Best toddler reins & harnesses for safe travel with a toddler in 2024

Family travel essentials – when you should consider using toddler reins

Before I had children of my own, I remember first encountering a toddler tethered to his mum by a harness and reins.  I remember thinking, How incredibly ridiculous is that? She can’t even keep her bub under control enough to let him move around on his own.  When I’m a mum, I will never resort to such foolishness. 

And then I had my own children.  Oh, how I wish I could travel back in time and apologize profusely for my ignorance. 

As you might imagine, using harnesses or backpacks with reins can be an incredibly divisive parenting issue.  In terms of travelling and going to events with your children, undoubtedly, toddler reins can be greatly beneficial.  They can also be stress-relieving for parents of special needs children who require secure boundaries. 

We’re here to help you find the Best Toddler Reins for any situation, and we won’t judge you one bit. Trust us, we know the terror of losing a toddler in an airport, and we wouldn’t wish that panic on anyone!

BrandStyleIntended AgeFeatures
Diono Sure Steps Safety Harness and ReinsHarness1 to 4 years Extra long straps great for winterwear
HappyVk Safety Harness for KidsHarness1 to 4 years Can be attached to an adult waist band
Adjustable leash length to 6.6'
Blisstime 2 in 1 Toddler Leash -Anti Lost Wrist Link for ToddlersHarness1 to 4 years Coiled teether 6.6'
wrsit link only for 4 years +
Brica by-My-Side Toddler Safety Harness Backpack with LeashBackpack18 months + Tether is 3'
Good size backpack
Yisibo Kids Backpack with Safety LeashBackpack1 to 4 yearsTether is 4'
Adjustable straps
Goldbug Animal 2-in-1 Safety HarnessBackpack18 months +Tether is 3'
Adjustable straps
Storage pocket not full backpack
Blisstime Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Wrist LinkWrist Link4 years +Extends to 5'
Betertek Anti Lost Wrist Link with Magnetic Induction Lock 2 PackWrist Linkn/a2 pack with 4.9' and 8.2' options
Lehoo Castle Upgraded Anti Lost Wrist LinkWrist Link2 years +Velcro straps
Extends 6.6'

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This post is part of our Travels with Toddler advice series – you can find all our tried & tested toddler gear for travel here

What To Look For In Toddler Reins

You may be asking yourself, are reins actually good for toddlers? So, before we introduce the different types of toddler reins, let’s go over the pros and cons of using them. 

As previously stated, the use of this particular product is a hot-button parenting issue for several reasons.  However, many parents swear by toddler reins and call them a lifesaver while travelling.    

Pros and Cons of Toddler Reins


  • Allows children to have freedom of movement 
  • Child can walk next to you without having to hold onto your hand
  • Less bulky alternative to strollers in airports and crowded places
  • Most are easily stored in your diaper bag 
  • Greatly beneficial when travelling with more than one child
  • Allows you to keep child close by in potentially dangerous areas


  • You’ll be negatively judged for using them
  • If a child tries to run while you’re holding the reins, they could fall and be injured.
  • A child could experience humiliation due to reactions from others
  • Lacks physical reassurance of hand-holding 

Features of Good Toddler Reins

Adjustable Tether Length: It’s helpful to be able to adjust the length of the tether strap to fit different travelling and social situations.  Some tethers also have shock-absorbing features for added flexibility.

Durable Tether Material: The last thing you want is for the tether to snap after the first or second use.  Choose a toddler harness, backpack, or wrist rein made with extra durable material.

Comfortable Straps: Your bub’s comfort comes first, so choosing a harness or backpack with reins with padded straps and even weight distribution is key.

Easy to Clean: You’ll want to choose toddler reins that are washable or at least waterproof since there is a good chance you’ll be using them outdoors.  Young children are also notoriously messy, and there is a solid chance that the reins may end up wearing some of that ice cream from the amusement park stand.  

Different Types of Toddler Reins

Toddler Harness: This style of toddler reins is simply a harness that fits around your child’s torso or upper body and has a leash attachment.  Many toddler harnesses come in bright colours or have wing designs to catch your bub’s interest.

Backpack with Reins: Similar to a harness, this style has a buckle that fastens across your bub’s chest and a backpack to store items such as snacks and that essential toy that just can’t be left at home. The leash attachment clips to the backpack and can be removed. 

Wrist Link: These reins are adjustable cuffs that go around you and your child’s wrists and are connected with a flexible coiled tether.  

