The Best Kids Scooter Suitcases for Travel Adventures!

best scooter suitcase - 3 scooter suitcases from Amazon compared

Glide your way into your next family vacation with fun kids’ luggage

Whether it’s helping your kids to cross huge airport terminals and train stations once you’re past the stroller stage or exploring city streets with a few of their essential supplies packed for the day, scooter suitcases can make an exciting vacation addition for your little globetrotters.

Essentially a hybrid between a suitcase and a scooter, let’s take a deep dive here into what to look for if you are considering purchasing a scooter suitcase for your next family vacation.

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How do Kids’ Suitcase Scooters Work?

Essentially, it’s a simple kids’ suitcase on wheels. Still, with the added bonus, the suitcases can be ridden just like your kid’s favourite scooter at home. It’s a fun novelty way for your kids to get around on vacation, but it may not suit every travel situation – so read on to see if it might be the best solution for your kids!

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3 Best Scooter Suitcases for Kids

ProductBrandSuitcase SizeCapacityPricing
Kiddietotes Hardshell Carry-on Scooter Suitcase13.5” x 8” x 19.5”
Scooter handle extends to 30.5"
Weight 7.7lbs (3.5kg)
Up to 110lbs (50kg) weight limit on scooter
$$ - check price on Amazon
LaScoota Scooter Suitcase24" x 15" x 19"
Weight 6.78 lbs (3.1kgs)
Up to 100lbs (50kg)
weight limit on scooter
$$ - check here on Amazon
iubest Scooter Luggage27" x 16" x 13"
handlebar extends from 31.5" to 41"
Rider up to 330lbs (150kgs)
Suitcase 50L
$$$ - check price on Amazon

Pricing guide: $ – under $70USD; $$ – $70 to $150USD; $$$ – over $150USD

Read on below where we give a few more options for different age groups, but these are the top 3 that will suit the needs of toddlers through teens.

Important Features of Kids’ Scooter Suitcases

I bet as a parent, one of the first things you are wondering is, is it actually allowed and safe to use scooter luggage? And is it actually practical or just a cute novelty?

Here’s what we recommend parents look for when considering whether scooter luggage is the right thing for their child:

Scooter size & weight – An extremely important consideration if this is intended as a child’s product. Combining both a sturdy metal scooter with a suitcase is not the lightest of children’s products.

Do factor in the overall weight of the product – plus how much it will weigh once it’s packed with your child’s favourite goodies – will they be able to carry it when it needs lifting (think stairs, lifting onto a security belt at the airport)?

Handlebar height – also consider the handle height of the scooter suitcase. Does it come with an adjustable handlebar that will grow with your child? And can the handlebar retract to make the suitcase compact for stowing?

Maneuverability – hand in hand with the size and weight comes the ride quality and maneuverability. As you are carrying extra weight, it’s important to note that it will not be the same ride quality as their normal small, lightweight scooters.

It’s a little more difficult for kids to zip about and make tight bends when carrying extra weight in front. Make sure they get some practice at home (with weight in the case) before taking on vacation.

Durable material – Choose a kid’s scooter suitcase with a hard outer shell, or durable, stain-resistant material is essential. No matter how durable the plastic, if treated roughly, the case can be susceptible to breakages. Careful treatment of the suitcase zippers is also essential, don’t let kids over-jam the case or tug too hard on the zippers.

Detachable bag/suitcase – some products allow you to remove the suitcase/bag and carry it separately without the scooter. This can be a good option on a longer trip where it may not be appropriate to take the scooter component everywhere.

Using scooter luggage in airports and on planes

You may question whether airlines will allow these to be used. In our experience, we have not heard of anyone having any issues bringing scooter luggage through an airport and onto the plane, as long as the scooter component is folded and ready to be stowed in the overhead compartment.

Don’t let kids ride them onto the aircraft, and do keep a close eye on their riding skills and speed through crowded places like airports and – set the ground rules!

