Best Toddler Headphones to Protect Your Tiny Tot’s Ears

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Allow your child to listen to their own devices, knowing that their hearing is safe

Whether you’re still sitting on the fence about whether it’s right to give your young tot their own electronic device or you’re simply sick of the sound of Peppa Pig snorting her way through your car journey, there are several reasons why you might be looking to invest in a good quality set of toddler headphones.

Unlike headphones designed for adults and older children, toddler headphones come with several unique features that make them safe and suitable for younger users. Not just the size of the headphones but the volume they transmit and the quality of how they are made are essential when making a purchase.

We most frequently use our toddler headphones when travelling, so an essential feature we also look for is durability and the option to either use a headphone splitter – so two children can share a device – or cordless so we don’t end up in an utter tangle!

Let’s take a deep dive into each of these important features, as well as look in detail at the leading headphone brands designed particularly for your littlest ones.

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LilGadgets Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired HeadphonesFoldable wiredMax volume 93dB
Shared Port
Noise Reduction
Nenos Bluetooth Kids HeadphonesFoldable Wireless Bluetooth & wired optionMax volume 93dB
10 hours play time
YUSONIC Kids Wireless HeadphonesFoldable Wireless Bluetooth & wired optionMax volume 93dB
15 hour play time
Califone 2810-PA Listening First Kids Stereo HeadphonesWiredMax volume 93dB
Snuggly Rascals (v2) Kids Headphones Wired headbandMax volume 85dB
Kidrox Tiger-Ear Kids HeadphonesWiredMax volume 85dB

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What to look for in great set of toddler headphones 

We know how important it is to make sure that your toddler has a safe and enjoyable experience with using headphones. Remember it’s not a case of simply set and forget; adult supervision is required and you need to model responsible use for them, as well as buying brands with built-in safety features to protect your little one’s hearing.

Here are several important factors you should consider when buying toddler headphones:

Volume Limiting

Did you know that according to WHO, prolonged exposure to sounds higher than 85 dB is dangerous? Experts say that sounds below 70 dB are safe – but we know that when there’s a lot of background noise to deal with too, you may be tempted to push the volume higher.

Ideally, pick a toddler headphone that has a volume limit of 85 dB – though many do come in as high as 93dB. If you are frequently travelling by plane, you may want to consider the slightly higher volume but be warned about prolonged use. It should also be a trustworthy brand that maintains the exact volume it promises. 

Earphones not Earbuds

For your toddler’s safety, you should avoid earbuds. That’s because you have to insert the earbuds into their little ears, so the sound is too close to the eardrums, which can be damaging.

Instead, go for over-ear headphones with large cups that sit on the ears and provide a soft cushion. Adult brands will be too large to sit comfortably, so it’s essential to choose a brand specifically made for a smaller child’s head with an adjustable headband.

Noise Cancelling

The best types of toddler headphone offer noise cancellation. Background noise and other disruptions are undoubtedly the reason most tots want to crank the volume as high as they can, so noise-cancelling headphones for toddlers are a great choice, though few truly offer this feature. 


Does your kid love to throw everything at hand? Their teeny-tiny hands often lose control and drop things by mistake, sit on them, or tangle them. Such is life with a tot. It is, therefore, essential to pick headphones with a durable framework. It’s also important to check if the wire is made of a long-lasting material like nylon and look at the folding mechanism. How easy are they to snap?

Transportation rather than rough use is where most of our toddler headphones have met their demise.  Headphones that can neatly fold and the cord neatly wrap in a bag last best.  

Built-in Mic 

If your little one has started talking, headphones with a built-in mic can be helpful. You can attach them to the phone when they want to have a cute little chat with Nanna or take an online class! Using headphones while talking on the phone is always better than holding the device too close to your child’s face and ears. Headphones with this feature undoubtedly add to the cost.

Adjustable Head Sizing

For complete comfort, your toddler needs adjustable headphones. You know how fussy children are about the slightest sensations of discomfort, right? An adjustable headband will allow the headphones to fit your toddler’s head perfectly. Plus, you won’t have to throw them away as your child continues to grow – if they survive that far!!    


Wireless headphones are perfect for active toddlers, and we’ve found they work best when we’re in the car or on a plane. However, your child will get better sound directly from the music/video device with wired headphones.

The other thing to bear in mind with wireless headphones is limited battery life. We’ve had the problem after long journeys of literally everything needing a charge, from iPads to phones and all the headphones! Definitely have the wire with you as a backup.

If you are choosing a wired brand, look for those described as tangle-resistant – yet there are no guarantees on this one!!


Only got one device that needs to be shared? A splitter can be ideal for shared use. Many headphones come with an extra sharing interface that plus one set of headphones into the next so a separate splitter part is not needed.


A pair of super-cheap headphones are unlikely to last long. Not only will they likely be made of cheaper materials that easily break, but you also may not get the quality volume control functions. However, remember that your toddler will soon grow out of very small headphones too.

Headphones really are one of those electronic products that you get what you pay for; the more features, the higher the price, but longer they should last. Most good-quality toddler headphones fall in the $20 to $30 range.

