’s a coordinated, hard-sided luggage set that you’re after, it’s hard to go past Travelers Club, reliable luggage set with great reviews and mix-and-match combos – full-sized spinner suitcase, carry-on spinner, tote, and toiletry bag – perfect for whatever type of travel your man is undertaking.

Men’s Hanging Toiletry Bag

  • Hanging toiletry bags are the perfect luggage accessory for your male traveler, they have separate compartments (no one wants to find a rusty razor), but fold up compact and hang on the back of the bathroom door, making this an excellent men’s travel bag.

Men’s Watch Storage Box

Different sizes of mens leather watch roll cases for travel
  • An exceptionally classy gift for a stylish dad who travels. This luxury leather watch roll is perfect for keeping his valuables safe when he travels. and can be personalized for that extra special travel gift touch. leather accessories box is perfect for storing cufflinks, rings and neck chains in a compact zipped box that will fit snuggly in a carry on.

Image credit LisaAngelLtd

Anti-theft Sling Bag

  • So bum bags might not appeal to your 21st-century male traveler, but there’s no reason they can’t still keep their gear nearby and look stylish when traveling with a crossbody bag. Designed for Dad travel, they have a snug, secure fit, multiple easy-to-reach pockets, electronics integrations, and an RFID-blocking zipper pocket, these anti-theft bags make a thoughtful gift for men that travel.

Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack

  • Having an appropriately structured laptop backpack is essential if you’re traveling anywhere with a laptop. A great way to keep your man’s laptop in a safe and secure pocket, with plenty of other pockets for cords and all your other travel essentials in one bag. We love the Carhartt with extra-wide comfortable shoulder straps for heavy loads, ultra-strong, tear-resistant material, and a generous capacity.

Amatory Electronics Organizer

  • With all the new tech we’ve mentioned above you’re probably wondering how to carry it all? Cue the tech bag! Your man can never have enough useful pockets, right? Plenty of padded pockets and dividers make this a great gift for the family man responsible for multiple devices when you travel!

Ekster Parliament Wallet (with tracker)

  • Is your man looking to keep his credit cards and money to a bare minimum when he travels? This slimline credit card wallet is exactly what he needs. It can fit up to 10 cards, is RFID-blocking to help prevent identity theft, and includes an exclusive Ekster tracker card you can call from your phone should your travel wallet be lost or stolen.

Personalised Apple AirPods Case

Leather Airpods case with Dad Inscribed
  • A stylish leather travel case for keeping his Airpods, this is one of the best small but practical gifts that can be thoughtfully personalised for your fella.

Image credit AzzoHandmade

Packing Cubes

  • Ok, don’t groan! I know these appear on every travel blogger’s suggestion list, but seriously, get them! Ideal for separating out shoes from dirties and cleans and keeping your suitcase organised on the go. Packing cubes will revolutionise the way your guy travels, whether it’s business trips or a family vacation. Stop procrastinating and just buy some!

Men’s Travel Books and Memorabilia

Not all men are as into the travel memorabilia and travel decor perhaps quite as much as the ladies but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some classy gifts that work great at home for your travel-loving man.

Why not try some of these ideas for bringing travel decor and inspiration to your man’s home:

XXL World Map Pin Board

  • This extra-large fleece world map makes the perfect pinboard for an office or anywhere around the home. Pin locations or add travel tickets or memorabilia to personalize your world map, the perfect travel gift.

Beer Cap Map of the USA

Beer cap map of the USA
  • The perfect collectible for your craft beer connoisseur, this simple plywood wall art has perfectly grooved slots for your beer caps to create your own memorable masterpiece – or look out for the same design with corks if you’re more of a wine master! This makes a wonderfully unique gift for men who love to document their adventures.

National Geographic Atlas of Beer

  • Another one for the true beer fan, this is the perfect coffee table collectible. A wonderful travel gift for men that love to journey around the world through their love of beer. With stunning photography, compelling graphics, and detailed maps this travel gift for men is sure to be a talking point.

World Whiskey Hardcover Book

  • A tour around the world one distillery at a time. Another superb coffee table collectible for the whisky connoisseur man to enjoy and plot their future travels.

Deluxe Wood Wall Map

grey and green 3d world wood map
  • This stunning 3D wooden wall map would perfectly complement Dad’s home study or even the living room. Intricate hand-carved wooden pieces in subtle tones of green and grey make this a classic travel décor piece. World map gifts are always an excellent idea for men, and women!

Etsy Customisable cufflinks
  • A classy pair of customisable map cufflinks for your fella to remember his favorite places around the world. This is the perfect sentimental gift for a man that loves to travel. It’s small size also makes it great for gifting overseas.

Image credit Bookity vis Etsy

Small But Practical Travel Gifts For Men

These are ideal little stocking stuffers for men, or for when you are just after that ‘little something’ you know your travel-loving man will get great use out of.

Necktie Travel Roll

  • A classy and space-saving travel case solution for businessmen. This leather necktie roll with magnetic closure will keep his ties crease-free, one of the best things to buy a businessmen who travels frequently and needs to look his best.

Tile Mate

  • Never lose your essentials again when you’re travelling. A wonderfully practical gift for men, the Tile Mate works with Bluetooth tracking with up to 400 ft range. At only 0.5oz it’s a super compact but vital little piece of kit for your man who loves to travel (but can never remember where he left his keys!)

Universal Adaptor

  • How many times have you found yourself caught short with the wrong plugs in a hotel room and away from home? The Universal adaptor with USB ports takes care of all! Not that exciting as a gift, but oh so practical they’ll still be thanking you! One of the best things you can give a man who travels.

MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths

  • Alas, again you’re not going to win the award for the most exciting Father’s Day gift this year, but it’s something we ALWAYS need these days! Hubby keeps these in the car, next to every device in the house, glasses cases, you name it!

Road Tripper Plus App

  • Yes, an App as a gift! Hands down the best travel planning app we’ve found to date and has been worth every cent to upgrade to PLUS for the help it gives planning out distances and roadside stops.
  • Globetrotter readers can get $5 off here! Code: BTR5QTP(publishing our full review of this awesome app soon!)

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift for the travel-loving dads and men in your life.

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