DO CHECK with individual airlines before you fly whether the item is overhead locker complaint size, as it will vary! Most brands say that they are a standard size for cabin baggage.

Generally speaking, the width and depth of all the products we reviewed looked fine, but check the overall height when the handlebar is contracted (indeed, that the handlebar can contract). If it’s too long, you’ll have to stow it underneath, which could potentially damage the case and incur extra charges.

You’ll also need to think about what happens when the item is stowed in the overhead locker. There is a disadvantage to bulkier kids’ luggage that, unlike a small child’s backpack, they cannot simply keep it at their feet throughout a flight.

This doesn’t mean they won’t work for air travel; just be mindful of the limitations of storage, plan ahead and get items your child will need out during the flight before packing them in an overhead bin.

Want to know what to pack in your scooter suitcase? Find our complete guide to the best travel toys for every age group here!

Best Kids Scooter Suitcases – The Details

Best Overall Scooter Suitcase: Kiddietotes Hardshell Carry-on Scooter Suitcase

This 2-in-1 scooter and suitcase is cabin-sized, perfect for storing in overhead airplane luggage compartments. With a 25-litre capacity, this case has plenty of room to store all your travel essentials. The soft, bouncy surface is sturdy but squishy to resist impact, and the wheels even light up!

The scooter easily folds away when not in use and includes a sturdy telescopic handle that extended to 30.5″. Suitable for ages 4 years and up to 110 lbs, it comes in several cute designs both boys and girls will love.

Specifications for the Kiddietotes Scooter: 

  • Age Range: 4 to 8 years
  • Dimensions: 34cm x 20.3 x 49.5 cm / 13.5 x 8 x 19.5 inches
  • Handlebar Height: 77cm / 30.5 inches
  • Capacity: 50kg / 100 lbs
  • Weight: 3.5kg / 7.7 lbs

Best Scooter Suitcase for Pre-schoolers: Lascoota Scooter Suitcase

With a slightly lighter design but broad deck, we’d recommend Lascoota for your pre-school-aged children through to school age. There are several fun and playful designs to choose from, and the wheels even light up for an extra novelty factor.

With a retractable handlebar and 270-degree steering, it’s great at manoeuvring through busy places and has a decent amount of storage for short trips.

Specifications for the Lascoota Scooter Suitcase: 

  • Age Range: 5 years +
  • Dimensions: 61cm x 38.1 x 48.2 cm / 24″ x 15″ x 19″
  • Weight 6.78 lbs (3.1k)
  • Handlebar Height: 77cm / 30.5 inches
  • Capacity: 50kg / 100 lbs
  • Storage: 0.3 cubic metres

Best Scooter Suitcase For Toddlers: ZincFlyte 18″ Kids Luggage Scooter

(As at our last check in early 2023, the product is only available on Amazon UK, and most design designs have been showing as out of stock for several months; we believe this one has sadly now been discontinued) Try FiFi Flamingo design.

The ZincFlyte Kids Luggage Scooter is cabin luggage approved and perfect for your 4 to 8-year-olds (Midi size, they also have a smaller Mini appropriate for 2 to 4-year-olds). With a generous 25L storage compartment, the luggage case itself is durable and impact-resistant. It comes in several different designs and colours to suit your child’s taste.  

In terms of safety features, this kid’s scooter luggage has a secondary lock system for the handlebar, a stable steering system, and both luggage case and deck are securely integrated. 

Specifications for the ZincFlyte Kids Luggage Scooter: 

  • Age Range: 4-8 years old
  • Dimensions (Midi): 26 x 33 x 48 cm / 21.25 x 11.02 x 20 inches
  • Handlebar Height: 75cm / 29.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.44kg / 7.58 lbs
  • Capacity: Recommended up to 50kg / 110 lbs
  • Max luggage: Recommended 5kg / ll lbs

Also consider: Flyte Scooter Suitcase Folding Luggage

The super-cute Fiti the Flamingo Case will keep your little ones entertained on the move. With a hard plastic suitcase offering two compartments, the adjustable push-button handle offers two height settings so it can grow with your child, suitable for around 8 years of age.

