Packing for Your Family Vacation This Summer

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On the face of it, a week-long family vacation is easy to pack for. You’ve looked for flights and planned every transfer in order to experience the most out of your holiday. However, the very fact that it’s only a week can make it even more challenging to know what is essential and what is better left at home.

Let’s have a look at the essentials we always pack for international travel with our family.

Passport and ID

A must for any international travel. It’s important to bring your driver’s license as well as your passport, too. This may come in handy if you wish to rent a car, or as a general-purpose identification as you may not want to travel around with your passport constantly.

Boarding Pass

Boarding passes are, of course, necessary to get onto your flight. However, e-tickets for your mobile are recommended if you want to cut down on important things to look after on your holiday. (Make sure you have roaming or a data package if relying on your phone for any e-tickets; we use and recommend eSims from Airalo).

Currency and Cards

If you want to avoid the terrible exchange rates and fees inside airport brokers and your own bank, you should exchange your vacation money beforehand. Regardless, bringing your bank card is vital in case of emergencies and running out of local cash.


This includes any prescriptions and medication for the baby. It’s also important to bring some general first aid, such as plasters and disinfectant cream.

Check out our suggested medications and toiletries list, along with handy emergency details print out card idea here.

First Aid Family Travel Health


A toothbrush for travel, tissues, wet wipes, contact lens solution, and microfiber towel are some of the more obvious ones. You may also want to bring your hairdryer if there’s room. Hand sanitizer, razor and moisturizer are also useful to take.

Remember, if you intend to fly carry-on, only keep everything in clear containers under 100ml. 

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The number of clothing items you take will depend on your itinerary, your personality, and the climate in which you’re visiting. A major factor that’s often forgotten about is asking yourself: is there a washer machine or easily accessible washing facilities where you’re going?

If there is, there’s no need to take 7 days’ worth of stuff, as you can wash and re-use – catch more of our handy packing tips to cut down on unnecessary items here.

Baby Packing List

Your baby essentials may somewhat differ depending on your age and stage, but here are some things worth considering:

Our complete guide to baby packing list can be found here.

Summer Extras

If the vacation is to a warm or summery destination, some extras should be considered. These include swimwear, high-factor sun cream, after-sun, sunglasses, sandals and possibly a travel towel and beach toys.

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We have more tips on travelling with a baby to warm climates here.

Travel Extras

Travel extras include things like a sleeping mask and a travel pillow to help you get some rest on your journey. And not to forget, you’ll need something to keep you awake and relaxed at your destination, so what about packing a travel-sized coffee maker? There are various portable coffee makers that can help you through your trip easily!

And don’t forget comfort devices for the kids, too. Consider plane leg cushions for a more comfortable journey on long-haul flights, and not forgetting some entertainment, packing a few of their favourite toys is essential.

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