Disney Park Bag Essentials: Must-Haves For A Day at Disney

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Carrying a bag when visiting Disney Parks is an absolute must. You never know what you may encounter on your visit, and having a bag packed with essentials will help to keep you prepared and keep your day moving along efficiently.

“Essentials” may look a little different to each family, but we believe that there is a list of core essentials that should be in every parkgoer’s bag.

Today, we’re going to share with you the items that we have found to be must-haves over our family’s many visits to Disney parks. If you are going or planning a trip to Disney, use this list to make a shopping list before your trip!

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Small Wallet

Disney Minnie Mouse Black and White Card Wallet

If you typically have a large wallet in your purse, we recommend finding a small and compact option to bring to the parks with you. You only need the essentials, such as a photo ID and credit card; leave all other valuables behind in a hotel safe.


Hooded Rain Poncho Waterproof Raincoat Jacket for Men Women Adults(Blue)

Orlando especially is known for pop-up rain showers, and sometimes they can be light and short, and other times you may get caught in a pretty heavy downpour.

We always recommend keeping rainwear in your bag, whatever the season, including a rain poncho, umbrella, and maybe a light jacket. We can’t stress enough to buy your rain ponchos ahead of time because you can find them within Disney shops, but you will pay much more than you would pay in a standard store – they know a captive audience when they see one!


Neutrogena Beach Defense Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 70, Oil-Free and PABA-Free Fast-Absorbing Sunscreen Lotion, UVA/UVB Sun Protection, SPF 70, 6.7 oz

The Florida sun is intense, and you can expect to need sun protection all year round in Orlando. Having your own sunscreen on hand is ideal as purchasing it within the parks can be expensive.

In addition to sunscreen, it’s a good idea to have a sun hat and/or sunglasses for added sun protection.


Native Deodorant | Natural Deodorant for Men and Women, Aluminum Free with Baking Soda, Probiotics, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter | Eucalyptus & Mint

When walking around the parks all day, trust me, you are going to get sweaty and potentially smelly. A small deodorant and other hygienic toiletries will help keep you comfortable and fresh all day

Ladies, don’t forget a small pouch with feminine hygiene items – and if you have tween/teen girls, be prepared!


Frito-Lay Sweet & Salty Snacks Variety Box, Mix of Cookies, Crackers, Chips & Nuts, 50 Sweet & Salty Care Package ,50 Count (Pack of 1)

Although we will say enjoying Disney food and treats is without a doubt a part of the experience, and we encourage you to try a variety of things while you visit, it can be quite expensive after a few days, especially if you are one that likes to snack a lot.

You would be surprised just how hungry you get when you are walking around a theme park all day! To alleviate some of the burdens on your wallet, Disney also allows you to bring food into the parks. We will always pack a few nonperishable or packaged snacks in our bag to enjoy between Disney meals.

Refillable Water Bottle

Opard 30oz Sports Water Bottle with Leak Proof Flip Top Lid BPA Free Tritan Reusable Plastic for Gym and Outdoor

If you are a water drinker, you will save a ton of money by bringing your own refillable water bottle into the park. A bottle of water at any of the snack stands will run you about $5-$6 per bottle; however, if you have your own water bottle, you can refill it for free at any of the drinking fountains and water stations throughout the park grounds.

Water Enhancers

MiO Sugar-Free Versatile Fruit Variety Naturally Flavored Liquid Water Enhancer 4 Count 1.62 fl oz

Going hand in hand with your refillable water bottle, if you are one that is not a big fan of plain water, having some sort of enhancer such as Mio or Crystal Light is a great way to enjoy a flavorful beverage without the added cost of purchasing a drink in the parks.

For added benefits during your visit, try something with extra electrolytes and hydration, such as Liquid IV or Powdered Gatorade Packets.

Portable Charger

Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank (PowerCore Essential 20K) 20000mAh Battery Pack with PowerIQ Technology and USB-C (Recharge Only) for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and More

With how much we use our smart devices these days, the battery life more than likely will not last you the entire day at a Disney park, especially if you are like me and like to be there from open to close.

Make sure to have a portable charger (or maybe two) in your bag to allow you to keep your devices going strong. Don’t forget the right cords!

First Aid Kit

Small First Aid Kit, 300PCS Essential Emergency Trauma Medical Supplies Packed in a Red Waterproof Box, Perfect for Car Home Office Travel Outdoor Camping Hiking

A basic first aid kit is an absolute must if you have kids! You are bound to have someone fall and scrape a knee or something of that nature, they’re just so excited to be at Disney World! There are first aid stations and medical help on-site at Disney Parks, but it is much simpler to take care of it yourself if it is a simple injury or situation.

Hand Sanitizer and/or Wipes

Foaming Pump Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Free, Unscented, Kills 99.9% of Germs, 8.45oz- Babyganics Pack of 3

It is so easy and convenient to have either hand sanitizer or some kind of wipes with you for those times that you enjoy a sticky treat, or your hands are feeling a little dirty from touching all of the ride cars and rails in line queues.

