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One of the things that scares parents the most (myself included!) about long-haul flying is how on earth do you keep small kids busy for hours on end when they are strapped in a seat at 33,000 feet?

After much trial and error (mostly error – refer pipecleaner incident on 16-hour flight), I think I’ve found the ultimate travel entertainment and busy-bag solution; get someone else to do it!  Yes, just a few clicks and you can have a tailor-made child’s travel bag packed and sent to your door ready for your journey by Kidgoz.

How does it work?

Kidgoz Travel Packs | Our Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.NetOrdering your travel activity packs on the Kidgoz website is very straight forward. Simply specify your child’s age, interests and a specially prepared activity bag will be dispatched to you ready for your next holiday!

The packs come in three parts; a drawstring bag with outbound toys (kids can wear this as a backpack), a return pack so you can refresh supplies later in your journey and a parents pack with a few essential travel supplies.

The company is based in Canada but can ship worldwide.  I suggest ordering several weeks in advance of your travels, particularly if you’re outside of North America to make sure your goodies get there in plenty of time!

The packs are priced at $42.50 plus P&P.

What do you get?

I must say, we were slightly awed at how many goodies were packed in!  The selection changes every time so here’s just an example of what we found in our packs for our girl (5-year-old) and boy (3-years-old).

Girls –  5-year-old

Kidgoz Travel Packs - example girls bag | Our Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.Net


    Dora Alphabet Adventure Etcha Sketch and colouring/sticker book

Friendship bracelet doll

Color your own jigsaw

Card games

Sophia sun glasses


And for the return…

Lots of pre-K level writing & sticker activities

A wooden Elsa/story book to decorate

Thumbelina colouring & stickers

Dora Surprise Pack with colouring, jigsaws, pens

Gnomeo and Juliet Reusable stickers

Boys – 3-year-old

Kidgoz Travel Packs - example boys bag | Our Globetrotters Recommends | OurGlobetrotters.NetColouring books

Reader books

Soft toy dragon

Hot wheels car

Scooby doo stickers

Sun glasses

Disney surprise pack including colouring, jigsaw, felt pens

And for the return…

Toy tractor & tractor colouring/sticker book

Colour your own jigsaw

Colouring book & crayons

Reusable stickers

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Parents pack

Kidgoz Travel Packs | Our Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.NetBeing utterly disorganised for this current trip the parent pack was a bit of a saviour!  It’s packed full of handbag goodness – straws, tissues, wet wipes, toothbrushes and my favourite a pocket-size first aid kit – and it got used!!

What worked?

I must say me, and especially the Globetrotters were incredibly impressed with what we got! We tested the packs out on our latest long haul flight from Doha to Cape Town – about 10 hours each way plus connections; we needed a lot of in-air entertainment!  We loved not only the huge variety of what was in there but the appropriateness of what went into them (much more than I can say for the lunch packs on Qatar Airways!), they have clearly been packed by someone who really understands this age group.

Kidgoz Travel Packs | Our Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.NetIn fact, so packed full of little goodies, I was a bit worried about the overall weight and size as I’m trying to encourage my kids to carry their own bags now. I was tempted to leave out bulkier things like the soft toys and the toy truck, but so glad I didn’t, they were absolute crowd pleasers with both my boys (aged 3 & 1).

With so many options, you could, of course, leave a couple of items aside in your luggage and slowly drip feed them to your kids each day so there’s new surprises along the journey too.

Kidgoz Travel Packs | Our Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.NetEverything in the packs perfectly suited their interests and got played with at some point on our week-long trip and 20+ hours of flying.  My daughter’s favourites were the Dora Alphabet Adventure and writing board and the Elsa decorating activity. My boy loved the fluffy dinosaur, sunglasses and reusable stickers.

Sometimes you stumble upon a real gem of a product, something that hits the nail on the head and these packs are perfect for your junior Globetrotters whether you are flying, on a long car journey or simply away from home a few days without your usual toys.

Globetrotters tried, tested & approved!!!

Kidgoz Travel Packs | Our Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.Net

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More travel toy ideas?

Want more ideas on what to pack for your tot?  We have these detailed travel toy packing guides:

Disclosures: We were provided with our Kidgoz packs free of charge for the purpose of providing an honest product review. We received no compensation and have no association with Kidgoz LLC. Contents may vary from what we have described in this article. Pricing correct at time of publishing October 2015.

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    • You’d have to ask the supplier direct Himanshu, there should be a link on the article to take you direct to their website

  • I think I need to get me one of these Keri! They look pretty good. Travelling with small person can definitely be one of the most challenging times. Thank goodness now Ava’s a bit older she is interested in watching a movie! Heaven!

    • Movies can buy me about 6 hours at least with my older girl now! Since she turned 5 she is really easy pleased, will do craft activities etc – its keeping her little brothers from distracting her that’s the real challenge!! Make sure you enter our competition running this week and try and get Ava your very own @kidgoz!!

  • How great is that! Great post Keri, I have never heard of those before. You really are a wealth of knowledge, we are lucky to have you paving the way…:-)

    • Happy to help! I wish I knew about so many more of these products when we first started travelling. There’s a lot of great entrepreneurs out there bringing new products to the family travel market, really happy to be sharing them with you if it helps make travel with kids easier!!

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