Specifications for the Flyte Scooter Suitcase Folding Luggage: 

  • Dimensions: 26 x 33 x 48 cm / 10.2 x 12.9 x 18.8 inches
  • Handlebar height: Extends to 75cm / 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.4kg / 7.5 lbs
  • Capacity: 25kg / 50 lbs

This product looks to have been removed from Amazon US at the point of our 2023 review check-up – do see, though if it can still be found on Amazon UK

Worth another look: Spider-Man Scootin Suitcase

Spider-Man fan in the house? This might just fit the bill for a fun novelty case that works as a durable hard-rolling suitcase as well as a scooter. Also available in Batman.

Specifications for the Spider-Man Scootin Suitcase 

  • Age range: 3 to 6 years
  • Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 30 cm / 21.6 x 23.8 x 11 inches
  • Handlebar height: 73 to 82cm / 28.7 to 32.3 inches
  • Weight: 3.76kg / 8.3 lbs
  • Capacity: 50kg / 100 lbs

Best scooter suitcase for teens: iubest Scooter Luggage

This is a big step up (in size & price!) from the smaller kids scooter suitcases to some serious travel gadgetry! Yes, even adults have joined the craze of getting around airports and transit stops a little quicker.

This scooter is exceptionally strong and stable in a sleek design of stylish black aluminum-magnesium alloy. It offers 5 separate compartments and a total of 50L capacity, so it is super-practical and fun. Choose from 4 levels from 31.5″ to 41″ to meet your height requirement and to ensure your posture is as comfortable as possible.

Although it looks quite large, even smaller children can manage this case with the handlebar at its lowest setting (we would recommend at full suitcase capacity though it would be too heavy for a small child to steer). Easily switch to a grown-up riding with a quick push-button handle.

Specifications for the iubest Scooter Luggage: 

  • Dimensions: 68.6 x 40.6 x 33 cm / 27 x 16 x 13 inches
  • Handlebar height: 4 settings from 80 to 104 cm / 31.5 to 41 inches
  • Weight: 7.7kg / 17 lbs
  • Capacity: 150kg / 330 lbs

Also consider: MRPLUM Scooter Luggage With Suitcase

MRPLUM Scooter Luggage Detachable Ride On Suitcase Scooter for Kids Age 4-15,Carry-On Luggage Airline Approved,Multifunctional Travel Trolley Kids Scooter Suitcase Blue

Delivering a 22L capacity suitcase, it can be used just as pull-along luggage, backpack, or as a scooter/suitcase combo, suitable for a passenger up to 150kg.

Although marketed to adults, the retractable handlebar height of puts it within reach of those who are a little shorter, though the price tag may be a little off-putting vs simply investing in a hard-sided teen luggage set.

Specifications for the MRPLUM Adult Luggage Scooter:

  • Dimensions: 50.8 x 35.8 x 21 cm / 20 x 14.1 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 kg / 12.9 lbs
  • Capacity: 65kg / 145 lbs

So are scooter suitcases going to be worth the investment?

A fun and novel approach to conventional wheeled luggage that will appeal to many families where long transits are involved in their travels. Several attractive and practical options are targeted at younger kids and teens/adults. Still, they are missing a key market for the tween audience who could benefit from a product like this.

Alternatives to Scooter Suitcases

If this sort of luggage appeals but you’re not quite convinced (there’s no way I trust my youngest with a product like this!), we’d also consider ride-on luggage for kids.

Here are some examples, but we recommend you pop over next to our complete guide to kids’ ride-on suitcases to make a proper comparison:

AO WEI LA OW Duffel Bag for Kids Ride-On Suitcase Carry-On Luggage with Wheels suitcase fits to kids aged 1-6 years old (Blue, 20 Inch)
Trunki Baby, Frank Fire Truck (Red)

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