15 Captivating Camping Toys For Toddlers

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Taming your toddler on a family camping trip can be a tall challenge! Whilst mother nature offers plenty to entertain, there will always be those moments where you need to keep your tot occupied close to camp.

Enhancing their love of being in the great outdoors, let’s taker a look at some of the most practical and engaging toddler camping toys you can pack for your next family camping trip.

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Best Toddler Camping Toys

1. GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars 

  • There’s no better way to have your toddler connecting with the natural world around them. These toddler-perfect binoculars will fit their smaller faces and will give them 2x magnification.
  • You can find our complete guide to kids binoculars over here!

2. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight

  • Let your little ones guide the way, this beginners flashlight is the perfect size for little toddler hands. Easy grip and ideal for use around your campsite and in your tent or camper, its a fun way to introduce your toddler to night time camping activity..

3. Sand Toy Set

  • Sand toy sets aren’t JUST for the beach, pretty much any type of soil, sand, dirt, they are perfect for your curious little toddler who simply loves getting dirty!

4. Magnifying Glass & Tweezers

  • An easy beginner gift for your outdoor explorer is there very own magnifying glass. Get a close up look at nature and tea help fuel your toddlers curious little mind.

5. Youjidui Bean Bag Toss Game 

  • A bean bag toss game is a perfect game that both your youngest tots and older kids can get in on the fun. Working on their hand eye co-ordination

6. Smile LED Lantern

  • We know that first night trying to get your toddler to sleep in an unfamiliar environment such as a tent can be tough. A cute novelty lantern can be a great way to get your toddler feeling comfortable and safe in their surrounds, easy for them to carry or you can hang it from your tent.

7. Headlamp

  • Little kids can sometimes be afraid of moving about in the dark so what better way to get them comfortable with their surrounds then their very own headlamp. We love that these are hands-free so your toddler is still free to enjoy and play while lighting the way! (Just be warned a few, parents have reported the dinosaurs have a slightly terrifying roar! They also come in a Unicorn and Owl design)

8. Fubbles

  • Bubbles are one of the best cheap and easy entertainment sources for toddlers – but the second they insist it’s their turn, they spill it all, right? That’s why we love Fubbles for a toddler camping toy, much less chance they’ll

9. Pretend Campfire Set

  • A little camping toy set that your little one can play with while they are enjoying the outdoors. The set comes with a pretend log fire set, binoculars, pretend food, and more.

10. Camping Lantern Musical Toy

  • Baby and toddlers will love playing with this light up musical camp light from Fisher Price as they laugh and learn on their camping trip.

11. Glow Sticks

  • Forever losing your little ones once darkness falls? Not only cute novelty fun as they make bracelets and necklaces but an easy way to spot your toddler in the dark when you’re camping

12. Digger Trucks

  • Diggers go hand in hand with other sand toys. Whilst you might not want them to get their “nice inside toys” covered in muck, a separate camping digger set is exactly what every little outdoorsy toddler needs!

13. Insect and Butterfly Net

  • Let your little explorers lose with their very own insect net. Learn and explore together, have fun identifying species and letting them free again with a telescopic net, small enough for them to handle but big enough to capture things from a distance.

14. Camping Chair

  • We all know that simply just being around their family and seeing life go by can be equally stimulating for your a toddler as their toys. As your toddler outgrows their baby chair, their very own camping chair is sure to delight them on their next camping trip.

15. Toddler Paddle Pool

  • We can emphasis enough what a great idea a toddler paddle pool is when you’re camping with young kids! Assuming you have a readily accessible source of water, they are great for keeping kids in a captive play area, be it simple splash play games, even bathing time, or inflate it and keep just their toys and no water, it’s up yo you! Trust us, this is one of the most essential camping items you can pack with a toddler.

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