Discover Dubai Miracle Garden… with Kids

Where else in the world would you expect to find the world’s largest flower garden?

Miracle Garden Dubai Lady made of flowers

If you could imagine yourself slightly lost between Toontown, a scene from Alice in Wonderland and the tulip fields of The Netherlands then you might have a small idea of what to expect when you arrive at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Built over 18 acres and with 45 million flowers (or 100 million depending which sources you believe!),  it has laid claim to being the largest flower garden in the world, well ahead of perhaps more well-known beautiful gardens around the world including the Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands, Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand and Kirstenbosch in Cape Town.

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.NetLike any attraction in Dubai – of course, it’s built on a grand scale; although finding the entrance without getting lost is like locating a needle in a haystack.  Equally getting information on what to expect and its appropriateness for families on the internet beforehand was endlessly frustrating, but this is, unfortunately, can be par for the course in this part of the world.

This review was originally published in the 2015-16 season, updated for 2018-19 season

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Our experience taking children to Dubai Miracle Garden

Nonetheless, off we headed early on a December morning to find our panacea. Located in Dubailand (many parts of which are now defunct following the Global Financial Crisis)  on the corner of the E311 and the E63 the entrance is rather unassuming, in fact, a broken up road with very little obvious sign-posting and a semi-abandoned looking car park greets you.  Rest assured, however, you’re probably in the right place! Once you spot these little cottages, you’re here!

(2018 update – this is now the entrance!)

Miracle Garden Entry

It’s hard to know where to head to first, but the best advice is to get lost – literally. If you want to beat the camera clicking, skip the archways at the entrance and delve inside straight away – there are plenty more flower archways to come where you can beat the skirmish!!

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Paths take off in all different directions around the gardens but eventually you end up either at the raised centre platform or the outer pathway where the entrances are.  From the elevated platform, you can get some great aerial views (and try and plot your eventual exit!)

Dubai Miracle Gardens | Discover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.Net
There are plenty of floral archways to capture your loved ones in that perfect pose
Dubai Miracle Gardens | DIscover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.Net
The best aerial shots of the garden are from the raised central platform – get in early for people-free photos! 2015-16 gardens

Dubai Miracle Garden Highlights

The garden is planted with seasonal flowers and some of the displays are changed throughout the season.

The 2015-16 display involved world landmarks made out of oranges and lemons – goodness knows how they don’t go off in the sun but they are certainly spectacular creations including the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tour and the windmills of the Netherlands.

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright

In 2016-17 the Emirates A380 arrived and is now a permanent exhibit of the Gardens.


A large clock with a changing date sits near the centre of the park so bring the special person in your life here on their birthday for a great personalised shot!

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.Net


Satisfying curiosity as to how they can keep something so lush in the middle of the desert, the gardens use a sub-surface irrigation system that recycles wastewater.  The gardens were designed and developed by the Al Ain-based Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Company. 

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Globetrotters Recommend Dubai Miracle Garden

This is definitely something I would recommend to both families living locally and visitors alike.  All my little ones (aged between one to five) were utterly enchanted by the colours and creativity of the place. There’s plenty to keep youngsters amused for at least couple of hours (add another hour if you head next door to the Butterfly Garden – only open since May 2015 its home to 15,000 winged beauties – separate entry fees apply).

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.Net

Our Top Tips for visiting Miracle Garden

  • In the warm Dubai sun children will tire quickly so I’d recommend a stroller for little legs and sun hats regardless of time of year.
  • There are only stairs up to the central platform, no ramp so a small amount of stroller lifting will be needed.
  • Toilets were fairly plentiful around the gardens with change tables.

    Dubai Miracle Garden - Food outlet area | Discover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.Net
    Food outlet area
  • Go early in the day (they open from 9am-9pm) and choose a weekday when schools are in term if possible to have any hope of beating the crowds and getting those beautiful pictures that you want; we left around midday and already the car park was quite full and manoeuvring around with the kids was becoming difficult.
  • There’s no information on the official website but there are multiple food outlets on site that should be sufficient to suit all nationalities and tastes – from take away popcorn through to full meals. Certainly, one of the prettiest food courts you’ll ever see!
  • As another option there are plentiful seating areas to bring your pack lunch, no barbequing allowed. (in 2018 it looks like they are no longer allowing own food to be brought in).
  • Be warned its selfie-stick central and you will need a bucket load of patience if you want that perfect shot without someone smacking into you or photobombing your shot.

    Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | OurGlobetrotters.Net
    Plentiful seating
  • Car parking is free and at the time we left there was a plentiful line of taxi’s available, as well as a bus service that runs every 20 minutes to and from Mall of the Emirates.
  • Entry fee is now 50dhs for adults and 40dhs for children.  Children under 3 and the determined are free (updated 2018)
  • The gardens close over the hot summer months roughly end of May until November.  The Miracle Garden Dubai is currently open for 2018-19.

Dubai Miracle Garden Picture Gallery

Highlights from the past 4 seasons or Dubai Miracle Garden. All images are copyright to Our Globetrotters and must not be reproduced.

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright

Dubai Miracle Garden | Discover the UAE | All images subject to copyright
Overall, a stunning, surreal experience in outer Dubai by some talented gardeners, and perhaps a master gardener with an incredibly (over!) active imagination!

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  Have you visited the Dubai Miracle Gardens before? What was your favourite display?