Best toddler headphones

1. LilGadgets Kids Premium Headphones

The LilGadgets Kids Premium Headphones are one of the best toddler headphones for children and toddlers as young as 3 years old. Your little one will enjoy using this device as it has a light, comfortable, and adjustable design. It allows sharing with the help of SharePort, so you won’t need a separate splitter.

LilGadgets Connect+ Kids Headphones Wired with Microphone, Volume Limiting for Safe Listening, Adjustable Headband, Cushioned Earpads for Comfort, Toddler Headphones, Blue

Features we love:

  1. Thick padding in the ear cups for comfort and noise reduction
  2. High-quality band of polycarbonates, making it safe and snug
  3. Easy to control volume with a maximum level of 93 dB
  4. Foldable and easy to carry
  5. External noise cancellation of up to 13 dB
  6. Available in several bright colours   
  7. 4ft/1.2m premium braided nylon cable
  8. Recommended for ages 3 to 7 years

2. Nenos Wireless Kids Headphones

To introduce your tiny tot to the magic of music and sound, Nenos’ Wireless Kids Headphones for toddlers and children are a great option. They are excellent for children of around 3 years. Because of their long battery life, they are one of the best wireless headphones for toddlers on planes and other long trips to keep them busy.

Nenos Bluetooth Kids Headphones Wireless Kids Headphones 93dB Limited Volume Wireless Headphones for Kids (Pink)

Features we love:

  1. Noise limited to 93 dB
  2. Battery life of 10 hours
  3. Comes with a 2.5ft gold-plated cable to connect to devices while on low battery or when BlueTooth isn’t working
  4. Lightweight, adjustable, and foldable, making it easily portable
  5. Simple and stylish design in pink and blue
  6. Perfect for children as young as 3 years

3. YUSONIC Kids Wireless Headphones

If you want to find the best headphones for toddlers, you can give YUSONIC Kids Wireless Headphones a try. They are ideal for every situation, be it online nursery classes or a rerun of Moana. These headphones will be perfect for your youngster. They are light and comfy, which is exactly what the little ones need.  

YUSONIC Bluetooth Headphones for Kids Wireless, Bluetooth Girls Headphones for Toddler with 15 Hours Play time & Sharing Port, Wireless Kids Headphones with Mic for Phones Notebook (Pink 1)

Features we love:

  1. 93dB volume-limiting to protect sensitive toddler ears
  2. 15 hours of playtime + 200 hours of standby
  3. Soft, cushioned cups that are comfortable and protective
  4. Adjustable headband for a snug fit for children of different age groups
  5. Sharing port, wired and wireless
  6. Comes with a carry pouch and detachable audio cable

4. Califone 2810-PA Listening First Kids Stereo Headphones

A great choice for ambient noise-cancelling, this simple but effective toddler headphone set provides a snug and comfortable fit for small heads.

Califone 2810-PA Listening First Kids Stereo Headphones, Panda Design, PC and Apple Compatible

Features we love:

  1. One of the best noise-cancelling headphones for toddlers
  2. Perfect design to fit the small heads and ears of babies
  3. 5.5ft cord allows them to move around a little while listening
  4. Preferred by parents of kids as young as 1 year old as first headphones
  5. Available in cute panda, bear and tiger motifs

5. Snuggly Rascals (v2) Kids Headphones

The Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones are perfect for kids as young as 3 years, though they are also safe for younger children under your supervision. They have a unique wired design that looks like a sweat headband instead of a bulky band that sits on the head. These headphones are safe for young ears – and oh-so-comfy!

Features we love:

  1. Volume limit of 85 dB to protect your child’s ears
  2. Flat speakers inside a thick fleece band for comfort and insulation
  3. Compatible with all devices, including children’s laptops
  4. “One size fits all” design 38 to 57cm (14.9″ to 22.8″) adjustable and washable headband
  5. Unique forehead band design instead of a bulky band on top of the head
  6. Wide range of funny, animated designs available  
  7. Fun packaging with stickers and puzzles sure to please  

6. Kidrox Tiger-Ear Kids Headphones

The Kiddox headphones are one of the best-wired headphones for babies, toddlers, and children. With soft cup padding, tangle-free wire, and volume cancelling, you can relax while your kid enjoys “Let it Go” for the 300th time. It also has a fun design that will make your kid fall in love!

Kidrox Toddler Headphones for 2 + Year Old - Baby Headphones for Plane, Infant Headphones for Girls, Headphones for Kids for School, Boys Headphones for Toddlers 1-3 Year Old, Childrens Headphones

Features we love:

  1. Durable and flexible material that’s ideal for kids
  2. Adjustable headband to fit the head children between 1 and 8 years
  3. Volume limit to 85dB to protect your child’s ears
  4. Cute tiger-head design that both boys and girls will love instantly
  5. 3.5mm audio jack that’s compatible with all devices   

So as you can see there’s quite a wide range of specialised toddler headphones – never just assume your own adult headphones will ‘do the job’ and accept no matter how robust a pair you buy for your child, you are likely to need to replace them fairly regularly!

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