Magnificent Map of the World Gifts for Globetrotters

watercolor world map image canvapro

For those consumed by wanderlust, a world map isn’t just a piece of paper or decor—it’s a tapestry of past adventures and future aspirations. It’s where memories meet dreams, where every pin or mark represents a chapter of one’s journey.

Whether you’re shopping for the globetrotter in your life or curating a wish list of your own, world map gifts offer the perfect blend of function, beauty, and inspiration.

If you’ve got a bit of a world map obsession like us, we’ve come up with this curated list of the most captivating world map gifts that will spark the imagination and fuel the travel passions of every journey enthusiast.

We’ve included some stunning living room pieces we have our eye on (and many we already own!), plus some ideas for nurseries and kids’ playrooms to inspire their wanderlust. Let’s see if there are some awesome world map gift ideas here you’re yet to think of!

(And we promise not a scratch map in sight!)

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Best World Map Gifts For Travel-Lovers

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

personalised anniversary pushpin map of the world on uncommon goods
Image credit Wendy Gold on Uncommon Goods

A beautiful way of presenting your travels on a shareable map, this beautiful framed pushpin map would make a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift for a couple.

Plot out your journey and mark those special spots with the included black push pins (you could easily add your own colors, too, for solo trips or other favorite places).

  • Made with foamboard and cumala wood
  • 20″ H x 26″ W
  • Made & ships mainland United States (you can get quotes for international shipping)

Push Pin World Map

world map push pin from etsy
Image credit Pandaboards on Etsy

Another fabulous world map pinboard-style option for travel enthusiasts with plenty of ways to personalize it with the map color, font, and pin styles – optionally, add photos onto your map.

This awesome world map gift idea can be downloaded as a digital file your recipient prints themselves, or have it professionally printed by the makers, ready to hang on your wall.

  • PVC, Synthetic cork – comes as a mounted board, not rolled
  • Various sizes, max55 x 34″ (140 x 87 cm)

Dekadron Geometric Metal World Map

DEKADRON World Map Wall Art - Geometric World Map - 3D Wall Silhouette Metal Wall Decor Home Office Decoration Bedroom Living Room Decor Sculpture (40" W x 23
DEKADRON Metal World Map Wall Art - Geometric World Map Bronze - 3D Wall Silhouette, Metal Wall Decor Living Room Interior Decoration Sculpture (47" W x 27

This one caught my eye years ago as a stylish and minimalist way of presenting the world map and actually still sits above my desk!

Obviously, the design style means a few island nations don’t make it into the design, so always consider this when choosing a more simplistically world map (so clearly, I had to buy another world map to pinpoint locations!)

  • Wide range of sizes from 24 x 23″ (61 x 33 cm) to 89″ to 49″ (226 x 126 cm)
  • Lightweight 1.5 mm steel

World Map 3D Wall Art Green-Grey

grey and green 3d world wood map
Image credit KokoBolo Design on Etsy
detailed wooden world map showing europe  design by kokobolo design on etsy

This handcrafted wooden world map is an absolutely bold and beautiful statement piece and would make the perfect gift for map lovers.

The multi-layer construction, detailed print, and varnishing add to the depth. You can get it blank with just the countries, or the detailed version is meticulously finished with major cities, roads, rail networks, and rivers highlighted.

  • Various sizes 55 x 31″(140 x 80 cm) to max 118 x 69″ (300 x 175 cm)
  • Optional flags and transport pins for finishing touches
  • The base language is English, but it can be ordered in German, French, or Polish, shipping internationally

Wooden World Map 3D 

wooden world map 3D on ETsy
Image credit WoodLeo on Etsy
close up of the united states on a detailed wooden map of the world gift on etsy

Another stunning statement piece, this gorgeous wooden world map would perfectly complement a stylish living room.

It comes with many personalization options, including the ability to add country names and state borders for some countries.

There are also options to add country push pins or famous landmarks to your map; the choice is yours, depending on how much wall space you have and the detail you’d like to add.

