Extra-large family hammocks you’ll love

The act of putting up a hammock is a much larger gesture than first meets the eye. Rather than just slinging up a piece of fabric between two trees, you’re actually cultivating a therapeutic space for you and your family’s endless enjoyment. Hammocks nowadays take very little time to set up and give so much back!

Being suspended in the air and gently swayed from side to side is the closest we’ll get to being rocked like a baby again, which is why hammocks make for such superb napping areas, as well as relaxing family hangouts. I can’t think of a better way to spend quality time than to be luxuriously cocooned above the ground, plus kids love the endless play potential!

Buying a family-sized hammock is well worth the investment as it can be used for lots of outdoors experiences – at the park, beach, camping or in the garden at home for those wonderful family moments of togetherness and relaxation.

In this post we’ll share which features to look out for when buying your family hammock and discuss 8 of our favourite family hammock options.

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Types of hammocks

There’s a whole world of hammocks out there, so it can be somewhat overwhelming as you start to delve into the possibilities. Let’s discuss some of the most important features for a family hammock to help get you started.

Swing hammocks v Chair hammocks

One big style difference is between the traditional swinging hammock and the chair hammock. The first is more suited for lying in and is usually suspended using two straps, one at each end of the hammock. Some also come with spreader bars at the top and bottom that straighten out the hammock, making it easier to get in and out.

Chair hammocks are a great option for sitting, swinging and hanging out. They tend to feel a bit sturdier due to their form and are suspended from just one fixed point, which also helps to save on space – they are also bulkier though so tend to be better for use at home rather than the great outdoors.

Materials used in hammocks

Another consideration for outdoor hammocks is the material used. Cotton is by far the softest and most flexible but more prone to mould if left outside. Nylon is known for being durable whereas polyester is more mould resistant and holds up well against all elements.

You might also want to check if the material is machine washable if you plan to take your hammock on outdoor adventures or use it in the garden.

Nylon and polyster hammocks have the advantage of being ultra leight-weight too so they are easy to queeze in with your hiking or camping gear.

Safety and design of your family hammock

Of course, you’ll want to be able to climb into your family hammock knowing it’s safe. Most hammocks are carefully designed considering this exact point and use appropriate materials, stitching or weaving techniques to be sturdy and avoid easy tearing.

Some also use balance spreader bars as a technique to avoid rolling over and out of the hammock, we’ve all been there! Check up on the safety features and precautions individually as you’re browsing, along with the maximum weight capacity.

Extra equipment you might need

The majority of hammocks sets come complete with everything you’ll need to get started, like carabiners, straps and a storage pouch to keep organized and pack up easily. This is also great portability wise as you’ll be able to transport the whole hammock kit in one handy package.

Always double check if you’ll need any extra equipment when purchasing just in case, and to avoid delay and disappointment on the first use.

Size of you family hammock

Whilst as much as we’d love to fit all of our family into one hammock, we know we’re pushing our luck with three growing kids! Always check the weight limit before all piling in – usually around 400 to 500 lbs (approximate 180kg to 225 kg).

Our favourite extra-large family hammocks

ProductTypeSize Product weightWeight limit
GRAND TRUNK Print HammockParachute Nylon127.2" x 79.2"1.75 lbs400 lbs - 181kgs
HAMMOCKS RADA The Ultimate Mayan Relaxation HammockMayan weaved cotton156" 3.25 lbs550 lbs - 250kgs
TNH Outdoors Rakaia Designs90D Nylon120" x 60"1.19 lbs400 lbs - 181kgs
Gold Armour Camping Hammock210T Nylon125" x 79"1.5 lbs500 lbs - 227kgs
LA SIESTA Flora HammockColumbian organic cotton103.2" x 61.32"5 lbs440 lbs - 200kgs
Emerald Mountain Camping Hammock70D Ripstop Nylon118" x 79"1.25 lbs450 lbs - 205kgs
ONCLOUD XXL Large Hanging Rope Hammock ChairSuspended hammock chair71" x 49" unknown330 lbs - 150kgs

Let’s go through each of these family-sized hammocks in more detail:

GRAND TRUNK Print Hammock

This two-person hammock is made from durable parachute nylon that’s soft, breathable and fast drying. The extra-large size (127.2 x 79.2 inches) makes it perfect for family hangouts and it has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The hammock itself weighs 1.75 lbs so it’s suitable to carry from place to place and comes with everything you’ll need to set up plus a stuff sack to easily pack up and transport your hammock, carabiners and straps. The textile design is inspired by Mexican Serapes (striped blanket-like shawls) with faded blue, green, white and maroon bands of colour.

