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Disney ride and attraction wait times can be brutal. Wait times can vary anywhere from 10-20 minutes all the way up to 2-3 hours, depending on the time of the year, time of the day, and popularity of the attraction.

When you are enduring those more extensive wait times, it’s always a good idea to have fun activities, and things to do that will help to pass the time and make your wait a little more tolerable.

(NB if you want to avoid lines as much as possible with little ones, try some of our suggested toddler-approved rides at Disney – many of these have activities to engage younger ones while you wait)

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Important Note: For the uninitiated, you cannot take your Disney-compliant strollers into queues with you, so everything you need for your young tots needs to come with you in the queue too. A good tip is to bring an easy backpack diaper bag with you for Disney – even if it can’t come on the ride, crew members will keep it safe for you while you ride, and you’ll keep all your Disney essentials with you.

Best Line Activities For Disney Parks

Hidden Mickey ears to find at Disney
  1. Look for Hidden Mickeys: If you weren’t aware, all Disney Parks have hidden Mickeys around the park. Some may be carved into the concrete or walls, made from plants/greenery, and many other hidden places. A great way to pass the time as you make your way through the queue is to look for Hidden Mickeys throughout, it is always fun to make a list and document when and where you find them.
  1. Enjoy Interactive Ride Queues: Some Disney Park rides and attractions have interactive ride queues. Activities will include trivia, fun facts about Disney history, and more.
  • Play I-Spy: Because there is so much going on, Disney parks are a great place to play a game like I-Spy. Pass the time by taking turns within your group and identifying things throughout the park.
Screenshot of the Disney Play App
  • Play Disney Parks App: Disney has recently released a mobile app called the Play Disney Parks app. Here you can find Disney-related games, including trivia, interacting with droids, and even the opportunity to earn achievements and complete tasks throughout the parks.
  • Disney Game Apps: In addition to the Play Disney Parks App, Disney also has several other game apps that are so much fun for people of all ages and a great way to pass some time. Our personal favorite is the Disney Tsum Tsum app.
  • Scroll Through Pictures: Whether you are just taking pictures on your phone or you have elected for Disney’s PhotoPass+, waiting in line is a great time to scroll through your pictures and decide which ones you’d like to keep and filter out those that you do not want to keep.
  • Map Out Your Day: I always find that my days are most efficient and productive at Disney when I have a plan put in place. If you haven’t already planned out the whole day, waiting in line is a great time to plan what’s ahead of you. I like to keep a paper map on hand for reference. If you don’t have a physical map, you can also view a map of the park on the My Disney Experience App.
  • Enjoy a Snack: Long days at the park calls for snacks to get you through the day. There are plenty of options throughout the Disney Parks for grabbing a snack on the way to your ride or the nice thing about Disney is they do allow you to bring your own snacks with you, so if you would like to save money, be sure to pack some non-perishable snacks in your park bag and enjoy them while you wait in line for your next ride or attraction.
My Disney Dining Experience
  • Mobile Order Your Next Meal: The My Disney Experience app offers so many convenient features that will make your Disney visit much easier. One of these features includes the mobile order function for dining. On the app, you can select your dining experience and order ahead; it’s a great way to save time and have your meal ready to go when you get off your ride.
  1. Charge Your Mobile Device: With Smart Phones these days and us using them for all of the apps and photos within the park (yes, most of our suggestions here need your phone!), the battery tends not to last all day long. Waiting in line is a great opportunity to charge your mobile devices.

A couple of options include charging with a hands-free battery pack if you choose to bring one along. Alternatively, you can purchase a portable phone charging kit from Disney for $30 that includes a portable phone charger. If the portable charger battery runs low, you can either re-charge the device or swap it out for a charged device at one of the kiosks throughout the park.

  1. Pin Trading: Pin Trading is a huge practice within the Disney Community and if you are one that chooses to participate, while you are waiting in line is a great way time to do that. Not only can you bargain for trades with other visitors in line, but you can also trade with Disney Cast Members operating the lines.
  1. Apply Sunscreen: The Florida heat can be intense, and it’s important to protect yourself with sunscreen. Even if you applied sunscreen on your way into the park, it is crucial that you re-apply it throughout the day and while you are waiting in line is a great time to do that.
  1. Enjoy Your Surroundings: Depending on what ride/attraction you are standing in line for, you may get the opportunity to enjoy parade shows or characters walking by. It always makes waiting in line a bit more enjoyable when you have some entertainment to occupy the time.
  1. Get to Know Your Line Mates: You’ll be standing in line for a long time, so it’s always nice to get to know your linemates. I always think it’s interesting to hear where others are from and their experience – and the fact we’re from Downunder always seems to excite people! This is a great time to share tips and advice with one another that may make your trip run smoother.

I know that wait times can be boring, and they seem to drag on forever, especially when they are estimated for longer periods. I hope these activities can help you pass the time and make waiting in line a bit more bearable.

If you have any other activities or ideas that we haven’t listed here, feel free to share them with other readers and us.

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