What can you expect at AquaFun on the Abu Dhabi Corniche

AquaFun Abu Dhabi Corniche inflatable play park | Review by Our Globetrotters

Splashing good fun at Abu Dhabi’s newest water sport attraction

Aqua Fun has arrived in Abu Dhabi! The hottest new family destination for Abu Dhabi families has opened on the Corniche (for our overseas followers this is the city’s stunning beachfront).

It is based in the recently opened A’l Bahar promenade, a brand new beachfront family entertainment precinct that brings together the capital’s best food, fitness and entertainment.

Situated just a short swim from the beach and set out over 3000 square metres, you will find the giant inflatable aqua park, with 84 obstacles spelling out I Love AD

Overhead view of AquaFun waterpark in Abu Dhabi | Review by OurGlobetrotters
© Aqua Park Abu Dhabi

Our experience at AquaFun

To get a feel of what it’s like to take on the course, follow us through the journey end to end here:

After getting yourself kitted out in safety gear and signing your disclaimer forms at check-in on the beach, there’s a short swim out to start the obstacle course.

Small steps are spotted around the course to help you get on board, but be prepared for plenty of thrills and spills and helping each other be pulled back on to the floating platforms.

Get your grips on the first leg then the obstacles start on the “I”. You will encounter multiple challenges along the way that will test your strength and endurance as well as a complete adrenaline rush.

This isn’t a walk in the park – this is your whole weeks work out!!! With slippery hills to climb by rope, monkey bars, slides; if you’re reluctant, just think you can burn 500 calories an hour an have a really good laugh at yourself. A sense of humour is definitely essential. Whilst our younger boys gave it a crack and were definitely confident at the course, the older, stronger and little bit bigger your kids are the more they will get out of it independently.

Pricing for AquaFun Abu Dhabi

For latest pricing, please refer to the AquaFun Website as there are often pricing specials. Currently, you can only pay cash on the day or pre-book your tickets online there is no onsite card payment.  The park has a capacity of 240 people.

Swimming out to AquaFun Abu Dhabi Corniche inflatable play park | Review by Our Globetrotters

Opening hours for AquaFun Abu Dhabi

AquaFun is open 7 days a week from 9am until 6.30pm On a day pass you can stay on as long as you like but heading into summer and given the calorie burn we reckon you’ll be done with your smaller kids in an hour – bigger kids could probably keep going much longer, or an all-day pass will allow you to take a meal break and go back and try it again!

Sign in at the beach hut for AquaFun Abu Dhabi Corniche inflatable play park | Review by Our Globetrotters

Safety at AquaFun Abu Dhabi

  • Kids are fitted in life jackets which are compulsory for everyone.
  • 7 lifeguards are stationed around the waterpark – and without a doubt, they have one of the most active jobs in Abu Dhabi!! Not only there for safety they made sure the kids were having fun too and were full of positive praise and encouragement.
  • You do need to be a little bit fit and capable of pulling your own body weight.

What to bring to AquaFun Abu Dhabi

  • As mentioned above, children are provided with compulsory life jackets so need only wear their swimwear underneath.
  • You’re in the bright sunlight here, plenty of sunscreen is essential.
  • You’ll need your own towels.
  • The surface of the plastic can get quite hot, and of course slippy. Some might like to wear slip-stop style beach shoes.
  • GoPros and waterproof cameras are permitted but must be strapped into your life jacket.
  • There are no lockers but bags can be left in the beach hut, do avoid taking any unnecessary valuables.
  • At present, there’s no shade or sun loungers on the beachfront for spectators and no close coffee shops open during the day. Bring your own water for after, you’ll definitely work up a thirst!

Getting there – how to find and park for Aqua Fun

AquaFun at A’l Bahar is placed between the Corniche Family Beach (Gate 1) and Nation Riviera Beach Club (St Regis).  The payment point is a small shack on the actual beach front, you can’t miss it. The Corniche Beach car parking, adjacent to the Nation Galleria is the closest point to park. If you don’t mind the extra walk and want your car in the shade you can park in Nation Galleria (paid).

Around the A’l Bahar beachfront

It’s really shaping up to be a fabulous all-around venue for families with a focus on getting families active in the outdoors. The A’l Bahar promenade is free to enter then you only pay extra for activities such as AquaFun.

In due course, there will be fitness clubs, a yoga studio, an adventure playground (Now open!) as well as community spaces for concerts and annual events. AquaFun itself closes at 6.30pm when it gets dark but stick around for the food and evening entertainment.

There’s already a great range of places you can grab a bite – whether its just a snack or something more substantial – including Belgaufra, Stuffed Burger, Dough, Casa Latina, Barbacoa, Depresso and Cupagahwa.

Entry to A'l Bahar | AquaFun Abu Dhabi Corniche inflatable play park | Review by Our Globetrotters

Other branches of Aqua Fun

The concept commenced in Dubai where you will find a giant inflatable “Dubai” spelt out and a capacity for 350 people. You will find this aqua park located at The Beach, JBR.  Find out more about what to expect at the Dubai Aqua Park here.

Globetrotters recommend

So what did the Globetrotters really think? The children were so immensely proud of themselves for tackling the course and trying every obstacle (and so were we). 

Here’s what they each had to say:

Miss Z: “That was so much fun I could do it all by myself I want to do it again with my friends.”

Master L: “The jumping that was my favourite bit because it was my first time doing it. It was really fun and I enjoyed it.”

Master J: “I enjoyed the jumping because I could do it by my own.”

And mum and dad?  Well, we have found muscles we never knew existed!! This is a serious full body work out.

As well as being great fun, it’s a brilliant activity to do in the outdoors as a family.  Definitely get a group together so you can help each other out along the way and have a great laugh while getting seriously fit!

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Things to do in Abu Dhabi for families - try the new Aquafun Waterpark

Disclosures; We were guests of AquaFun for the purpose of writing an honest review. As always, all opinions remain our own. Information correct at time of publication April 2018. You can read our full disclosure policy here.

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