Picking the best travel bags for kids

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For families on the move – should your kids have their own travel bag, and if so, what type?

Not sure which travel bag suits your kids best? We have spent hours researching this for about a decade now, and the bottom line is that there’s no one size fits all solution to picking the best children’s luggage.

So much will come down to what sort of trip you are going on and your child’s age (and willingness!) to be responsible for their own items.

We’ve reviewed loads of different travel bags for kids over the years so sharing with you here all the knowledge we have gained and guiding you to what might be the best sort of luggage for you too.

This post is part of our best family travel advice series

So are you ready to set off on a family vacation – or perhaps you’re expats looking to make that big family move? Here’s the low down on the best types of luggage for travelling kids:

Picking the best traveling bags for kids

What goes in your kid’s bags?

So glad you asked! We have loads of advice on our website about packing for the entire family as well as every age group. Dig a little deeper on our website we’ll show you:

  • Our top tips for stress-free packing – how to actually prepare yourself for a big pack; picking the right sort of luggage, how we set up our ‘staging area’, what stays of goes, and things to pack now & pack last minute
  • Kids Packing Lists – Kid ready to start packing their own suitcases? A great step forward to independence, here we show you what steps of the packing process your youngsters can get involved with, + a packing list they can use to get their own clothing and personal items ready, whatever sort of luggage you’re taking!
  • Tween & Teen packing list – Older kids can take a much more independent approach to pack for your next vacation – or heading off on their own! We talk you through what they should be packing + another great handy downloadable list perfectly pitched at teens & tweens, so there are no tricky little items they forget.
  • Travel toys for all ages – well undoubtedly the main reason kids need their own luggage is for carrying their own toys and entertainment. We have a guide for every age group 0 to 5, plus ideas for your older kids too!

Did you know you can get all of our packing lists in one spot when you subscribe to the Globetrotters newsletter? Yep, that’s right; we share all our packing goodness; whether it’s a complete family hike or a day trip to the beach, we’ll keep you organised.

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