Best Kids Travel Backpacks from Toddlers to Tweens in 2024

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How to pick the best backpack for kids suitable for travel and family vacations

The first place we start with our kids packing is with their travel backpack but oh, so many options! What’s the best sort of bag for family travel?

In this travel gear guide, we’ll take you through the different types of bags and when they might be best for your child’s age and stage. We’ll then hone in on why backpacks are our favourite choice for the type of international travel we most commonly undertake – but will they be right for you and your kids?

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No time to read? Top Kids Travel Backpacks for 2024:

Best Kids Travel Backpack

We have chosen different products for every age and stage, from toddlers to teens; you can see the summary here but read on for the details of why we love each of them and the practical pros and cons to consider:

ProductBrandBest ForSizePrice
Munchkin Brica by-My-Side Safety Harness BackpackToddlers14.1 x 7.8 x 2.8 inches / 6.4 oz
Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness BackpackToddlers3.25 x 7.5 x 9 inches / 6 oz$
Naturally Kids Stuffed Animal BackpackToddlers11.26 x 9.49 x 5.47 inches / 10.6 oz
DB Dinosaur Toddler Mini BackpackToddlers‎11.1 x 9.61 x 2.09 inches / 5.3 oz$
Deuter Kikki Kid's BackpackLittle Kids6.3 x 7.87 x 14.17 inches / 3.5 oz
Vaschy Little Kid Backpacks Little Kids11 x 4.3 x 14.6 inches / 12.3 oz $$
Bseash Waterproof Sport BackpackLittle Kids13 x 9.06 x 6.69 inches / 7.76 oz$
Osprey Moki Kids DaypackLittle Kids‎13.9 x 9 x 2.6 inches / 7 Oz$$$
Mountaintop Kids Backpack Big Kids14.9 x 8.9 x 2 inches / 11.2 oz$$
Jack Wolfskin Kids Little TrtBig Kids
14 x 12 x 1.3 inches / 15.2 oz$$
The North Face Youth ReconBig Kids17 x 13 x 3 inches / 14.4 Ounces$$$
Deuter Junior Kid's BackpackBig Kids9 x 6 x 3 inches / 14.8 oz 18L
High Sierra Loop BackpackTweens19.0" x 13.5" x 8.5" / 2.04 lbs / 33L$$
Herschel Kids' Little America Laptop BackpackTweens5.25 x 11 x 17 inches / 1.77 lbs / 18L$$$
Abshoo Classical Basic Travel Backpack Tweens16 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches; 1.1 Pounds$$
Osprey Ace 38Tweens38L$$$

$ – under $20 USD ; $$ – $20 to $50 USD; $$$ – over $50 USD

What sort of travel bags are there for kids?

There are so many options when it comes to what sort of luggage your child should travel with and this is highly dependent on their age and abilities, as well as the type of journey you’ll be taking.

Your child may have just one bag that needs to fit everything they need for their whole journey in an airplane carry-on size. Alternatively, you may put all their clothing and toiletries in with a family suitcase (we recommend giving each child their own packing cube if you’re doing this). Then and all your child needs are their own toys and snacks that come with them in the car or on a plane, train or whatever mode of transport you’re using!

Check out our complete guide on what toys we are packing in our kid’s travel bags over here – detailed guides for every age group baby to tween.

The main types of luggage for children are:

Kids Travel backpacks

Kids’ travel backpacks are lightweight and made from highly durable materials. Worn with two straps over the shoulders, these vary hugely in size and capacity from toddlers to teenagers.

Small children may have a novelty backpack attached to a harness or reins, just big enough for a few small toys and essentials, through to much larger backpacks intended for hikes, school camps, and everything in between – we’ll look at these features in much more detail below.

Rolling Luggage

Cute little rolling suitcases for kids certainly have a time and a place. If you are taking a very straightforward resort-style vacation or will be road-tripping where the bag will sit in the trunk of the car rather than at your child’s feet, then a rolling suitcase could well work for you. Even within rolling luggage, there are several sub-categories:

  • A rolling suitcase – either hard-sided or made from tough nylon, a smaller version of an adult suitcase on either two wheels or four 36- degree spinning wheels for maximum maneuverability.
  • Rolling Backpacks – a hybrid between a suitcase and a backpack. Whilst they can be carried over the shoulder, they allow kids the option to pull their suitcase along too. If they are bringing this as their only bag, it may be a better option for small kids, though note they really are NOT then practical to use as a day bag for hikes or taking along to dinner out in a restaurant – the frame and wheels will add substantially to the overall weight of the bag.

Which Type of Kids Luggage is Best?

There may not be just one style of kids travel bag that will suit your needs for a whole journey; you will have to pick out the type of bag that will suit your needs for MOST of the time.

And remember, invariable at some point in your journey – especially if you have children under the age of about 8 – you will end up needing to pull or carry this bag yourself at some point!!

Because our international travels have always involved a combination of long haul flights, rental cars and hopping on and off different forms of transport frequently, we have always found it best to equip all of us with a backpack each, then limit ourselves to one or two larger family suitcases.

