Why the Naturally Kids Backpack Should Be Your Toddler’s Next Travel Bag

Cute dinosaur backpack

Travel Product Review: Toddler Backpack with Brown T-Rex Dinosaur Stuffed Plush Toy

One of the most challenging aspects of travelling with young kids was always figuring out ways to carry everything. There were only so many sippy cups, snacks, books, and snuggle blankets I could fit in my carry-on, and if we were missing one thing, it was meltdown city in the middle of a crowded airport.

Once we gave our toddlers their own travel backpacks; however, the process was much smoother. They had a designated space for personal items, and I no longer had crushed goldfish crackers in the bottom of my purse. Everybody won.

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An excellent toddler backpack that has caught my eye recently has been the Naturally Kids dinosaur backpack. Since our kids are a bit older now, we asked fellow toddler mum Katie to help us review this adorable bag and help you decide if it’s right for your toddler’s travel needs.

Cute toddler wearing a dinosaur backpack
Katie’s toddler son putting the Naturally Kids Dinosaur backpack to the test

Will the Naturally Kids Backpack Fit Your Toddler’s Travel Needs?


Since toddlers can’t carry much, I felt the backpack’s straps were padded enough for little shoulders to take on a relatively light load. The bag itself isn’t large enough to really weigh them down, so it should be a very comfortable option for your toddler to take with them while travelling.

The naturally kids dinosaur backpack being modelled by a toddler

Available Storage Space

Given the long list of toddler travel essentials, I found the storage capacity in the backpack to be somewhat limited. The dinosaur bag does have two side pockets for bottles, but the juice bottles I have would not fit. A regular child’s water bottle could likely fit but we did not have any at home to try. The tighter elastic would also work well for keeping snacks from falling out.

showing the width of a naturally kids toddler backpack

I was able to fit a tablet and my son’s juice bottle into the main compartment with enough room for a few small toys or a travel blanket. But, honestly, that is probably all your toddler will be able to carry anyway.

the space inside a naturally kids denim toddler backpack can fit a tablet and a sippy


Although time is the ultimate determiner, I was delighted with the initial quality of this toddler dinosaur backpack. The denim material seems like it’s more than capable of standing up to regular travelling wear-and-tear, and the inside lining can easily be wiped clean.

Standout Features of the Naturally Kids Backpack

I loved several features of this dinosaur backpack, and my son absolutely adores wearing it around. The following are some of the most significant selling points for a mom who has travelled with toddlers:

Cuddly Dinosaur and Harness

One thing that made this toddler travel backpack stand out was the stuffed dinosaur that fits into its own harness. Many toddlers love having something to care for while on the road, and the fact that they can cuddle the toy and carry it around is a huge plus. The harness also helps prevent the dinosaur from getting left at an airport terminal along the way.

dinosaur teddy strapped in ready for use in its denim backpack from anturally kids

Toddler-Friendly Size

Some toddler backpacks are either too small to fit enough into, or they are so large that they’re too heavy and bulky for your bub to carry. The Naturally Kids Backpack comes in both small and medium sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your child best. The shoulder straps can easily adjust as your child grows for comfortable carrying.

The naturally kids dinosaur backpack in use with the dinosaur teddy strapped in

Sturdy Construction

The backpack’s denim material looks pretty durable and tear-proof, which is an essential quality for any toddler travel bag. I feel confident that if something spilt on the outer shell, I would be able to scrub it clean with minimal difficulty. The velcro straps on the dinosaur’s harness also fasten securely, reducing my concerns that the stuffed animal will fall out in transit.

Reflective Patch

The front label on the backpack is made of reflective material as an additional safety feature.

Several Animal Options

Naturally Kids offers quite a few different animal/backpack combinations, so your toddler is sure to find the critter they like best. Each one is just the right size for travel, and your bub will love carrying them around in their own special harness.

Naturally Kids Dinosaur Backpack – Product Specs

  • Includes brown plush dinosaur
  • Denim exterior fabric
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Outer harness with velcro shoulder straps to carry dinosaur in
  • Item Dimensions: 8 x 3.5 x 10 inches
  • Suitable for Ages: Small (2-5 years) Medium (5-9 years)

Older kids capable of pulling their own luggage may also enjoy the choice of rolling Dino luggage. These trolley cases are slightly larger at 11 × 12.5 × 4 inches. The trolley is a minimum of 15 inches high and is extendable to 23 ¾ inches.

How Do You Buy the Naturally Kids Backpack

You can find the Naturally Kids dinosaur backpack and other cute critter combinations on their website.  The Naturally Kids Dinosaur Backpack and all products can also be found on the Naturally Kids Amazon Store.

They are priced between $28USD to $40USD depending on the size and specs.

Comparison to Other Toddler Travel Backpacks

Regarding size, the Naturally Kids dinosaur backpack is comparable to many other travel toddler backpacks on the market. The only thing I will say is that it’s nice to have the option of putting my bub’s juice bottle in the side pocket. It’s a struggle to fit a bottle past the elastic top, but that seems par for the course with most toddler bags.

One feature I would have loved to see in the Naturally Kids toddler backpack was a strap that buckled across the chest.

Some toddler travel backpacks are made with water-resistant material. The Naturally Kids dinosaur bag is missing that feature, although the thick denim material seems like it will hold up admirably.

You can find our full comparison of toddler travel backpacks here.

Globetrotters Recommend

Would our toddler mum recommend this dinosaur travel backpack to other families with young children?

“I like the unique features that this toddler backpack offers and my son loves carrying around his own dinosaur with him everywhere he goes. I would recommend this product to other families who are travelling with young children.”


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Cute toddler dinosaur Backpack

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