Climb, balance & glide your way around Aventura Parks Dubai

Aventura Parks Dubai

Looking for a unique and fun way to enjoy the outdoors in Dubai? Look no further than Aventura Parks.  Fly through the treetops of Mushrif Park in this unique Dubai nature adventure.

You will pinch yourself over again that what I am about to describe is actually in the city of Dubai!  Your only reminder the occasional hum of an Emirates A380 coming to land nearby at DXB – yes, this little touch of nature it’s that close to the city!

Strap yourself in and get ready for what’s sure to become a favourite family way to spend your winter weekends in the UAE.

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Original review November 2019, updated in April 2021

What is Aventura Parks, Dubai

Aventura Parks is a high ropes course and adventure park found in the Ghaf tree forest of Mushrif Park, designed to bring a bit of nature closer to residents and visitors alike in Dubai.

Inside, thrill-seekers of all ages will find challenging circuits that include climbing walls, suspended rope bridges and zip lines to energetically explore.

The Aventura Courses

The 35,000 sqm park is divided into five adventures.

Here’s what to expect on each course type {In brackets is the minimum height requirements and number of challenges per course}

Rangers {1.15m & 19 challenges over 2 courses}

These are great beginner courses that can be tackled by all the family when you’re just getting started out. Children need to be able to independently handle their equipment then climb, crawl and zipline around the obstacles.

Ranger level Course at Aventura Parks
The Globetrotters take on Rangers course at Aventura Parks

Explorador {1.25m & 17 challenges}

A medium difficulty circuit for parents and children to tackle together – or more confident children can tackle alone. There’s a variety of suspended bridges and zip lines to try, averaging 2m-3.4m off the ground.

Aventura {1.4m & 15 challenges}

The challenges increase in difficulty and include rope wall climbs and suspended aerial bridges without hand support. This is much more challenging than Explorador – beginners should look to tackle this first to get their confidence and skills up. You will be up to 8m off the ground.

Extreme {1.6m/16-years-old & 16 challenges}

The most challenging at Aventura Park, the black Extreme course includes a 25-metre Tarzan jump, suspended aerial bridges without side support and zip lines. This one is only for your adventure junkies as it’s very high off the ground (5m to 9m) and is super challenging, therefore a 1.6-metre limit applies and only those over 16 years of age.

Aventura Parks the spider web is on the Extreme course for 16years+ only
You need to wait until 16 years+ to try this one!!

Thriller {1.4m & 15 challenges}

If ziplining is your thing, this is the one for you! Soar over the treetops of Mushrif Park as you take on 15 ziplines, including the longest in the park at 160m. This one is less physically challenging than Extreme but it more than makes up for it in thrills. (Our Miss Z is centimetres off and cannot wait!!)

Mini Kids

If your kids are over 1.05m and under 1.15m and 6 years old then they can still attend the Mini Kids section where they will be supervised and undertake a range of craft activities as well as a mini obstacle course and zip line swing. Kids will also go on a 20-minute nature walk.

What to expect on the Aventura courses

Your Aventura experience starts with being strapped into a safety harness then attending a 30-minute safety briefing and training session where you will have all your fancy climbing equipment explained to you and try out your gear on a small low ropes course.

Each course will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete – give or take fitness levels and if you get stuck behind a slower going group.

Training course for Aventura Parks
Training at ground level before you hit the high ropes

When you enter the park you would have been issued with a coloured wrist band, this dictates which courses you can do:

  • Green – Rangers
  • Blue – Rangers & Explorador
  • Red – Rangers, Explorador, Aventura & Thriller
  • Black – Explorador, Aventura, Thriller & Extreme

Parents may accompany kids on the Rangers course or watch from the ground (why did no one tell me that, oh my knees!!!)

Crawling through the Rangers course at Aventurea Parks Dubai
Yes even adults can fit (just!) on the Rangers course

Who is Aventura Parks suited to? 

The main ropes courses start for children 6 years old and 1.15cm. They do need to understand instructions and be able to handle their own safety kit. It’s ideal for your tweens to teenagers but younger kids with a sense of adventure and over the height limits will love it too.

Slightly nervous to start but Master L (7) grew in confidence across the courses

For adults, you do need a little bit of a fitness level, there are points you will need to be able to pull your own body weight (but rest assured if I can do it most of you will have no problems!!)

Adventures for the little ones at Aventura Parks

Always the dilemma for families who have kids that cross over age groups.

Although they have tried to make something special for the little ones with Mini Kids, if I had one criticism – compared with similar parks we have visited in Australia – I would have loved it if there was a proper “juniors” low rope course.  The Mini Kids really was more aimed at your preschoolers and I’m sorry, totally unadventurous!! Our Master J at 5.5-years-old was only a fraction off the height limit was incredibly disappointed.

Mini Kids at Aventura – a little too easy for adventurous kids

I can completely understand the height limit, as you do need to be able to do a lot of stretching and reaching to clip yourself on and off the safety ropes. However, he has done similar low ropes courses in Australia from the age of 4 with huge confidence, approximately 1.5m off the ground.

