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approaching islands of adventure at Universal Orlando in the rain

When taking a trip to the Orlando, Florida area, most people expect that you will encounter sunshine and hot temperatures. That is the case, a great amount of the time, but what a lot of people don’t expect is that you may also encounter pop up showers in Florida and we want to ensure that you are prepared for a day at Universal Orlando in the rain. 

On any given day, you can expect to see some sunshine for at least a portion of the day, but Central Florida also has high chances of rain pretty regularly on a day-to-day basis, so the chances are that you will have at least one day during your vacation with inclement weather. 

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Average Weather in Florida

We kind of already covered this a bit, but let’s talk a bit more about what you can expect for weather during the various times of year.

Average yearly temperatures in Central Florida vary from 52°F to 91°F. When it comes to chances of rain, you can expect rain at just about any time of the year in Central Florida. However, chances are significantly elevated during Hurricane season, which falls between June and November, with the highest peak being in late August through October.

Is Universal Studios Orlando open when it rains?

If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios, you may wonder what happens when it rains? Is Universal Studios still open? Is it worth still visiting the park? We are here to answer those questions! 

OG Universal Studios in the Rain - Is Universal Studios Orlando open when it rains

First and foremost, Universal Studios Orlando does not close due to rain. The park will remain fully open and operational in the event of inclement weather unless the weather becomes a safety concern for guests and employees of Universal Studios. These types of weather conditions may include extreme thunderstorms with lightning or hurricane warnings. 

How To Be Prepared for Universal in the Rain

The best way to enjoy your day at Universal Studios in the rain is to ensure you are prepared and have a plan. Being prepared has many levels, from packing what you need, having a backup plan in the event of rain, and dressing for the weather. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that a little rain doesn’t ruin your vacation: 

What to Wear/Pack: 

We know that when you’re visiting an amusement park, you probably want to avoid carrying around too many items, but there are some essentials that are easily packed that will help tremendously in the event of rain: 

OG Universal Studios in the Rain - What to Wear or Pack
  • Quick Dry/Moisture Wicking Clothing: When making your outfit selections for the park, opt for something that is a breathable, moisture-wicking material. This will allow for quicker drying times if you end up wet from rain. 
  • Rain Ponchos: When visiting a theme park, we always recommend packing a rain poncho rather than an umbrella. Ponchos are compact and easily thrown into a park bag and still allow you to navigate the parks easily during a rain shower.
  • Extra pair of socks: Does anybody else hate wet feet?! I know our family certainly does. An extra pair of socks is another lightweight and small item that can be packed in a park bag that will allow you to at least get dry feet if you get stuck in a downpour.
  • Waterproof accessory bags: With the amount of electronic devices we use in today’s world, it’s always a good idea to grab some waterproof bags for your electronics to ensure that they do not get ruined by water. These are great!
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What To Do if You Get Soaking Wet During the Day at Universal

Sometimes, we don’t pull out that rain poncho soon enough, and the rain catches us. So now you are soaking wet and miserable…what do you do? Don’t let the rain ruin your day. It is still salvageable! Here are a few tips on what to do if you end up soaking wet at Universal Studios: 

  • Remove any unnecessary layers: If you have any layers, such as a jacket or t-shirt, that can be removed to help eliminate some of the soaking wet clothing, this is a great way to get some relief and give those layers a chance to dry out.
  • Make a quick outfit change back at the hotel: If it’s still pretty early in the day, you may want to consider taking a break and hopping back to your hotel for a full outfit change. If you are staying on-site or close to the area, you should be able to make a quick change and get back into the park for some fun fairly quickly. 
  • Utilize People Dryers: If you are on Universal’s Islands of Adventure side of the park, you can utilize the “People Dryers”. At the exit of each of the water rides in the park, there is a people dryer, a large device that blows warm air from all sides to aid in drying out your clothing. These dryers do cost $5 for around 3-5 minutes of dry time. However, you can fit up to 3 people per dryer, and they really do help!

Rides and Attractions to Still Enjoy in the Rain

While some rides can be a drag in the rain due to outside attractions and ride queues, many rides are indoors, making them still enjoyable and accessible in any weather condition. If you’re stuck on a rainy day, check out some of these indoor rides and attractions: 

Universal Studios Florida

OG Universal Studios in the Rain - Universal Studios Florida
  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
  • Transformers: The Ride 3D
  • E.T. Adventure
  • Men in Black Alien Attack
  • The Simpsons Ride
  • Revenge of the Mummy (One of our all-time favourites!)
  • Fast & Furious – Supercharged
  • Hogwarts Express (requires park-to-park pass)
  • The Escape from Gringotts

Islands of Adventure

OG Universal Studios in the Rain - Islands of Adventure
  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (A can’t-miss attraction!)
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Hogwarts Express (requires park-to-park pass)
  • Skull Island: Reign of Kong

While there are far fewer indoor rides on the Islands of Adventure side of the park, there are also a few water rides that you can enjoy. I mean… if you’re already wet, you may as well take advantage of the water rides!

  • Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure (A favourite in our family!)
  • Rocky and Bulwinkle’s own Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

Other Activities to Enjoy in the Rain: 

If you don’t want to opt for rides during a rain shower, there are a few other activities and attractions to enjoy that will keep you warm and dry. These include: 

OG Universal Studios in the Rain - Other Activities to Enjoy in the Rain
  • The Bourne Stuntacular – A stunt show that combines live-action stunts with 4-D effects for an incredible show, located at Universal Studios Florida.
  • Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-up Show – Learn the history and secrets to how Hollywood creates some of the most gruesome and realistic horror make-up at this show located at Universal Studios Florida.
  • Universal’s CityWalk – If you want to leave the parks completely, you can head over to Universal’s CityWalk for a fun time. Enjoy a nice meal or see a movie at the Cinemark or Universal’s Great Movie Escape.

What Gets Closed in Extreme Conditions?

As we mentioned above, Universal will still remain fully operational during a rain shower, but in the event of more extreme weather conditions, the park will close down outdoor attractions, parades, and shows that can pose a safety risk to guests and employees.

The entire park will rarely close down, but if the weather becomes too extreme, this can be the outcome. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Universal Studios offer refunds for rain?

A: Universal’s official policy: “If there is just rain or a thunderstorm, there are no refunds or exchanges offered to Universal Orlando guests. In the event of severe weather, such as a hurricane or tropical storm, guests can contact guest services within 7 days to reschedule or cancel their Universal Vacation package.” 

Q: Does Universal Studios Orlando allow umbrellas?

A: Umbrellas are allowed in the parks as long as they don’t pose a safety or security issue. However, they are not allowed on most rides within the park.

Q: If rides are closed down, how long are they closed?

A: If outdoor rides are closed due to weather, they will re-open once 30 minutes have passed from the threat of danger. For example, 30 minutes after the final strike of lightning occurs.

Q: Which park is best to visit on a rainy day?

A: If rain is in the forecast and you only have one park to visit, we recommend going for Universal Studios Florida as there are many indoor rides and attractions to enjoy compared to the Islands of Adventure park.

If you see some rain in the forecast, don’t fret! You can still have a great vacation at Universal Studios Orlando with an inclement weather forecast. The best way to ensure you still have a great trip is to make sure you are well-prepared and have a plan in place!

We hope this guide has given you the information needed to ensure your family is prepared for a rainy day at Universal Studios Orlando. 

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