Best indoor & outdoor Kids Hammocks in 2021

What is it about hammocks that makes them oh so delightful? I think it must have something to do with being suspended in the air that keeps kids entertained for hours on end with really just a piece of material (and let’s face it, we would be too if we allowed ourselves!).

Whatever the magic quality may be, the novelty never seems to wear off and when something so simple can transform any environment into pure joy for children, it should probably get promoted from a want to a need. The beauty is that one kids hammock serves as a special place for shared or solo playtime, napping, reading, lying around and the limitlessly innovative ideas that only a child’s imagination can conjure up. 

In this post we’ll be discussing what key features to look out for when choosing a tent for children, along with the lowdown on some great indoor and outdoor options.

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What to look for when buying a kids hammock 

With so many hammock choices out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So let’s break it down, what key features should you be considering?

Hammocks indoors or outdoors?

First off, think about where you’ll likely be hanging your child’s favourite new play space. Indoors, they work great in a playroom or reading nook, whereas outdoors you can set up in the garden, camping or even at a friend’s BBQ (no more complaints about being bored!).

Children’s hammock safety

Safety is, of course, a priority. While kids feel invincible swinging around, the adult in charge will be periodically checking in that nobody is tangled, fallen or hurt. Realistically, there is always going to be a risk when you have excited little ones hovering above the ground, but safety provisions have also evolved since we were the kids in hammocks. Check the safety features of each hammock to know where to relax surveillance and where to take precautions.

Extra equipment your might need with your child’s’ hammock

Although most hammocks come with the carabiners and straps needed to get going, it’s always worth double-checking if you’ll need any extra equipment like a hammock rain fly for example. I don’t think anyone likes surprise expenses, not to mention those disappointed little faces finding out they have to wait longer to climb into their new den.

Although most hammocks come with the carabiners and straps needed to get going, it’s always worth double-checking if you’ll need any extra equipment like a hammock rain fly for example

Styles of hammocks for kids

As you start browsing products, you’ll likely notice that there are classic style hammocks and also hammock chairs (sometimes also called swings). The traditional hammock is hung with two hooks, swings from side-to-side and is a perfect shape for spending time horizontally.

Hammock chairs, on the other hand, usually hang from one single hook, have a pod or teardrop-esque shape and are comfortable for sitting up in, so this means they work really well in or as a reading nook. The single hook hammock chairs have a much lower weight capacity.

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Read on for a selection of our indoor and outdoor favourites for the best kids hammocks.

Our favourite outdoor kid’s hammocks

 ProductMaterialProduct size/weightChild size & weight limit
Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock for Camping210T Nylon 72" x 42" - 14ozUp to 11-12 years 4'2". Capacity 500 lbs (225kgs)
Gold Armour Camping Hammock 210T Nylon108" x 55" - 1.5lbsCapacity 500 lbs (225kgs)
Ayamaya Kids Hammock210T Nylon 84" x 4.2" - 1.2lbsUp to 54" tall. Capacity 500 lbs (225kgs)
BROWINT Kids Hammock210T Nylon113" x 56" - 1.2lbsCapacity 500 lbs (225kgs)
Funlife Parachute Kids Camping HammockNylonthree sizes 0.5lbs
S 48" x 30"
M 72" x 40"
L 98" x 48"
1 to 14 years.
Capacity 300lbs

Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock for Camping

This soft yet strong kids camping hammock is versatile and compact, making it a great choice for active families. It’s suitable for children aged 11 to 12 years, with a 54 inches height maximum and a 500 lbs weight capacity.

This kids hammock can be hung from trees, poles, or basically anything sturdy so you can take it pretty much anywhere! The hammock itself weights 0.8 lbs., measures 72 inches long by 42 inches wide and conveniently packs down to around the size of an orange so you don’t have to worry about lugging around awkward equipment. The dual colour schemes come in blue and tangerine, green and blue or lavender and pink.

Gold Armour Camping Hammock 

This single size hammock comes with everything you’ll need to get started. It’s suitable for kids and adults alike and can comfortably support up to 500 lb., with the hammock weighing 1.5 lbs.

The camping hammock is 108 inches long by 55 inches wide and it’s very comfortable due to the premium 210T nylon fabric, just like a parachute! A handy feature is that the stuff sack is sewn right into the hammock so it can never get lost amongst all your other kiddy gear, plus it conveniently packs down to about the size of a volleyball.

Set up is quick and easy which we love, as you can unfold the stuff sack in a matter of seconds. Kids will love the extensive colour options (there are 13!) ranging through black and red, green and grey, to peach and pink.

Ayamaya Kids Hammock

The Amayama hammock is perfect for kids between 4-11 years (up to 54 inches tall). You can get going straight away as the hammock (1.2 lbs.) comes with carabiners and hammock straps which can all be packed up into a small storage bag and transported easily, even fitting nicely in your child’s backpack which they’ll enjoy.

This kids camping hammock is 84 inches long by 39 inches wide making it a great snuggle station for kids when out camping or at the park. As with many kids’ hammocks the maximum weight is a comfortable 500 lbs. The colour scheme keeps it simple with two options in pink and blue or yellow and green.