The addition of a proper low ropes course to cater for your 4 to 6-year-old group (where they can actually get harnessed up and zipline solo) would be great.

You can read our review of Trees Adventure near Perth, Western Australia here

What should you wear and take with you to Aventura Parks?

This is a physical activity, so definitely your gym or outdoor recreation clothes are required. 

  • You will want comfortable closed-toe shoes. 
  • I would recommend clothing that can cover your knees as there is a bit of scrambling involved. 
  • You will heat up as you go around, so even mid-winter you can probably get away with T-shirts only.
  • No skirts/dresses – you will be harnessed in so not appropriate
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat should be a given outdoors anywhere in Dubai

You may want to consider climbing gloves.  If you don’t own any, they can be rented for 15 AED or purchased for 40 AED.  We didn’t think they were necessary for the Green & Blue level courses (though my hands maybe say otherwise!) They are recommended on the more challenging courses though. 

  • Take a water bottle around the course with you, it is thirsty work. Bottles are refillable for free.
  • Mine also started getting a bit tired and hungry after an hour or so of physical work, I should have thrown in some energy bars for halfway around. 
  • I would suggest taking a little bag of gear with you for afterwards as well.  I would have thrown in some deodorant, and possibly a spare T-shirt had I planned ahead!  

There are lockers to hire on-site if you don’t have someone accompanying you at ground level to carry your stuff. 

Bring an action camera!

There is no harm at all in wearing a camera to capture the action! You’re actively encouraged to capture the action and share the love on social media.

GoPro chest cam footage as we headed around the course

Looking at getting a kids action cameras? If you don’t want the kids using expensive gear check out this guide to kids’ action camera alternatives.

Refreshments at Aventura Parks

There is a small cafe at the entrance to Aventura Parks, Chris Cafe.  It is utterly beautiful and has a great selection of healthy bites, salads and a cooked menu, as well as pastries and treats.  An early start on the weekend and finishing here for lunch was the perfect combination. 

Inside ChrisCafeDXB at Aventura Parks

If you are thirsty throughout the course, there is free water provided. I couldn’t recall seeing plastic cups, so as I am sure most of you do these days, BYO your own water bottle and just refill it as you go around the courses. 

Alternatively, you can take your picnic with you and head on to enjoy the rest of the extensive Mushrif Park, which includes BBQ facilities, playparks and ample parking.

Aventura Parks ticket prices

Ticket prices are varied by height, which determines the number of courses available to you:

  • Aventura Package 1.15m to 1.39m: 164 AED
  • Aventura Package over 1.4m tall: 199 AED
  • Premium Package 1.15m to 1.39m: 194 AED
  • Premium Package over 1.4m tall: 229 AED
  • One Circuit Experience: 95 AED
  • Nature Trail: 45 AED
  • Mini kids: 65 AED
  • Visitor Only: 10 AED

You can purchase your tickets at the gate or online – we recommend advance purchasing and filling in a waiver before you arrive.

Note Aventura Parks can also host team-building activities and birthday parties; they had several going on at the time of our visit, and looked great for your tween/teenage group.

Party set up outside at Aventura Parks Dubai

Aventura Parks Opening Hours

Winter opening hours

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Ramadan & Summer opening hours

  • Sunday to Saturday: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am

Note that the park doors shut 2 hours before closing time. 

You should show up before your booked time slot in order to get through the entry & signing disclaimers, bathroom breaks and getting strapped in.

When we went on the weekend there was also quite a queue of cars to get into Mushrif Park so allow this in your timings. 

Your first 30 minutes is then spent in training and safety briefing before you hit the ropes on your own for 2.5 hours.

Where to find Aventura Parks

Aventura Parks is located inside Mushrif Park, Gate 1. It sits south of Mirdiff City Centre and the Dubai International Airport. You will easily find Aventura Parks on Google Maps and signposted within the park.

Do note, there is also a Dubai Parks municipality charge to get into Mushrif Park of 10AED per car or 3AED per person if you are being dropped off by taxi.  For Dubai residents, this can be charged to your Nol card. If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to pay for a green Nol card which costs 25AED. 

By all means, you can enjoy plenty of other recreation facilities within Mushrif park too.  It’s very popular on winter weekends with picnickers, and there are extensive bike trails throughout the park, even a swimming pool.

Unlike many of Dubai’s beautifully manicured parks, Mushrif is more a nature park. Roads and footpaths are clearly marked, but it’s sandy underfoot and full of native species of plants. 

Globetrotters Recommend

Anyone in the UAE with 6-year-old + kids, you’ve got to try this! Such a fun and energetic day out – totally screen-free – and the perfect family activity for teamwork, encouragement and sharing a thrilling new experience together out in the fresh air. Bonus points you get to burn some calories in the process!

It is a little-known hidden gem of Dubai, perfect for visitors and residents alike.

Thanks to Aventura for hosting us on this occasion.

See our follow-up visit to Aventura in 2021

Now that all the Globetrotters are big enough, we’ve returned to try our skills again! Master J easily mastered the skills on the Ranger course:

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Aventura Parks Dubai Nature adventure

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