HAMMOCKS RADA The Ultimate Mayan Relaxation Hammock

This artisan-crafted hammock is from the Mexican city of Merida, a hub for hammocks in the southern Yucatan state, where ancient Mayan weaving techniques are still used today.

It has a 100% fine cotton body with nylon extensions, which allow it to hug your shape while being durable. It’s an all-round soft experience and great for taking a break or even sleeping in as the Mayans did!

The hammock is sharing size at 156 inches long and is recommended for 1 to 3 people, or a total weight of up to 550 lbs. It also travels easily (weighing in at 3.25 lbs.) and you have a choice of colours between gold (more like a coral shade), multi (rainbow stripes) or natural (creamy white).

TNH Outdoors Rakaia Designs

This king size single camping hammock is actually bigger than most doubles (120 by 60 inches) and so a cost-effective choice when it comes to family hammocks.

The material used is 90D nylon making it a strong and reliable sidekick for family backpacking, camping and beach trips. With a maximum 400 lbs. weight capacity, your kids will love climbing in with you to spend some time together on an adventure, plus they’ll be into the shiny blue material!

This hammock is solid, lightweight (1.19 lbs.) and compact, the perfect travel companion.

Gold Armour Camping Hammock

This extra-large double nylon parachute hammock was designed with camping in mind. It’s luxuriously sized (125 by 79 inches) and can comfortably fit in two people, or up to 500 lbs.

Carabiners and extra strong straps are included in the price so you’ll have everything you need to get started, and at 1.5 lbs. it can be transported in your backpack without being a burden. It even has a stuff sack sewn into the hammock, which means you can’t lose it (bonus!) and it folds out in seconds for quick use.

Children will enjoy choosing from a wide colour spectrum ranging from black and grey to yellow and pink.

LA SIESTA Flora Hammock

This traditional king size design is screaming out as the best backyard hammock. It’s handmade in Colombia using organic cotton and has plaits, tear-proof selvedge (the edges of the hammock material) and lots of suspension cords for strength and durability.

The hammock is also machine-washable which is a big help to keep it feeling fresh for your family lounging sessions in the garden. There’s ample space for everyone (103.2 by 61.32 inches) with a weight capacity of up to 440 lbs.

This hammock is heavier than some of our other favourites at 5 lbs. so it’s more appropriate for home use. When purchasing this hammock, note that there are price options to include just the hammock, or also a suspension set for hanging. The striped design comes in blossom (purple and green hues), chocolate, zebra, chilli (red with green) and curaçao (blues and greens).

Emerald Mountain Camping Hammock

This two-person hammock (118 by 79 inches) gets you well set up for any camping trip with some special features for ease and durability.

It comes with snag-proof carabiners, triple interlocking stitching and 6 gear loops on the hammock itself that are useful for keeping water bottles, headlamps and backpacks nearby.

The hammock comfortably fits 2 adults and small child, or up to 450 lbs. The product only weighs 1.25 lbs., so it’s lightweight but durable due to the nylon material. The storage pouch compresses the hammock down to a small size, helping to free up space for transporting your other camping essentials.

There are two lovely choices of colour – burgundy, navy and silver or purple, teal and yellow.

ONCLOUD XXL Large Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

This extra extra large hammock chair is perfect for a peaceful sit and swing session – it has two comfortable cushions and even a cup holder!

It can be hung from trees, porches, patios and balconies and has a total weight capacity of 330 lbs. The spacious hammock chair, measuring 71 by 49 inches, attaches to a wooden spread bar that suspends from one single hanging point. You’ll be pleased to know that all of the hanging hardware comes included in the box so you can set up and enjoy immediately. The block colour scheme comes in sky blue or coffee brown.

We hope this has helped you narrow down the choices when it comes to extra-large hammocks all fo the family can enjoy. Whether it’s to enjoy in the garden or adventures away from home, we hope you can find your peaceful spot together this summer.

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