What Can You Bring into Universal Studios?

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When planning a trip to a theme park you will likely want to be thinking about what you may need to bring with you into the parks and what you will need to purchase on site. 

It’s important to review policies and guidelines about what is allowed to be brought into parks as it varies from park to park and the last thing you want to do is wait in line to enter the parks and then be denied entry due to a prohibited item. That will lead you to either have to throw away the item or walk all the way back to your car to return it before you can enter the park. 

Don’t worry! We are going to cover everything you need to know about what items can be carried into Universal Studios Orlando.

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Universal Orlando Bag Policy

Universal Studios does allow you to bring bags into the park. There are no specific limitations stated on size restrictions, but of course, you will want to keep in mind that you won’t want to lug around a huge bag while you will be walking around a theme park all day. 

The following policies regarding bags are put in place: 

  • All guests must pass through a metal detector upon entry into the park.
  • Any bags that you may bring into the park are subject to inspection via X-ray technology as well as further inspection by park security.
  • Suitcases and bags with wheels are not accepted into the parks.
  • Coolers are allowed. However, there are no hard-sided coolers allowed, and any soft-sided coolers cannot be larger than 8.5” wide x 6” high x 6” deep

Universal Orlando Stroller Policy

If you are a family that has younger children, you may consider using a stroller in the park to allow for rest breaks and easy travel around the parks. Both single and double strollers are available for rent at Universal Studios Orlando parks, or if you prefer, you can bring your own stroller. 

Stroller rental at Universal costs $15 per day for a single stroller and $25 per day for double strollers.

Mountain Buggy Duet carrycot Plus

One of our favorite theme park strollers is the Mountain Buggy Cocoon Carrycot Plus. Listed within Universal’s policies, there are no specific stroller size limitations listed. However, keep in mind that it may be challenging to get through crowds and around ride queues with a big and bulky stroller.

Prohibited Items At Universal Studios

Before we get into the items you CAN bring into the parks, let’s start with the items you cannot bring. A list of prohibited items will get you either denied entry or potentially confiscated, depending on the item. Refrain from bringing the following items into Universal Studios Parks: 

  • Any dangerous explosives such as fireworks, etc. 
  • A weapon of any kind or any item that may be perceived as a weapon (guns, knives, etc.)
  • Marijuana or any items that may contain Cannabis, such as vape pens/paraphernalia
  • Clothing containing obscene language or offensive content 
  • Any clothing that may result in a guest mistaking you for a Universal Studios employee
  • Hoverboards, Drones, Etc. 
  • Selfie sticks are allowed for general use, but they are prohibited during any ride or attraction (if you are caught using a selfie stick on an attraction, you may be asked to leave or have your item confiscated.)
  • Glass containers of any kind
  • Open alcohol containers

FAQ: What Can I Bring Into Universal Studios?

  • Can you take water bottles into Universal Studios? Yes! Water bottles are absolutely allowed, and we highly recommend bringing your own. Hydration is so important as you walk around the theme parks in the hot sun all day, bringing your own water bottle will not only ensure that you have the tools to stay hydrated but you will also save money by avoiding the cost of purchasing beverages from dining services within Universal. 
  • Can you bring food to Universal Studios? While small snacks and treats are allowed, Universal does request that you do not bring full meals (anything that needs refrigerating or heating), or picnic-style lunches into the parks. Any food that is needed for medical purposes or specific dietary needs are always welcome and allowed. You are also free to bring any baby food/formula you may need throughout the day.
  • Can you bring snacks into Universal Studios? Universal clearly states that you may bring in any small snacks that do not require heating. A few of our favorite items include granola bars, trail mix, fruit snacks, etc. Try to avoid foods that may be messy or melt in the heat. 
  • Can you smoke in Universal Studios? Smoking is allowed within Universal Studios property, however, only in the areas designated by the park. There is no smoking allowed within any restaurants or bars that serve food. Designated smoking areas are as follows:
    • Universal Studios Florida: Gramercy Park
    • Universal’s Islands of Adventure: Port of Entry lower landing
    • Universal’s Volcano Bay: Wave Village 
    • Universal’s CityWalk: Near each theme park exit, the Lower Lagoon by Hard Rock Cafe, by Red Coconut Club, and outside of Universal Cinemark/Hollywood Drive-In Golf

Please note: E-cigarettes and vapes of any kind are treated the same as traditional cigarettes/cigars; you may only use these items in the designated smoking areas. Marijuana in any form is prohibited on Universal Studios’ property.

Universal Studios Packing List

Now that we’ve covered everything that you can and cannot bring into the parks, let’s go through some additional items that you may want to consider packing in your Universal Studios park bag: 

Whenever you are taking a big trip like a visit to Universal Studios, you certainly want to make sure you are prepared. We hope this guide has clarified everything you can and cannot bring into the Universal Studios theme park.

We always recommend ensuring that you pack enough to be prepared for anything that you may encounter without overpacking and putting a lot of bulk and weight on your back as you walk around the parks.

Did we miss any Universal Studios essentials? Feel free to share your ideas and essentials with other readers and us! We’re always happy to hear more. 

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