40+ Awesome Kids Camping Toys & Games

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When it comes to packing toys for camping it can be tricky; the outdoors is your playground but sometimes you need a little more entertainment than your traditional camping activities.

Think about toys you simply don’t have the room for inside and camping will afford you the wide-open space kids need to actively play. Toys that can help them cool off in the summer heat. Toys that can enhance their learning and understanding of nature. Or what about entertainment for when a rainy day hits and you’re all stuck inside the tent for hours on end?

We’re going to talk you through all the toys we’ve found work best on a camping trip with kids – all off-screen and ready to enhance your camping fun – alongside all those wonderful imaginative activities to enjoy in nature!

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Best Camping Toys For Toddlers & Young Kids

Sand Toy Set

  • Who says sand toys are just for the beach? Anywhere your tots can find dirt, sand, and mud – a bucket and spade set with plastic molds is the perfect camping toy for toddlers for hours of active dirty play, always our number one camping toy for kids!

Camping Lantern Musical Toy

  • For tent-time fun with babies and young toddlers, they will love playing with this light-up musical camp light from Fisher Price as they laugh and learn on their camping trip.

Pretend Campfire Set

  • A camping toy set that your little one can play with while they are enjoying the outdoors. The set comes with a pretend log fire set, binoculars, pretend food, and more. Your little ones can practice at home before you head out for “the real thing” and gives them their very own camp meal they can prepare for the family!

GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars 

  • There’s no better way to have your toddler connect with the natural world around them. These toddler-perfect binoculars will fit their smaller faces and will give them 2x magnification.

You can find our complete guide to kids binoculars over here!

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Best Camping Toys For Kids

Walky Talkies

  • Walkie-talkies are always fun for children to play with and during a camping trip, they can use them for so many fun and imaginative games. These can be used both indoors and outdoors so no matter where you camp, the kids can play – with up to an incredible 3km range!

Hacky Sacks

  • A hacky sack can be a fun single-player activity or toy for older kids to fidget and play with while they are camping. If friends and family want to join in, they can hacky sack together, a wonderful traditional outdoor camping game for families.

Giant Bubble Wand Kit

  • Bubbles are fun to play with outside but when you mix camping and giant bubbles, you get a fun camping game the kids will enjoy playing. You can have a competition to see who can make the largest bubble or see who can make the bubble go the farthest with this ideal camping toy for kids.

 Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit 

  • Have your kids gotten into the rock hunting trend? It comes and goes as a fad, but the best part is getting to decorate and hide your rocks! Whether it’s for your own keepsakes or to leave an exciting treasure for another child to find, a rock painting craft kit can be a really fun way to jazz up your nature finds.

Outdoor Adventure Set

  • Camping is an adventure anyway and this little adventure set will only help enhance their experience. With all the basics they need for a nature discovery game, this complete set includes a net, binoculars, head flashlight, compass, and whistle, along with a little backpack, all perfect for little explorers on your next camping trip.

Bug Bingo

  • What is that bug?! I bet we all know how this camping game goes, EVERY.TIME! But let’s make a real game out of it now with Bug Bingo! A super fun way to deal with one of the more pesky sides to camping with kids – 64 bugs to be found, play it classic bingo-style, or send the kids off on a mission!

Bug Catcher Kit

  • For even more nature-filled experiences, this bug catcher kit is perfect for camping with young kids. They will love heading out into nature to find interesting new bugs and insects to examine and identify.

Tree Climbers

  • Probably one of the best outdoor activity toys when it comes to camping, these tree climbers will have kids taking advantage of the nature around them. (Please only use where you have permission! Never use these in protected National & State Parks).

Go Find It Scavenger Hunt Game

  • Another fun way for kids to explore the outdoors while they are on a camping trip, this easy scavenger hunt game is travel friendly and fun for all ages. Suitable from 3 years+, play alone or set up team challenges for this easy to learn camping game.

Skipper-Skip Ball Toy 

  • All those toys we keep telling them there’s just not enough space to safely play that in the house! Let the kids go crazy outside with games like Skipper-Skip ball which work best with a wide-open space. Test their agility skills with this fun single-player camping toy for kids (or take on a group challenge!)

Camp Craft Set

  • 12 classic camp crafts in one kit. Make at home with your camping trip finds or enjoy when you need a sit down relaxing (or rainy day!) activity for the kids on your next camping trip.
  • Find more DIY Camp craft ideas over here!


  • One of the simplest but great value outdoor toys we’ve ever invested in is kites. Anywhere we can catch a bit of breeze, be it at the beach or on our family camping trips, they take up such limited space but bring instant hours of fun (and frustration!) as your kids learn to master using the wind.

Wooden Axes

  • A camping trip is the perfect opportunity for the kids to get creative outside and play pretend. These wooden axes will have them walking around the campsite pretending they are chopping down trees and other obstacles.

Bug Catcher Critter Barn Toy

  • As children are venturing out into the world of camping, they will love catching and observing the small critters and things they find with this kit.

Jumping Stones

  • While camping outdoors, why not let the kids make their own outdoor obstacle course with his fun stepping stone set. It’s not your typical camping toy for kids but will be a blast when it comes to outdoor play while camping.