(NB now our kids are all reaching tween/teen years, we’ve reverted to a small backpack and small suitcase each for most types of travel!)

What To Look For In A Good Kids Travel Backpack?

So assuming you’ve decided a kids travel backpack is the way to go, what great features should you look out for?

Size & Weight

Essential for a child’s product, if the expectation is they are the ones carrying it, it’s got to fit their body. As mentioned above, any bag with wheels has a hard frame inside too which will add to the weight for children. The more zips, gadgetry and unnecessary novelty features a bag has can also add to the weight of the bag before it has anything in it.

If you want to take the bag with you in the car or to keep it under the seat in front of you on a plane, make sure it will squish down small enough – and if you have a chronic over-packer, make sure the bag won’t be too wide to fit your airline’s cabin baggage policies once filled.

Think about what items are expected to fit in the bag too. Electronics and headphones, although not too heavy, add a lot of bulk; you’ll want to measure up these items before purchasing a kids travel backpack.


An essential for a kids travel backpack is that it must be comfortable to wear. Once you have the sizing sorted, ensure the backpack has padded and adjustable straps. The better the fit the less likely they are to complain about wearing it. An added bonus for larger backpacks is chest and waist straps to help evenly distribute the weight.

It also helps if a bag has extra carry handles in addition to the straps, making it easier to pick up without pulling on the straps.


Not a deal-breaker for any kids backpack unless you’re serious hikers, but having separate pockets certainly can help kids keep organised. At the very least, a separate pocket for their water bottle and, if possible, a front zipper pocket for their valuable little items.

Material & Durability

Goes without saying you want the bag to last your journey; always pick quality over novelty. Check the quality of the seams and stitching, how robust are the zips? Woven materials are almost always going to be better than anything that’s made with plastic and glued together.

Although not essential for all types of travel, if you are travelling anywhere with inclement weather (looking at you, European winter!) look for water-resistant materials. They won’t be fully waterproof but will give your gear that extra shelter if you get caught out in the rain. And another consideration, if you will be travelling through hot destinations, is back ventilation.

We also look for materials that can either be machine-washed or easy wipe clean – for obvious reasons!

Can’t I just use their school bag?

While a school backpack might double as a travel backpack, chances are they are serving different purposes. School backpacks tend to be quite large to fit book bags, lunch boxes, gym kit; you name it! But tend to be built for style and space over practicality.

Besides, have you seen how grubby they get by the end of term?! We like to keep a special bag set aside just for travel, but we do tend to travel at every single term break. If you’re only taking one vacation in a year, then yes, a decent quality school backpack with excellent shoulder straps that isn’t overfilled could double as your next travel backpack.

Now let’s dig into our top picks for best backpacks at every age group!

Best Travel Backpack For Toddlers (under 4’s)

When your toddler wants to start independently taking their own little luggage with them, please proceed with caution! We see so many new parents run straight to adorable little suitcases – which are just that; adorable, but utterly impractical for serious travellers.

For MOST types of travel (we’re talking flying, jumping on public transport, hiring cars), we have found by far, the best type of toddler luggage is a small backpack with a detachable leash.

Winner best toddler travel backpack: Munchkin Brica by-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

Brica by-My-Side Toddler Safety Harness Backpack with Leash, Giraffe, Green

This is the best toddler backpack for parents looking for a backpack that is super practical rather than just cute. The harness on the backpack is fully adjustable and the backpack itself is spacious enough to fit a few snacks, a sippy and some essentials.

Runner up travel backpack for toddlers: Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness backpack

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack, Zoo Preschool Ages 3-4, Dinosaur

The Skip Hop brand comes through for us once again with their fabulous range of toddler backpacks. If it’s a variety of cute animal designs you are after, then Skip Hop delivers.

With a detachable leash included, it’s not the most robust of the toddler rein products but certainly does the job when you need and will grow with your child, leaving them with a quite roomy backpack.

We love that Skip Hop comes in such a cute and colourful range of products, so you can complement them with bottles, lunch boxes and neck pillows in their favourite designs.

Also consider for toddlers:

You can find our complete guide to toddler backpacks and reins over here

Best Travel Backpack For Little Kids (4 to 6-year-olds)

Preschoolers are ready to start carrying a bag with a little more size and weight – but you still need to go in with the expectation you may end up carrying it when they tire. Go for brands that are size appropriate to their body and allow a little more toy space.

We like a bag that contains a side pocket and has an internal divider pocket. You ideally want to look for around 12″ to 15″, but this well depends on your child size too. Our recommendation is to make it larger enough to fit a tablet and headphones. Any bag with a divider that keeps the tablet protected against scratches other toys is a great idea

Winner best travel backpack for little kids: Deuter Kikki Kids Backpack

Deuter Kikki Kid's Backpack for School and Hiking - Avocado-Alpinegreen

The Deuter Kikki manages to combine cute and practical in this neat little package. Durable material but also lightweight, the Deuter Kikki has a breathable mesh back and chest strap for wearing comfort. It comes in several different color combinations to match your child’s tastes.