These supplies make for a quick and easy cleanup without the need to stand in line at the bathrooms to wash your hands.

A Reusable Straw

Hiware 12-Pack Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Straws with Case - Long Drinking Straws for 30 oz and 20 oz Tumblers Yeti Dishwasher Safe - 2 Cleaning Brushes Included

If you weren’t already aware, Disney properties have banned disposable plastic straws in an effort to reduce waste and save the turtles and other sea life that may suffer from trash being disposed of in the ocean.

They do offer eco-friendly paper straws to their guests but if you’re like me, I am not a fan of paper straws at all. For this reason, I like to pack a reusable straw that I can carry with me and use when I’m having drinks at the parks.

Crafts/Coloring Books

Disney Princess Coloring Book Super Set for Kids - Activities, Stickers and Games - Featuring Disney Princess, Frozen and Moana

If you have little ones in your group, they can become a bit restless waiting in long lines and spending the day walking around the parks.

It’s a good idea to keep small toys, crafts, or coloring books and activities in your bag that can be used to occupy some of their time and keep them moving throughout the long day. (You may also want to check out some of our boredom busters for waiting in line at Disney).

Park Maps

Birnbaum's 2022 Walt Disney World: The Official Vacation Guide (Birnbaum Guides)

Although you can access the park map on your mobile device, we’ve always found that having a physical map works best for our family.

We like to plan out our day, so will take a pen and mark up our map to coordinate and organize which rides we want to hit first and make a schedule of our day. Another bonus to having the physical map is it is handy if your phone or smart device dies throughout your day (see portable charger above!!)

Pain Medicine

Extra Strength Uric Acid Support – Go-Out Joint Pain & Stiffness Flare-Ups Supplement with Celery Seed Extract, Tart Cherry Extract, Boswellia, Bromelain, Black Pepper by Mt. Angel Vitamins, 60-Ct.

Nothing is worse when you are trying to enjoy your day at Disney World, and you have a headache come on, or perhaps your feet are in pain from walking around all day.

We always take a travel-size medicine container and throw in a few OTC pain reliefs in case it is needed.

Portable/Battery Operated Fan

O2COOL Deluxe Handheld Battery Powered Water Misting Fan (Purple)

As we mentioned before, Orlando is HOT! It’s pretty warm all year round, but if you are visiting between the months of April-August, you will certainly want to have this item in your bag!

A handheld, battery-operated fan is a great way to keep you a little cooler as you walk around the parks. If you can find one that also provides some misting, that will be even better!

Autograph Book and Sharpie

Sharpie S-Gel, Gel Pens, Medium Point (0.7mm), Black Ink Gel Pen, 12 Count

As we’ve made our way through the COVID season, Disney has introduced more and more character experiences and opportunities to meet your favorite Disney characters.

Be sure to keep an autograph book and pen/marker on hand to ensure you’re prepared and ready to get the autographs of those you meet.


EXTRA Spearmint Sugarfree Chewing Gum, 15 Pieces (Pack of 10)

Due to the mess and cleanup that it causes, you cannot purchase gum at Disney Parks. It is not a prohibited item for you to bring into the park, but you just won’t find it in any snack carts or shops. If you are a gum chewer, be sure to pack your own.

Dry Bags

JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch Universal Waterproof Case Dry Bag for iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max Plus XS XR X 8 Galaxy S22 S21 S20 Pixel Up to 7.0, IPX8 Underwater Phone Protector -2 Pack,Black

If you plan to ride any water rides, such as Splash Mountain, you will definitely want to have something to keep your smart devices safe and dry.

These dry-bag phone pouches are a great option and are affordable. In a pinch, you can also use Ziploc bags as a solution.


HeQiao Digital Coin Bank LCD Auto Counting Kids Money Banks for US Coins (Pink)

The penny machines scattered throughout each park are a great and cheap way to get a souvenir to commemorate your experience.

Most machines cost 50-75 cents plus your penny, so make sure that you have plenty of quarters and pennies packed in with you.


Digital Camera 2.7K Ultra HD Mini Camera 44MP 2.8 Inch LCD Screen Rechargeable Students Compact Camera Pocket Camera with 16X Digital Zoom YouTube Vlogging Camera for Kids,Adult,Beginners(Black)

If you are anything like us when you visit Disney, you are probably taking a whole lot of pictures. I mean a lot!

With smartphones these days, digital cameras are not as popular, but I will say it is nice to have a separate device to take your photos on, and this way, you can conserve your phone battery for other uses – and may not feel so nervous about the kids having a go with the camera!

We hope that this list has provided you with some good ideas for what you may need to pack in your Disney bag. If you have an upcoming visit to Disney World or Disneyland, be sure to take this list with you and make a list for a pre-vacation shopping trip to ensure you have all the essentials on hand.

Did we miss any essential items that you may carry in your Disney bag? Feel free to share with us and other reads to ensure that we aren’t missing out!

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