Family Travel 101: 8 Ways To Maximize Luggage Space

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Many families look forward to a holiday getaway that happens every once in a while. And sometimes, with all the excitement, you pack up a lot of stuff that ends up unused throughout the trip. That’s why, when packing for a holiday, whether just a weekend trip or a week-long outing, you need to plan well and bring only what you need.  

Although Americans who travel overseas drastically dropped in 2020 because of pandemic-related restrictions, the number more than doubled in 2021 and reached 18.21 million. This proves that people are ready to brave the circumstances and see the world once again. 

If you’re planning to go on a tropical beach holiday, you know it’s pretty challenging to pack everything you need in one luggage, especially if you have kids in tow. When packing, it would be best to bring lightweight stuff like minimalist wallets that will not bulge and light rain gear just in case the weather suddenly shifts. 

This article will give you eight tips on how to maximize your luggage space so you can enjoy your vacation with your family without forgetting the essentials you need. Read on to know these tips:

How To Maximize Luggage Space

1. Wear Bulky Items On The Plane 

The stuff on your body is part of your travel essentials, so wear the heaviest items you want to bring so your luggage won’t be as cramped or heavy. Instead of packing heavy shoes, wear them while you travel so they won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Wear some of your accessories, like your waterproof diving watches and sunglasses. 

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2. Roll Or Fold, Depends On Your Preference

Frequent travelers will tell you different things. Some swear that rolling clothes is better, while others will tell you to fold your clothes neatly. It boils down to your preference; you can even use both methods to fit all your clothes in.  

Rolling might give your clothes creases, so some prefer folding their clothes. Travelers say folding allows you to lay the clothes flat and not even bother ironing them. Whatever your preference is, both are great ways to maximize luggage space.  

3. Use Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are small bags with a mesh front. These are commonly used by travelers to organize and compartmentalize clothes inside bags, maximize space, and put everything together efficiently.

Packing cubes with two zippers work best for travelers as the oversized zipper compartment is for clothes, while the second zipper is used to compress the bag and remove the air inside, making it fit perfectly inside the luggage.  

4. Categorize Your Clothes In Cubes 

It would be best to categorize your clothes for travel, and put similar items together, so you don’t scramble inside your luggage and mess things up when you’re looking for something. An example would be to put all your activewear in one packing cube and leisure wear in another.  

If you’re going to an event like a wedding, it’s best to put all your event wear in one packing cube, including all the accessories and the shoes you would wear for the occasion. This way, you can easily retrieve them whenever it’s time to use them. Aside from that, the items won’t get mixed up with the other essentials you packed.

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5. Skip The ‘I Might Use This’ Mentality 

Packing for something you didn’t plan for is a waste of luggage space. The uncertainty will just let you bring unnecessary items, and this may eventually be something you’ll end up regretting since you’ll end up hauling around heavy luggage with things that you didn’t need in the first place. 

Sure, you can be spontaneous and carefree during your travel, but when you’re with family, especially with small kids, everything should be well-planned to the last detail. 

6. Fill Your Shoes With Stuff 

If you’re bringing bulky shoes on your travel, make sure to maximize the space they’re occupying in your luggage by putting something inside them. It could be rolled-up socks, your engagement ring if you plan to propose, or any small extras you can stuff inside. To stay hygienic, pack the small stuff in a plastic bag before placing them inside the shoe.

7. Pack Travel Size Toiletries 

Instead of bringing huge bottles of shampoo, lotion, and sunscreen, transfer them to small bottles to maximize the space in your suitcase. Additionally, you may buy them at your destination, so you don’t have to pack them. You may also bring a shampoo bar that also works as soap. This is also an excellent way of traveling sustainably

8. Pack A Multi-Purpose Item 

A sarong that works as a cover-up and could become a fashionable top is something great to bring when traveling, especially in a tropical location. Instead of bringing several shirts, the sarong can be transformed in multiple ways and give you many options to wear.  

Summing it up

Many people look forward to traveling with their family to a fabulous location. The memories you can make and the beautiful places that will be permanently ingrained in your memory are worth all the trouble of packing and unpacking. 

Ensuring you bring everything you need and pack everything inside your luggage is crucial. So, take note of the tips mentioned above to travel as light as possible.

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