  • Various sizes, max XXXL size 126″ x 67″ (320 * 170 cm)
  • Made with plywood and birch
  • It comes boxed; you will need to install it following a template with double-sided tape, no drilling.

LaModaHome Metal World Map Metal

LaModaHome World Map Metal Wall Artwall Decor, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom Interior Outdoor Decoration, Wall Hanging
LaModaHome Wall Art - World Map, Metal Art Hanging and Multi-use Home Decor, 19.65" L x 12.55

A simple and stylish metal decor piece, we love that this world map ships instantly and hangs with just a couple of hooks.

The sellers at LaModa Home have a great range of complimentary metal wall hangings to match your world map, or see variations with orbital shapes and compasses.

  • One size – 15.75″x35.45″
  • Made with rust-resistant electrostatic powder coating paint 

Silver Mirror World Map Art

silver mirror world map art on etsy
Image credit TheYorkshireBee on Etsy

Another gorgeous statement piece world map perfect for a large wall, you can get this world map in a sleek blank format, with borders, or a full map with country names and capital cities added.

  • Various sizes 140 x 80 cm to max 401 x 194 cm full-sized wall maps
  • Silver Mirror, Mirrored Acrylic, and Perspex
  • Attaches with double-sided nano tape; will require a couple of hours of patient installation following a template

World Map Wall Art Push Pin Map

cork world map in 3 separate wall panels
Image credit WoodyWoodUA on Etsy
close up of wood and cork world map with pins

Another beautifully stylish corkboard-style momento for your home. You can install this as a complete map on one panel or mix things up and present your map over three panels.

Leave it as-is, or add colorful pins to plot out your adventure. With the corkboard nature of the product, you can easily move your pins about without causing damage, it’s sure to be a great conversation starter.

Like many country maps, it can be styled blank, with country borders, or with full country names printed. There are also plenty of customizations for the underlying wood color to match your decor and add any personalization or wording for your recipient.

  • XL 67″ x 35″ (170 x 90 cm)
  • 150 push pins included
  • Made with wood, plywood & cork for a 3D effect

Handmade Wire World Map

handmade wire world map on not on the high street
Image credit Briar Rose Wire on NOTHS

We love the simplicity of this world map if you’re seeking something really simple. You can, of course, jazz up designs like this by adding strings and picture frames around the fairly simple world outline.

  • 170 x 100 cm
  • Available in black, silver, gold or copper metal colors
  • Ships UK only

Giant Canvas World Map

giant canvas world map
Image credit Maps International

With a fabulous range of color prints available, this is the perfect choice of world map if you are looking to match your prized possession to a particular decor or room theme.

  • One size 203 x 121 cm
  • Option to come delivered as a rolled canvas only, rolled canvas with bars to self-install install, or completely hassle-free framed and ready to hang

Watercolour World Map Canvas Art

world map canvas art multicolor waterpaint on not on the high street
Image credit artPause on Not on the High Street

Bringing a beautiful punch of color to any living room, non-traditional map enthusiasts will love this great take on the world. There are several bright and colourful choices, as well as monochrome. Where matching your home decor is more important than marking the map, this could make a great gift choice.

  • Large range of choices in format from small A4 prints only to large A2-size framed and mounted prints.
  • Uk delivery only

World and City Maps from Different Maps

Map of Abu Dhabi by Different Maps
Image Credit Our Globetrotters

These gorgeous resin and wood framed wall maps allow you to hone in on your favourite parts of the world. You can take an entire world map or focus on a particular country, island, city, or region of sentimental value, and have your map personalised with special pins and names.

  • Sizing starts from 6″ x 6″ through to 35″ x 35″

Vintage World Map

blue vintage style world map from the 1900s on etsy
Image credit VintageImageryX on Etsy

Now, if you have a catrophile who prefers something with a more historical touch, try this vintage map collection from VintageImageX. A 1720s map of the world as it was known, this is a classic example of Guillaume de L’Isle ‘Mappe Monde.’