Safety Precautions

In general, are reins safe?  When used mindfully and correctly, yes.  Here are some general safety tips for any type of toddler reins that you choose: 

  • Practice using the harness with your child at home first.  They need to be able to understand your expectations and their limitations while wearing it, otherwise, a public meltdown is a virtual certainty.
  • Make sure not to fasten the harness or wrist link too tightly.  Work on communication with your bub and check with them frequently to make sure they’re comfortable. 
  • Be mindful of the limitation of your child’s movement.  It will be a learning process for your little one to figure out how to keep their balance and just what the range restrictions are with their new safety reins.

Best Toddler Reins 

Toddler reins are a fairly inexpensive purchase for the peace of mind they bring. Here are our favourites in each of the different styles:

Best Harness Backpacks for Toddlers 

Our Top Choice: Diono Sure Steps Safety Harness and Reins

Sometimes the best choice is the simplest one, and this couldn’t be more true for the Diono Sure Steps Safety Harness.  This light and compact toddler harness can easily be stored in a purse or diaper bag while travelling, and it easily adjusts to grow with your bub.

Diono Sure Steps Toddler Leash & Harness for Child Safety, with Shoulder Straps for Child Comfort
  • Comfortable, supportive straps
  • Intended for children ages 1-4
  • 4′ strap with a wrist loop
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Extra-long shoulder straps to fit over winter clothing
  • 4” wide velcro fastener for extra secure closure
  • Swivel clip prevents strap tangles
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 10 x 10 inches

HappyVk Safety Harness for Kids

HappyVk Toddler Leash - Baby Leash and Belt for Parents -Dinosaur- Baby Harness for 1-4 Years Old Boys
  • Leash can be held or attached to included adjustable belt
  • Heavy-duty metal clips and D-rings for connecting leash
  • Adult waistband has an adjustable length from 28”-49”
  • Leash length can be adjusted from 39” to 78”
  • Safety harness is made to fit children 1-4 years of age
  • Harness made of breathable lightweight mesh material
  • Clean by wiping down with a wet cloth
  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 0.5 x 7.1 inches

Pros: We like that the leash clip is centred on the back of the harness, making it easier to distribute tension if an adult has to pull on the tether.  Everything is adjustable, making it a versatile choice for children and adults of different sizes.

Cons: The adult belt may not fit those with fuller figures, and the harness could use more upper body support for the child.  

Blisstime 2 in 1 Toddler Leash -Anti Lost Wrist Link for Toddlers

Blisstime 2 in 1 Toddler Leash - Anti Lost Wrist Link for Toddlers - Toddler Harness, Baby Leash, Leash for Toddlers, Wrist Leashes, Child Leashes for Toddlers, Not Easy to Open Without Key
  • Anti-lost wrist link can be attached to the harness or to included children’s wrist link
  • Coiled tether extends to 6.6 ft
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Wrist links made with double-layered, breathable cotton material
  • Metal connectors have 360-degree rotation
  • Harness intended for children ages 1-4
  • Wrist link intended for children 4+
  • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.34 x 2.36 inches

Pros: It’s nice to have the option of the wrist link or the harness, depending on the situation you’re using them in.  The flexible coil instead of a strap tether also lessens the possibility of whiplash if your child tries to go beyond their limits.

Cons: The harness may not be able to be adjusted tightly enough for very young toddlers or children who are small for their age.

Best Harness Backpacks for Toddlers

We now have a detailed guide that looks at harness backpacks for toddlers in much more detail over here – our favourites below!

Our Top Pick: Brica by-My-Side Toddler Safety Harness Backpack with Leash

The quality that sets this Brica By-My-Side Toddler Safety Harness Backpack apart is the shock-absorbing removable tether and added pockets to allow for extra storage. 

Munchkin® Brica® By-My-Side™ Toddler Safety Harness Backpack with Leash, Giraffe, Green
  • Roomy compartments and pockets, including a toy loop
  • Swivel clips keep tether from getting tangled
  • Shoulder and side straps adjust to fit your child snuggly
  • Shock absorbing tether extends to 3 ft
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Reflective safety strips for added nighttime visibility
  • Perfect size for children 18 months and over
  • Product Dimensions: 14.1 x 7.8 x 2.8 inches

Yisibo Kids Backpack with Safety Leash

yisibo Rocket Toddler Backpack with Harness Leash Snack Nursery Bags for Kids Baby Boy Girl 1-3 Years Old
  • Fun, engaging designs
  • Detachable padded tether
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Ergonomic, padded straps
  • Waterproof neoprene material
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps
  • Tether length is approximately 4 ft.
  • Intended for children ages 1-4 years
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.5 x 8.3 Inch

Pros: This backpack is just the right size for small children and is perfect for the space-obsessed bub in your life.  It’s roomy and lightweight, and the transparent front pocket adds a fun element to this creatively designed backpack with reins.