Kids Bow and Arrow Set 

  • Another of those toys you are forever shouting “not in the house”, right? Perfect for the wide-open spaces you can find on a camping adventure, this older kids’ camping toy is ideal for testing their agility and hand-eye coordination.

Paracord Bracelet Kit

  • Paracords are an excellent toy for kids’ camping adventures, so what better way to enjoy your camping time than making your own paracords!

Kids Hammock

  • Our older kids especially just need somewhere they can retreat to and call it their own. What spells relaxation more on your family camping trip than hanging out in your own hammock, maybe with their favorite book or music?

You can find our complete guide to the best kids hammocks over here! rf if you want something the whole family can enjoy, check out these extra large family hammocks.

Fishing Net and Bucket

  • Looking to introduce your kids to the basics of fishing, or rock pooling? This is a great beginner set and makes the ideal camping toy for kids curious to learn more about our waterways and lifecycles. The set includes a telescopic fishing net and a small sand bucket for collecting and sorting their curious finds.

The perfect companion can be a rock pooling journal to enhance their learning experience and help them record their curious finds.

Waterproof Action Camera

  • Perfect for outdoor adventures – dry land or in the water – a waterproof action camera is a robust camping toy with purpose! Your kids will adore making their own action films of their camping adventure bringing home more than just memories but pictures and videos they can continue to enjoy over again and share with family and friends.

You can find our full comparison of the best kids’ underwater and waterproof cameras here

Best Camping Games and Toys for all the Family

Ready for family games time on your next camping trip? Here are some ideas for outdoor family time or rainy day activities you can all join in together on your next family camping trip.

Bears Dice Game

  • Rainy day? Bears is a fast-paced dice game that can be played with up to 4 people, making it perfect for the whole family. It’s a challenging game that tweens and adults can enjoy playing together, perfect for passing the time on your camping trip.

Pop Pass Catch Ball Game

  • Pop and Catch is a fun game that kids of all ages can play. When the family has a little down time from the camping trip, the kids can head out to an area where they can pop and catch the ball together or on their own.

Horseshoe Set

  • A popular camping game that both kids and adults can play, horseshoes is always fun while camping with the family. These are lightweight and made from rubber so you can easily store them away when not in use.

Portable Cornhole Game

  • An oldies but a goldie, this portable game is perfect for older children and tweens, they will enjoy getting together and playing cornhole with the family while camping. As a bonus, it’s super lightweight and portable so you can fold it up and take it anywhere.

Portable Tether Tennis Set 

  • Totem Tennis never went out of fashion, right? No more chasing balls off into the forest, tether tennis is an easy game for even the youngest of kids to pick up and always results in hours of fun with this take-with-you-anywhere game.

Toss & Catch Game

  • For older children who want to enjoy the outdoors and play some ball, this toss and catch set makes the perfect on the go game for kids.

Flying Rings

  • This is the perfect cheap and easy gift for the outdoorsy family. Flying rings are so simple and easy to pack for hours of family fun on your next camping trip.

Bocce Sets

  • The perfect family travel activity that you can take with you on camping trips and picnics, Bocce is easy to understand and enjoy for all ages. This lightweight travel set would work great for the family camping trip.

UNO Splash Card Game

  • One of our favorite go-to family games in a waterproof format! These are perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures – as we all know everyone drops their playing cards! Keep playing your favorite card game camping with UNO Splash.

Spot It! Camping Card Game 

  • Quick thinking observation skills are needed for this special edition of Spot it! Perfect for camping adventures and outdoors. A great game for mixed-age players.

YAHTZEE National Parks Travel Edition

  • The Classic family game YAHTZEE in a specially themed National Parks edition for when you’re on the go. A fun indoor or rainy day camping game to easily add with your camping gear for those unforgettable family moments.

Best Night Kids Camping Toys & Games

Capture the Flag Game

  • Tweens and kids ages 8 and up will love heading out to the campsite to play a fun game of glow in the dark capture the flag! If you ask the kids, this may just be one of the best night time camping toys!

Light Up Disc

  • Whether you want to have some competition or just a casual game of catch with the family, this disc would make the perfect camping toy for kids. The disc glows in the dark so they can even play as the sun goes down.

Headlamp Toy

  • Let the kids adventure around their campsite with this toy headlamp. It’s an LED headlamp that is shaped like an owl so the kids will have fun with it as they play and adventure around the campsite.

Find our complete guide to the best kids camping flashlights over here!

Flashing Cube

  • An indoor game the kids can play while camping, this handheld game is a fun memory game with different modes. Each mode is challenging in its own way and the flashing cube will help keep their minds sharp during the evening downtime.

Glow Bracelets

  • I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver these have been on our camping trips! Not just fun for the kids, it will help you spot where they have gone in the dark making it one of our favorite nighttime camping toys for kids (just make sure you collect all the discarded plastic in the morning!!)

Gskyer Telescope

  • What better way to enjoy a spectacular star-filled sky than to see it through your very own telescope. An ideal camping toy for your older kids curious about the nighttime skies, the 400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture are perfect for beginners, taking them beyond the naked eye to see the wonders of that clear night sky.

Don’t miss a great add on if you are gifting this camping toy, “50 Things to See With A Telescope

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