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When looking for parking at Universal Studios Orlando, you won’t have to look far; Universal has a huge 10,000-car parking garage immediately attached to the theme parks that offers a number of options for convenient on-site parking.

Aside from visiting the parks, there may be a number of reasons that you will need to park at Universal Studios. For example, you may be spending a day at Universal’s City Walk and must utilize the Universal Studios parking garage to access the boardwalk. 

Today we will cover all things parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

How Much Does Parking Cost at Universal Studios?

The cost of parking can vary depending on a number of factors, including where you park, seasonal traffic, the time of the day, and more. So let’s break down the varying costs for parking at Universal Studios.

Theme Park Parking

OG Universal Orlando Parking Tips - Theme Park Parking

Universal Studios parking fees are by day and have various levels, including the following: 

  • General Parking: The standard rate for daily parking is $27. This will grant you regular parking admission
  • RV/Bus Parking: You may be traveling by RV or bus if you are visiting from out of town, and if that is your only means of transportation, that may be what you need to drive to Universal Orlando. Have no fear! The parking setup at Universal Studios has no problem accommodating large vehicles. There is a bit of an increase in the parking rate, coming in at $32 daily.
  • Prime Parking Upgrade: If you already have general parking paid for (perhaps through a package purchase or voucher), you can choose to upgrade your parking to the prime value for a fee. Depending on season and availability, that fee varies from $13-$33. 
  • Prime Parking: If you prefer to have a more premier parking spot, you can start with the prime parking option when entering the garage. Prime Parking varies from $40-$60 per day. Pricing varies based on season and availability.

Valet Parking at Universal Orlando

OG Universal Orlando Parking Tips - Valet Parking at Universal Orlando

If you prefer not to have to worry about finding your own parking spot for Universal Studios, the park also offers valet parking services. Prices do vary depending on the season, time of day, and if there are any special events currently happening. The rates for valet parking are as follows: 

Arriving before 6:00 PM: 

  • $27 for up to 2 hours
  • $65-$75 for any time over 2 hours

Arriving after 6:00 PM:

  • $27 for up to 2 hours
  • $40-$75 for any time over 2 hours
  • $75 for over 2 hours spent on Halloween Horror Event Nights 

Discounts for Passholders: 

  • Preferred Annual Passholders receive 50% off valet pricing (subject to availability)
  • Premier Annual Passholders receive free valet parking (subject to availability)

Resort Parking

OG Universal Orlando Parking Tips - Resort Parking

Parking at the resort is different compared to parking at the theme parks, but what is convenient is that if you park your vehicle to stay at the resort, then you can use a shuttle to travel over to the parks to avoid additional parking fees. Resort parking fees are as follows: 

  • Universal’s Premier Hotels (Portofino Bay, Royal Pacific, and Hard Rock Hotel)
    • $28 per night if you choose to self-park
    • $37 for valet services
    • If you have any day guests that choose to visit the hotel, they will pay between $30-$45 for self-parking and $42 for valet. 
  • Universal’s Mid-Range Hotel (Sapphire Falls)
    • $26 per night for self-parking
    • $45 for valet services
    • Guests that visit the hotel for the day will pay $45 for self-parking and $37 for valet services
  • Universal’s Value Resorts (Cabana Bay, Aventura, and Endless Summer)
    • $18 for Cabana Bay and Aventura, $15 for Endless Summer per night 
    • Daily guests will pay $45 per day

Tips for Parking at Universal Orlando

OG Universal Orlando Parking Tips - Tips for Parking at Universal Orlando
  1. Get There Early! Regardless if you purchase standard or prime parking, you will want to get there as early as you can. The earlier you arrive, the better your chances of getting a parking spot closest to the entrance. 
  1. Look for Discounts: There are a number of instances that will allow you to receive discounted parking rates. For example, if you add a rental car to your vacation package through either Avis or Budget, you will receive a voucher for up to 25% off base parking rates. 
  1. Free Parking Opportunities: Depending on when you visit and what your purpose for visiting is, you may have the opportunity to receive free parking. The following instances will give you free parking:
    • Matinee Showing at Universal Cinemark on Universal’s CityWalk (Hours 11:00 am – 6:00 pm) You will be required to pay for your parking in full and you will be reimbursed by Cinemark upon presenting your paid parking ticket
    • On regular admission park nights, self-parking is free to all guests after 6:00 pm 
    • On Halloween Horror Event Nights, self-parking is free to all guests after Midnight

Note that whilst the Universal parking garage is attached to the theme parks, and there are covered travelators to aid your journey, you should allow yourself 15 minutes from parking your car to getting to the theme park entrances for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Alternatives to Paid Parking At Universal

If you would rather skip parking fees, there are a few alternative options to entering the park without paying the Universal Studios parking fee. These options include: 

  • Shuttle Services: Whether you are staying on Universal Resort grounds or at an off-site resort, there are a number of shuttle services that will transport you to the Universal Studios park entrance as a complimentary service or sometimes for a small fee that may be cheaper than paying Universal’s parking costs.
  • RideShare Services: If you choose to use rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft, they are able to drop you pretty close to the entrance without worrying about parking at all. These services can vary dramatically depending on your origin point and the time of day, but it is always worth a look!
OG Universal Orlando Parking Tips - Alternatives to Parking

Note that if you are arriving by shuttle, public bus, or ride share/taxi, the drop off point is immediately adjacent to the parking buidling; you will go through the same security checkpoint and should still allow 10-15 minutes of walking to compelte your journey into the parks (you can see why we always recommend good theme park shoes!)

Frequently Asked Questions On Universal Parking

Where is the parking for Universal Studios?

Theme park parking is in one of two parking garages located at the address 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL. 

Where do you park for Volcano Bay?

You’ll need to head to the same Universal garage. However, guests visiting Volcano Bay should follow directional signs for Volcano Bay parking within the garage. You’ll then jump on a short shuttle to the water park entrance.

Do you have to pay for parking again if you leave the park and return?

No, Universal Orlando’s parking rates are daily rates, so you are able to leave and return throughout the day as long as you hold onto your parking receipt for re-entry. 

Is There Handicap Accessible Parking at Universal?

There are designated areas within the Universal Studios Parking garages that are available to those handicap-accessible guests with a valid placard. 

So, is it worth taking your car to Universal Orlando?

Unfortunately, parking fees are unavoidable if you are driving yourself to the Universal Orlando property. Whether you are paying for parking at the resort, the theme parks, or shuttle service fees, you will likely be stuck paying a fee of some sort.

The only way to avoid this fee is to travel to Orlando without a vehicle and rely on shuttles, public transport and taxis/ride shares. You may also find off-site accommodation that doesn’t charge for parking but offers a shuttle to Universal.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need about parking at Universal Studios. Throughout our many times visiting Universal Studios, we are always looking for ways to save on parking and avoid fees.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to share with us any additional tips and information you may have. We’re always looking to expand our knowledge!

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