BROWINT Kids Hammock

This outdoor hammock works well for parties in the garden, at the beach or camping. It is big and strong enough for a child and an adult with a maximum 500 lbs. weight capacity.

Kids will love the beautiful patterns and creative themes including animal kingdom, adventure bay and princess garden – a nice touch to get the imaginations going. The hammocks measure 113 by 56 inches, weighing in at 1.2 lbs. We know all too well that when you have kids to think about, time saving is key so you’ll appreciate the swift 3-minute set up.

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Funlife Parachute Kids Camping Hammock

A unique point about this camping hammock is that it comes in three different sizes so whatever age or size, your child can feel cozy. Small is recommended for kids aged 1-3 years (48 x 30 inches), Medium for 2-7 years (72 x 40 inches) and Large for 7-14 year olds (98 x 48 inches).

The weight of the hammocks starts with just 0.5 lbs. in small, and you needn’t worry about the maximum weight capacity as the incredibly strong hammock straps, with 22 adjustment loops, can hold over 5000 lbs.! So this will inevitably end up as the place to be at a kid’s party.

Colours include muted tones like camel and charcoal, with some brighter options in baby pink, red and orange.

Our favourite indoor kids hammocks and kids hammock chairs

 ProductMaterialProduct size/weightCapacity
OUTREE Kids Pod Swing SeatCotton Canvas59" tall x 27.5" wide (2.16lbs)
100lbs (45kgs)
C-Chain Swing Pod Chair for KidsCotton Canvas63" tall x 27.5" wide - 2.44lbs150lbs (68kgs)
CO-Z Kids Pod Swing Seat Child Hanging Hammock Chair Cotton Canvas55" tall x 29.5" wide - 2.4lbs170 lbs (77kgs)
INTEY Kids Hanging Hammock Chair600D Oxford Fabric63" tall x 27.5" wide - 2.8lbs300lbs (136kgs)
Mertonzo Hammock Swing Chair Cotton & polyester, macramé rope25.6" wide - 4.74lbs 230lbs (104kgs)

OUTREE Kids Pod Swing Seat

This kids hammock swing seat has a beautiful design that resembles a drop of water and is an aesthetically sleek addition to any child’s bedroom.

The material is 100% cotton-canvas making it a soft, warm and soothing place to play or curl up and read a book – there’s even a built-in comfortable PVC air cushion. Although it’s suitable for children ages 2+, the maximum weight capacity is much less than the outdoor options at 100 lbs., so you’ll want to keep an eye on how many children are climbing in.

The swing seat has a height of 59 inches x 27.5 inch diameter and weighs 2.16 lbs. Three cheerful colour combinations are available – blue with green details, green with blue details and pink with blue details.

C-Chain Swing Pod Chair for Kids

The C-Chain Swing is another pod-like kids hammock chair, but this time with a slightly more generous maximum weight capacity at 150 lbs.

The hanging chair is a lovely place for your kids to relax and feel safe – just make sure they’re supervised as sharp or jolting rotations will definitely shorten the life of this swing!

It measures 63 inches high with a 27.5-inch diameter and as it’s a little bigger has a marginally heavier weight at 2.44 lbs. The calming swing pod is suitable for ages 2+ and comes in just one colour option, green with yellow trim.

CO-Z Kids Pod Swing Seat Child Hanging Hammock Chair 

This swing seat has a more conical shaped design (with two suspension straps) providing more space inside, so it’s a good choice if two children will be regularly using it rather than one.

It’s 55 inches high with a 29.5-inch diameter and weighs 2.4 lbs. so although it’s bigger (weight capacity 170 lbs.), it’s still easy to move and put up in different places. The removable cushion comes with a zipper so the cover can be easily slipped off and washed.

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This hanging chair is recommended for ages 3+ and they’ll love how the design hugs in from 3 sides, a different sensation than with the teardrop shapes. Base colours come in blue, green and pink.

INTEY Kids Hanging Hammock Chair

This hammock chair has a long, oval-shaped opening that’s perfect for sitting in and good for children (recommended 3+) who like to feel hugged and secure – like being in a nest.

The maximum weight capacity is bigger than the other pod shapes at 300 lbs., with the hammock’s weight at 2.8 lbs. An improved feature is the hammock’s gas nozzle design to prevent the cushion from deflating over time.

It has a height of 62.9 inches, a diameter of 27.5 inches and comes in blue with a lime green rim.

Mertonzo Hammock Swing Chair 

This swing chair is different from the previous hammocks, with a stylish cream coloured macramé rope design. It’s a perfect place for 12-16-year-olds to swing, hang-out and relax.

The swing has a slanted circle shape, measuring 25.59 inches at its widest and 18.11 inches at its narrowest. The maximum weight allowance is 230 lbs. and the swing itself is heavier at 4.74 lbs. A cool feature is that the sitter can smoothly rotate 360 degrees as four hanging ropes connect the chair to one central anchor point.

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