  • Various sizes max 43 x 55″ (109 x 140 cm)
  • Ships rolled in a tube, not framed; Archival quality Ultrasmooth fine art matte paper 250gsm

World Traveler’s Cork Globe

World Traveler's Cork Globe uncommon goods

We’re including this option, too, for your travel enthusiasts who enjoy marking off their adventures but are looking for a novel approach.

Unlike traditional globes, this cork product lets you use push pins to map out your next adventure and visualize distances better.

  • Available in Mini: 5.5″ W x 7″ H or large: 9.8″ W x 11.8″ H

World Map Duvet Cover

world map duvet cover in black and grey on printdecor shop etsy
Image Credit PrintDecorShop on Etsy

Seeking something truly unique for your world map lover? Not all world map art needs to go on the wall; these world map duvet covers could be just the answer! A great gift that you can match to their decor as they come in multiple print colors and sizes, or even order just the pillow covers for a more subtle touch.

  • Single beds through to US King sizing; EU sizing available, too.
  • 100% organic cotton sateen with 600 thread count
  • Eight color combination choices

Jigsaw Puzzles of World Map

Now, what better way to enjoy your world map passion than a jigsaw puzzle world map that you can convert into a piece of art? Not gonna lie, this excites me almost as much as planning our next trip – sorry, my nerdy side dialectologist side totally revealed!!

  • 1000-piece adult puzzle
  • 29.5 x 19.7″ (75 x 50cm)
  • Purchase mounting separately if you want to frame it

World Map Gifts For Kids

These next few world map ideas would be ideal for a baby nursery or a child’s bedroom to encourage their wanderlust:

Large Fabric World Map Wall Sticker

wall wall map sticker for kids bedroom fabric from not on the high street
Image Credit Spin Collective on NOTHS

Oh, why hadn’t we found something like this when our kids were little (or, to be fair, moving house over and over again!)

This gorgeous wall mural would make the perfect addition to a nursery with a large wall space plotting native animals with the continents. It comes in a peel-and-stick format with placement instructions.

  • 3 themes: Green, Beige/Grey, Pink
  • Medium 123 x 63 cm, large 16o x 95 cm
  • PVC-Free matt fabric vinyl

XL World Map Poster for Kids

childs XL map of the world for bedrooms
Image credit Grafolia on Etsy

We love this world map poster for kids, bringing together both a love for countries and flags; it will bring a beautiful bright touch to an elementary school-age child learning about the world around them.

  • 36 x 24 inches
  • Made with a thick paper card, the product comes rolled and unframed.

Kids World Map Poster

kids world map poster
Image credit Geo Journey from Not on the High Street

Great for an older child, this detailed map of the world comes with country markings and interesting facts. A bright and colorful addition to spark their wanderlust.

World Map Coloring Tablecloth

world map tablecloth coloring from uncommon goods

Who says no coloring on the table? This tablecloth world map was one of the best gifts our own little Globetrotters got from their uncle. There are loads of interesting details to get them talking as they color and hours of fun to complete their masterpiece – use it on the table, as part of their playroom, or hang it on the wall when they’re done! This makes an excellent map-themed gift for kids.

  • 50″ L x 33″ W
  • Cotton with ten marker pens
  • Washes out in warm water if you want to start again

World Map National Country Flags Large Poster

world map country flags on etsy
Image credit PersonaliseMyPrint on Etsy

A really fun statement piece ideal for any room in your family home, this world map made with country flags is a vexillophile’s dream!

  • May sizes from A5 to giant wall prints 30 x 40 inches
  • Several finishes – Gloss, Satin, Matt, PVC, Canvas, Self Adhesive

So whether you have a bit of a map obsession yourself or you’re seeking out map-inspired gifts for the travelers in your life, a world map art piece should be at the top of your list for themed gifts they will cherish for years to come.

Remember, many of these maps are meant to be artistic, not political interpretations! If it’s essential to have certain countries marked, do look at the size and level of detail the artist is able to include.

Seeking More Travel Gift Inspiration?

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A collage of world map artworks with text overlay Magical world map gift ideas

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