Runner-up travel backpack for little kids: Vaschy Little Kids Backpacks

VASCHY Kids Backpack for Boys, Cute Lightweight Water Resistant Preschool Backpack for Boys and Girls Kindergarten Bookbag Dinosaur

A great one for spacious storage without being too large for their little bodies, the Vaschy Backpacks range offers bags with not only an internal zipper pocket but also an internal tablet pocket too, accommodating up to A4 size.

They come with elasticated side pockets for water bottles and an additional chest strap for comfortable wearing.

We love the extra-long zip pullers to help little fingers and the easy-clean lining; they are made of water-resistant material. Not just for girls, there are plenty of colors and designs in the Vaschy Little Kids range.

Also consider for Little Kids:

  • Bseash Outdoor Daypack – perfect for kids under 4ft, two compartments and water bottle pocket, ideal for adventurous outdoor families travelling with smaller children who can still carry their own load.
  • Osprey Daylite – best for adventurous outdoor kids – the smallest in the Osprey range, including a detachable hydration pack

What goes in your backpacks? You’ll want our guide to the best travel toys for 5 year olds+

Best Travel Backpack For Grade Schoolers (6 to 9-year-olds)

Oh, how we love to travel with this age group! Communication is spot on (mostly!), and choices are sensible (mostly), so you can give a little larger bag and much more free reign over what they’re packing.

With a guided packing list, they should be able to put together their own little vacation bag – subject to a lot of censorship – and for the most part, will carry this throughout their whole trip.

Your young grade-schooler still loves favourite characters, animals, and novelty, so play to this as much as you can in picking a design that you know they’ll love and want to carry.

Winner best travel backpack for grade schoolers: Mountaintop Kids Backpack

MOUNTAINTOP Kids Backpack for Boys Girls Elementary Kindergarten School Bag Lightweight Children Daypack Green

Available in a huge variety of colours, this is a super comfortable backpack for kids on any type of adventure. Made from durable and water-resistant material, the buckles are of high quality and adjustable straps plus a chest clasp means you can make a snug and comfortable fit for all-day wearing.

With plenty of storage space but not oversized at under 15″ tall it’s the perfect fit for a grade-schooler.

Runner-up travel backpack for grade-schoolers: Jack Wolfskin Kids Little Trt

Jack Wolfskin Kids Little Trt, Dark Indigo, One Size

We love this compact kids backpack for any sort of travel, though it excels as an outdoor daypack. It has deep side pockets for drinks and an external zipper pocket, as well as an internal tablet sleeve and a padded back. Adjustable shoulder and sternum straps ensure a snug fit.

One of the smallest of the high-quality Jack Wolfskin range certainly worthy of the price tag for a durable and reliable product that will last your big kids through many adventures.

Also consider:

  • The North Face Youth Recon – a great dependable brand in a soft but durable design perfect for long trips, though on the pricier end for a kids backpack, it’s packed full of useful features.
  • Deuter Junior Kids – another quality choice big on space but lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Best Travel Backpack for Tweens (9 to 12-year-olds)

We love that tweens can really start to take on some independence. Not only packing their own bags (with a little parental assistance, of course) but carrying them throughout the journey too; we have a strict you pack it, you carry it rule for our tweens!

As they grow, they need to fit a laptop should also be considered in your tween travel backpack buying checklist – though not essential if this is a travel backpack only, separate from their school bag.

Best travel backpack for tweens: High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop-Backpack, School, Travel, or Work Bookbag with tablet-sleeve, Shine Blue/Lapis, One Size

If it’s pockets and storage you’re looking for with wide, comfortable carrying straps, then this tween backpack covers just about every base.

The ideal size for carry-on only when your tween will be responsible for all their own gear, the High Sierra comes in a huge range of patterns and colors and features fabulous zip pullers for durability along with a separate tech pocket and tech spot for charger cords and headphones.

Runner up travel backpack for tweens: Herschel Kids Little America Laptop Backpack

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack, Black/Tan Synthetic Leather, Mid-Volume 17.0L

We love the quality of Herschels backpacks, we’ve had several over the years, and the stitching and durability have proven second to none. For a growing tween (they come in a huge range of colors, not just black!), they offer plenty of storage space and handy compartments.

The padded shoulder straps and mesh back make it comfortable for longer spells of carrying, with an external front zipper pocket as well as an internal tech pocket and tablet/laptop sleeve.

They come in both 17L and 25L models, depending on your child’s body size and packing needs.

Also consider:

  • Abshoo Classical Basic Travel Backpack – A sturdy, roomy, and fashionable tween girls choice (going to confess, I was so jealous of my tween girls’ bag I got one myself!)
  • Osprey Ace 38 – An ideal starter backpack for tweens looking to get a series for outdoor adventures, perfect for school camps & scout trips, but still small enough that they can take it as a carry-on

You may also be interested in our pick of the best backpacks for Disney – here we look in detail at practical considerations of what to carry for a Disney parks day and whether you should carry one family day pack with all your theme park essentials, or take something super small and lightweight for you all (this option is handy if you want tweens/teens to take their own phone and water bottle, for example)

Older kids? We have moved all of our teen product recommendations over to this complete guide to Teen Suitcases and Luggage Sets

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