Best double jogging stroller for outdoor families in 2024

Best double jogging strollers

Your jogging stroller might be your best friend at home, but how practical is it to travel with a jogger? No less a double jogging stroller! It certainly doesn’t conjure up images of lightweight and easy to transport.

We have been digging deep to find the best double stroller brand you can use in your local parks and getaways AND comfortably travel with away from home.

This post is part of our product reviews and recommendations series – make sure you check out everything we have from kids pillows and comfort products through to those toddler travel essentials you will need.

Important things to look for in a double jogging stroller

Size and weight are obviously massive considerations when it comes to a double.  When you are looking at a jogging brand, you sometimes have to compromise on wheel size.  The bigger the wheels, the less compact your stroller will be, but the smoother journey for you and your child on rough terrain.

If your travels will see you hitting the trails though, it’s no huge hardship with most stroller models to dettach the wheels and carefully store for those big adventures away from home where you’d like somehting a little more robust.

Double Jogger tires: hard vs pneumatic

  • Whilst you might prefer hard rubber tires when all you’re doing is pounding the streets, on your jogger stroller the preference is for pneumatic rubber – basically tires that are filled with air. They are better able to take the pressure on rough surfaces with the weight of your babies inside. Double joggers can, therefore, be MUCh easier to push.

Important note! If you are flying with air-filled tires, deflate them a little before loading your stroller on to the plane.

Double Jogger Manouravebility

  • Locking Front Wheel – Unlike when you are walking in town and want a lot of manoeuvrability, a front locking wheel is best when choosing a jogging stroller. You simply unlock it again when you’re back on smooth surfaces.
  • One-hand fold design – can be the downfall of the double, they often come with complex folding mechanisms, even if they claim to be one-handed it’s no easy feat when juggling 2+ kids and luggage.
  • Suspension – you want baby’s ride to be as smooth and comfortable as possible even when off-road. A good suspension system along with good wheel size will deliver this.
  • Width – generally speaking, jogger strollers are wider than their regular double stroller counterparts. Take into account any doorways you may regularly find yourself needing to navigate.

Double Jogging Stroller Safety

  • Five Point Harness – Since you’re going to be running, this is going to keep them as safe as possible while riding.
  • Brakes – normally with your foot or a hand brake for slowing down while in motion. This is down to personal preference.
  • Safety Tether – This is an important feature to avoid having a runaway stroller, especially on steep surfaces. We know sometimes the positioning of these tethers can interrupt smooth use while running.

Double Jogger Comfort

  • Canopy – This will keep the sun and wind out of your little one’s face while you’re running along. Do consider whether you want separate canopies for each seat or one canopy.
  • Reclining Seat – If you would like your baby to be napping while you’re out, you will want to look for brands that offer a good recline. Equally, if you have older kids who prefer to look around, the ability to have the seats move independently is essential. We like those that provide a peep window and good ventilation.
  • Handlebar height – especially if you have different sized parents or regular stroller pushers, it helps if the handlebar can adjust to fit user needs.

Our favourite Double Jogger Stroller Brands

Best Double Jogger Strollers

BrandBOB GearBaby JoggerBaby TrendJoovyphil&teds
ModelRevolution Flex 3.0 DuallieSummit X3ExpeditionZoom X2Sport All Terrain Inline
Product Weight33.1 lbs
37 lbs34 lbs
30 lbs 12.5lbs (plus double pack)
Max child weight50 lbs per seat - 100lbs total50 lbs per seat - 100lbs total50 lbs per seat - 100lbs total50 lbs per seat - 100lbs total44 lbs - double attachment 33lbs
Dimensions48" x 30.5" x 45" 53.2" x 32.5" x 40.6" 42" x 31.5" x 46" 55" x 31.5" x 42" 23" x 41" x 43"
Folded33" x 30.5" x 17.5" 34.2" x 32.5" x 15.35"
unknown35" x 30.5" x 21.5" unknown
Disney size compliantYesNo
yes (front wheel unlocked)

Handles (height)45" - adjustable between 34.5" to 48" not adjustable46" 40.5" 43"
Travel system option Yes with BOB infant car seat adaptorNo
Seat & positions independent seats with 9 point recline. Child up to 44" Independent reclining seats. back height 24"independent reclining seats. Child up to 42" Independent reclinable seats back height 19", headroom 23" Several combinations with double attachment
ColoursGraphite & LunaBlack/Grey & Green/Grey Carbon (green), Elixer (purple), Griffon (black)Forged Iron (grey), Glacier (blue), Paprika (orange)Back, Red, Green, Blue
Canopy coverageGreat - XL size UPF 50+Good - UV 50+Single canopy -averageGood
StorageGreat - large under storage and 1o pocketsReasonable under seta storage spacegenerous 15lbs under seat basket plus parent organizeerYes, but hard to reach and small with double attachment
WheelsPneumatic 16" rear, 12" front with 360 degree swivelPnuematic 16" rear and 12" front swivelPnuematic 16" rear and 12" front swivel12" pneumatic with swivel & locl front wheel
Current Price (US)
  • Disney complaint is a new category we have added to our Double Stroller reviews. The maximum size now permitted in Disney World is 31″ wide x 52″ deep.

