Harnessing Solar Power While Camping With Kids

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Want to make your next camping trip with the family as memorable as possible? When travelling with kids, making sure that your camping trip goes off without a hitch is a great way to have family bonding memories and may even be the beginning of a lifelong love of camping for your children. 

One great way to ensure your camping trip goes down as a success in the history books is to bring your campsite to the next level with solar power. Here are some great reasons you should consider bringing solar power to your next camping trip with the kids.

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1. You Can Charge Your Electronic Devices

With a portable power station that can be charged using solar power, you can bring some of the comforts of home with you, including the ability to charge electronic devices. The kids can still wind down playing on their electronic devices during downtime, and cell phones can stay charged up. 

While for some people, camping is all about getting off the grid, this doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want it to be. If bringing along tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices helps to enhance the enjoyment of the trip, then why not bring them along and keep them charged using the power of the sun? 

using a portable solar panel on a camping trip

2. Set the Atmosphere with Lighting

You can use solar-powered lights to light up your campsite – some of these can also look great and help upgrade your campsite’s aesthetic. This way, they don’t only serve to be functional but also contribute to the vibe of your campsite.

What better way to spend time with family than around a campfire with beautiful lights surrounding you to bring the entire scene together? This is a great setting where you can tell stories with your kids and bond with them on a deeper level. 

3. Bring Your Meal Options to the Next Level

While there’s something to be said for the fun of cooking over an open fire, it does limit your options quite dramatically. With solar power, you can power certain electronic devices that open a whole world of options in terms of what meals you can prepare on your camping trip

Not only that, but you can also bring along portable refrigerators to store your foods at cooler temperatures – which also increases what options you’re able to bring along on your outdoor adventure. This makes bringing along options that the kids will enjoy much easier.

4. Embrace Environmentally Friendly Power

We should all be doing our part to cut down on our carbon footprint, and what better time to do that than while we’re actually surrounded by nature and soaking in all of the benefits that the great outdoors has to offer?

Solar power is a renewable source of energy that doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases or air pollution during operation. As a result, you can bring along some of the comforts of home while doing your part to protect the environment simultaneously. 

going off grid with solar panels on your next camping adventure

5. Extremely Accessible Power Source

If having electricity on your camping trip is a necessity for you, then solar power opens up so many options for where you can go on your next camping trip, as you aren’t limited to powered campsites alone. Even better, as long as you have the right gear, you’ll have access to electricity anywhere the sun is shining. 

It’s extremely convenient to find a place where you can access the power you need to run your favourite appliances. Just make sure your gear is compatible with the appliances you plan on powering. 

6. There Are Different Types of Solar Panels to Fit Your Needs

The rigid solar panels used in many rooftop installations probably aren’t the best option for your camping trip. But did you know that there are also portable solar panels and flexible solar panels? 

Portable solar panels, as their name suggests, are easy to transport and ideal for those on the go. Flexible solar panels are helpful when affixing a solar panel to a curved or irregular surface, like those on RVs. This means that you can choose solar panels that best fit your needs for your next camping trip. 

a portable solar panel being used while camping

7. Runs Quietly with No Fuel

Unlike a fuel-powered generator, solar power doesn’t require fuel and isn’t noisy in its operation. This allows you and your family to enjoy electricity from the sun in peace and quiet – without the fear of running out of fuel. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, many reasons exist to bring solar power with you on your next camping trip. Ensure you get all the gear you need for your setup and confirm that it suits the appliances you want to run with it.

By bringing solar power along with you on your next camping trip, you can bring so many of the comforts of home with you to the great outdoors, ensuring that it’s a great experience for the whole family!

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