Cons: The tether is not adjustable, and the product does not say it is machine washable. 

Goldbug Animal 2-in-1 Safety Harness

Travel Bug Toddler Character 2-in-1 Safety Harness - Monkey
  • Available in a variety of plush animal versions
  • Storage pocket on the back of the plush animal
  • Available tether attaches to the bottom of the harness
  • Double chest straps for added stability and support
  • Polyester material
  • Tether length is 3ft.
  • Intended for ages 18 months and up
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.5 x 12.6 inches

Pros:  Many children love having a stuffed animal as a comfort toy when they travel, so this definitely fits the bill.  The small storage compartment on this reins backpack for toddlers is useful for snacks and other small toys.

Cons: This toddler reins backpack may be hard to wash, as with stuffed animals in general.  The rein is quite short and may not be ideal for very young children in terms of height difference.

Best Wrist Strap/Rein for toddler safety

Rather than sitting over the child’s shoulders, a wristband is less restrictive in their overall movement and is designed for having your child stroll nearby without becoming separated in a crowd. Best attached to another grown-up’s wrist, although it can be used attached to a stroller if you are pushing along younger siblings.

Our Top Pick: Blisstime Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Wrist Link

The Blisstime Anti-Lost Wrist Link is easy to wear, and simple to adjust, and the connecting rein is made of stainless steel wire encased in plastic.  The durable construction eases our fears of getting separated in a crowded area, and it also provides your child with a reasonable amount of freedom.  

Blisstime Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Wrist Link for Toddlers, Babies & Kids
  • Shrinking rein extends to almost 5 ft
  • Child’s wrist strap can be adjusted up to 5.5 inches
  • Soft double layers of hook and loop
  • Connecting rein made of stainless steel wire
  • Metal connectors have 360-degree rotation
  • Intended for children 4 years and older
  • Easily stored in nappy sack or purse
  • Product Dimensions: 6.89 x 4.41 x 1.69 inches

Betertek Anti Lost Wrist Link with Magnetic Induction Lock 2 Pack

Anti Lost Wrist Link with Magnetic Induction Lock 2 Pack (4.92ft Pink+8.2ft Blue) Toddler Wrist Leash for Kids Child Safety Harness with Reflective Strip (Magnetic Unlock Design)
  • Magnetic unlock design
  • Reflective strip to increase nighttime visibility
  • Comes in a 2-pack with multiple rein lengths
  • Rein made from anti-cut stainless steel materials
  • Wrist straps made with ultra-soft breathable padding
  • Rein lengths extend to 4.92 ft (pink) and 8.2 ft (blue)
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.2 x 1.5 inches

Pros: The magnetic induction lock adds an extra level of security.

Cons: For those concerned with gender-specific colours, having a set of only blue and only pink wrist links would be more reasonable.  

Lehoo Castle Upgraded Anti Lost Wrist Link

Lehoo Castle Upgraded Anti Lost Wrist Link, Kid Harness with Induction Lock, Safety Wrist Leash for Toddlers, Kids Backpack Leash, Child Leash Harness (Pink)
  • Induction lock with sturdy snaps
  • 360-degree rotation stainless steel cuff links
  • Adjustable wristband made with super soft air cotton
  • Wrist link connecting rope engineered with tough 301 Steel
  • Waterproof velcro straps
  • Wrist rein extends to 6.6 ft.
  • Intended for children ages 2 years and older

Pros: Wrist straps are very comfortable and keep children securely connected while giving them added freedom with the generous 6.6 ft. length.

Cons: Some reviewers found the length a bit too stretchy and generous and preferred something shorter to keep children closer.

Will toddler reins suit your travel needs?

Although we’re ALL aware that traveling and being in crowded areas is not encouraged at present, life will eventually resume a somewhat normal rhythm, and venturing into new territories will once again be a possibility for your family. 

We hope that we’ve given you some excellent and practical options for the Best Toddler Reins to help your child stay safe while still providing them with the freedom to explore. 

Want more toddler travel product tips?

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You’ll find all our favourite toddler travel gear over on the toddler travel essentials home page.

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