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With the kids - your guide what to do in Abu Dhabi & the UAE

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With the Kids – Group Rules

This community was first established in 2015 with the aim of informing parents of activities and providing impartial reviews of events, classes, attractions, eateries and days out that interest local families in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Keri Hedrick, the blogger behind Our Globetrotters took over management of this Facebook community in early 2018 in order to help promote all the fun activities there are for families within Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Let’s keep growing this free community and connecting Abu Dhabi families.

How can you get involved?

✅ Post a review! 
Try and be as thorough as possible, think about including
– Dates and opening times
– Costs and money saving tips
– Appropriate ages or age limits
– Photos (safeguarding and privacy laws in mind)
– Location pin or link for further information
If you are commenting on a post, please declare if you have any connection such as the owner/employee/relative of the event/place being discussed.

✅ Ask Questions!
Looking to make weekend plans? Got visitors in town and don’t know where to go? Need a new after school activity that won’t break the bank? Ask your fellow AD parents for some suggestions, we might all just learn about somewhere new!

✅ Join your friends!
The more people in the community the more ideas we’ll get. You can send your friends this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/withthekidsabudhabi/
There’s just a couple of quick questions they’ll need to answer to be approved.

❌ Don’t be a spammer! 
Whilst the group looks to support local businesses and budding entrepreneurs, nobody likes spam. To keep the community feel and avoid this becoming a classifieds page, I will only be permitting advertising of any sort on a Sunday & Thursday.

Posts outside of this time will be held for approval or deleted if not considered appropriate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I promote an event I am involved with? 
A: Informal meet ups, absolutely – the idea is to have parents connected and engaged in the community. If it’s a commercial venture, however, please comply with group rules and post only on Sundays/Thursday’s.

Q: I’m promoting a charity event, can I post it here?
A: Of course, but please only post on Sundays/Thursday’s. Only charities in compliance with UAE law may be promoted here.

Q: I’m a blogger, can I promote my personal reviews here? 
A: Yes – I love personal blogs! But please don’t simply ‘link drop’ to the group. Give some explanation as to what you are reviewing/recommending/commenting on as per guidelines above make your post informative and only link to your blog for more details. In the interest of transparency for our members, please declare sponsorships/commercial interests.

Q: Can I write about a bad experience? 
A: Yes, but please be mindful of local laws on defamation. If you’ve had a particularly bad experience make sure you’ve raised it with appropriate management – we can listen, support but not resolve the problem.

Q: Can I sell my baby and kiddy hear here? 
No thank you! There are so many other forums for these things. Please try groups such as New and Used Furniture https://www.facebook.com/groups/236520503216273/ . Public market and sale events can be included on our advertiser Sunday.

Q: Can I ask general parenting questions? 
A: Let’s try and keep it to activities and reviews. For new parents there are groups such as Abu Dhabi Bumps and Babes that may be a more suitable forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/bumpsbabesabudhabi/

Q: I tried to add my friend/husband/neighbour…. Why haven’t you approved them?
A: There are some standard questions that we ask on joining to ensure we are letting the right sort of people into the group for the right reasons. (ie parents, in the UAE!) If they do not answer these screening questions and its not obvious from their FB profile they have kids, I cannot approve them. DM if you think I have blocked anyone in error.

General Rules and Administration of the Group

✅ Be kind!
✅ Be respectful of the country we live in and its laws.
✅ Use appropriate language – no profanity.
✅ All posts in English please.
❌ Admin reserves the right to moderate posts, delete inappropriate comments, decline or block members who don’t follow rules.

This is a free community group and I wish to continue running it in this spirit.

If you have products, services or events for promotion, please contact me via our partnerships page.

(Note Keri is NMC licensed in the UAE via VAMP – a Motivate Media Company).

Further resources on Abu Dhabi and the UAE

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Got any further comments, questions or suggestions about With the Kids? Please contact keri@ourglobetrotters.com