Let’s take a look at each of these double jogging strollers in much more detail.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller 

Often considered “best in class” when it comes to a jogging stroller, and it’s easy to see why. The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 offers one of the most comfortable rides for all the family. Your little ones can enjoy independent reclining seats with very generously sized UPF 50+ sun protection canopies and 5-point harness, along with an advanced suspension system.

Adults will enjoy the generous adjustable handlebar height and the multitude of storage pockets all over the stroller, as well as the extra-large cargo basket for the needs of larger families.

It is possible to use infant seats with the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 with adaptors making it useable from birth. You should only jog/off-road in the seated position from 8 months. Other safety features include the foot pedal brake, handlebar wrist and chassis lock as well as reflective materials.

Considering how much is packed in, the weight at 33 lbs really isn’t too bad and with its air-filled tires it’s such a smooth ride. The only real downside – that price tag.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

We’ve long been fans of the Baby Jogger brand having owned many models though the Summit X3 is the only double we’d truly classify as an all-terrain model for real off-roading.

Providing a very smooth ride for parents and children with its incredible suspension system, there are plenty of comfort features including reclining seats, air vents and individual retractable canopies that we love.

It is a fair bit heavier than the lightweight Baby Jogger doubles, but this is compensated for with the suspension and pneumatic tires.

Baby Trend Expedition

The large pneumatic wheels on this double jogger stroller and independent swivel wheel make this a solid choice for a travelling double that can go off-road.

The seats have a good recline and five point harness, but the let down is the single canopy hood which is not overly generous in coverage.

It has a very similar-looking sister product the Baby Trend Navigator that uses the 4-wheel design. It is a fair bit heavier, however, but does allow for individual canopies and is a little cheaper.

Overall it’s not bad, but not our favourite. Bonus points for the pricing but we would recommend spending a little more for one of the previously mentioned brands if you want a hard-wearing double for travel and frequent use.

Joovy Zoom X2 Glacier

The Zoom X2 is a fabulous new entrant to the double jogger market – coming in as the lightest we reviewed. With large wheels and a fabulously well-sized under storage basket as well as handlebar parent-organizer built-in, it’s a great one for those parents who enjoy living out of their stoller!

Each seat has a comfortable 5-point harness and can separately recline with its own canopy cover. Available in a cheerful bright blue and orange trim, as well as grey, this is definitely a contender for best on the market this year at a competitive price point for it’s features.

phil&teds Sport All Terrain

If the width of your double jogging stroller is you biggest concern, then you may want to check out the phil&teds range of all-terrain strollers. They were first movers in the jogger market, recognising not only the needs of families who like to get off-road but the need for your everyday stroller to adapt when extra kids come along and keeping it slim.

We’ ve never been a big fan of their inline double combinations for toddlers, they do however work well with a newborn and toddler combination as a smaller child can comfortably fit in the lower position (to a max weight of 33lbs.

The phil&teds is also capable of taking a car seat with adaptors instead of a second seat in the rear. Note in this case, you buy the base model all-terrain then add the double kit as your family grows.

The sun canopy comes with great coverage, a 5-point harness and adjustable handlebar are all great features. The wheels are slightly smaller than other jogger models but still offer a smooth ride.

Since first conducting this review it looks as though this particular model is no longer stocked. We wait to hear what is next from phil&teds, they were the only brand we found with a reliable inline model that could convert to a double.

Best Lightweight Travel Double Strollers

If these all seem to big and heavy for you need still, pop over to our review of the best compact double strollers on the market. You can see some of our favourites here:

A compact can be a better solution when you travel as they are much lighter to lift and are more manoeuvrable in tight spaces. They do have disadvantages though – most particularly in the wheel size department but these are the compromises you need to make with travel products.

Taking care of your double stroller while travelling

Unlike their smaller and more compact double stroller counterparts, joggers aren’t ideal for things like packing up for flying. They are undoubtedly bulkier and wheels need to be removed.  They are more work, but depending on your travel location, undoubtedly can be more useful for covering the terrain you want to see while travelling.

We strongly recommend you look into there two important accessories when travelling with your double jogging stroller:

Double Stroller Rain Cover

Yep, this ones pretty importantly in a lot of destinations!  Getting the branded cover to fit your model is always highly recommended (as we’ve linked to above), but there are generic brands you can try too

Gate check bag

Without a doubt, a very worthy investment for your precious cargo.  We covered a whole range of gate check bags in our review here.  

Again, getting the bag designed to go with your stroller is always best to ensure perfect fit and protection, but there are plenty of generic brands that do a very worthy job too. 

Over to you, do you have a favourite jogging stroller brand that has worked well for your family?  We’d love to hear the pros and cons of different brands you’ve tried.

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