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Dubai Miracle Garden - explore the largest flower garden in the world - with kids

Disclaimer: We received no remuneration for this review. All views are our own and information correct as at the time of visits December 2015 through to December 2018.  

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  • Definitely one for the books! DMG is such a lovely place to visit and great for kids (and even adults!). Couldn’t help but take plenty of photos of the place when my wife and I visited there.

    • Its compulsive photo taking isn’t it! so many lovely pictures from our day there though, getting in early is a must

    • There are lots of hidden gems in Dubai far beyond the obvious stuff you see in tourist brochures – look forward to highlighting some more for #travelathome

  • I can’t even imagine how big this Miracle Garden is! 40 million flowers?? It looks like a great day out – the colours are just spectacular and I can just imagine that we all get very lost in here! My hayfever would be going overdrive though πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  • i love visiting Dubai Miracle Gardens, I am however child free. I was surprised how far it was out the city and how hard it is to find, i always end up leaving on the wrong road with a tour of Dubai to get home

    • Glad its not just me! I am eternally driving for miles around Dubai because I missed the turn then its 20km until the next exit!

  • Oh my goodness me – as some-one who loves gardens this is simply completely over the top stunningness (which apparently isn’t a word!). I love it for all its ostentatious “we can make it the biggest and the best” planting and I would love to go one day. #MondayEscapes

    • Absolutely! and if someone builds a bigger one they’ll just make this one bigger to beat it you can be sure!!

  • This is incredible! I’d never come across this but those displays look amazing – and I love the slightly surreal sculptures. I have whatever the opposite of green fingers are, so I have no idea how they can keep all this alive in the middle of the desert! #mondayescapes

  • This looks like an incredible day out Keri:) My boys would absolutely love it there. I never think of Dubai as having these sorts of attractions. They are very much making it more appealing for families to visit rather than just stop off on the way to somewhere else

    • We are unearthing an amazing number of activities in Dubai & Abu Dhabi – looking beyond the obvious big shopping malls and tourist districts there’s so many new things opening every year, largely catering to the family.

    • Its great that there’s new and interesting things to see now beyond just concrete and shopping malls that the city has become known for

  • Wow some seriously talented gardeners. What a stunning and surreal place. I can see how you can easily get lost. I just googled it some more and it is so incredible. I would love to go to Dubai one day. Some fab tips too!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x

    • Dubai is now one of those “must-stop” places – normally conveniently on the way to somewhere else as its such a great transport hub! But I thoroughly encourage people to get out of the airport and explore beyond the big buildings and shopping malls, there are so many hidden corners in the city, and beyond in the desert. I look forward to sharing more of them with you on #whatevertheweather (before its too hot and I run out of outdoorsy posts!!!)

  • Wow! It looks amazing, that must be a lot of water involved! I wonder whether they soaked the lemons in something before building the structures? No idea how else they would remain in good condition. Well done for getting there before the crowds, your photos are fab and definitely worth the early entry. I love the ladybirds! Thanks so much for linking up your trip to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

    • Yes my daughter adored the giant lady birds too, and the peacock benches – go figure! I will have to get to the bottom of the oranges and lemons mystery, they are vast structures so they’re not replacing them every week when they go rotten!!!

    • Its funny Dubai is such a big flashy city but they do fail to advertise properly a load of their hidden treasures – its a photographers paradise!!

    • They seem most bizarre but yes the sculptures are quite phenomenal, I’d love to find out how they made them and how they don’t go off in the sun!

  • This looks so cool! I had no idea such a place existed: I have a friend in Dubai, but she hasn’t got children so all I hear about the city is fancy restaurants are bars…. Lovely to see a more creative (and possibly a bit crazy) side of it. I keep meaning to visit her, possibly with the children: the heat puts me off but I know that train would be a real treat for them – we’re still very much in a Thomas the tank phase!

    • Dubai really has so much to offer for all age groups and tastes – some of it you just have to seek out a little bit and word of mouth – they are not so savvy on proper internet advertising!
      It is beautiful and mild this time of year – from late Nov through to February you’ll find it really pleasant. In the next couple of years they are opening a massive Motiongate park and Legoland, Bollywood theme park in Dubai, and in Abu Dhabi they are opening a Louvre and Guggenheim so much to add to an agenda you must time a stop out here in the UAE with or without kids πŸ˜‰

  • What a fascinating place to visit! Yes, how don’t the fruit sculptures go bad in the sun like this?! And having been to Butchart Gardens recently, it’s tough to believe this is larger, but if they say so. Either way, what a beautiful place to experience with kids!

    • I’m still baffled – I need to know how its done as it’s hot here even in the winter!
      Yes interesting claim to fame on “largest” they win on total number of blooms I believe as supposed to acreage. My parents had also recently visited Butchart Gardens and said despite their size both suffered from the same problem of being too crowded and full of shutter bugs not paying attention where they’re going.

    • Oh absolutely! The children were certainly well and truly out numbered by the grown ups when we visited!

  • Wow, amazing! No time on this rip, we’re still busy with souks and markets. Camels this afternoon, then we’re gone to Sri Lanka. Maybe next time, we cme through Dubai fairly regularly now we’re based in Romania, it’s our gateway to Asia.

    • Great spot to do a stop over, you will always discover something new to do each time you come through. There are so many family based projects currently in development around Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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