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Ensuring your tots get a good night’s sleep when you’re camping

Looking at camping with toddlers? We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep with kids and it can be tricky whilst you are camping.

In order to make sure our toddlers are getting a good night’s sleep when we camp though, it’s important that we get them a nice comfortable and warm sleeping set-up for when we camp. (Though we have found that toddlers are far more adaptable than the grown-ups at getting a good night’s sleep when we camp!)

What we have found after several years of research is that there are very few outdoorsy sleeping bags specifically made for the toddler market. Most kids sleeping bags are consequently too big for a toddler but they really need more than just an infant sleep sack that we would use at home.

Sure there are plenty of cute indoor kids sleeping bag designs, but if they don’t keep them warm enough, we’re talking actual camping here in the great outdoors! Even my desert-dwelling kids have been shocked by how cold the overnights can get camping.

Our review will look at the few brands we have found that do cover this market well, or adaptions you can make so your toddler can get a good night’s sleep when you camp (therefore you can too!!)

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What to look for in a toddler sleeping bag for camping

Size – the key difference between a regular kid’s sleeping bag and a toddler’s sleeping bag for camping is the length; little ones can simply get lost in a larger child’s sleeping bag. The toddler sleeping bag market is targeted at those under 5 ft.

Warmth – the reason we’re suggesting ditching the novelty sleeping bag if you’re serious about camping with your kids is warmth. You can certainly go by the sleeping bag rating, but also consider not just the expected air temperature where you’ll be camping but also:

  • Whether your child generally is a hot or cold kid (mine cry once it drops below about 50°F / 10°C!)
  • Whether you are using a sleeping pad
  • Relative humidity & wind chill (the “feels like” temperature)
  • How many bodies will you have sharing the same tent
  • What are the kids wearing to bed

So what we’re trying to say, it’s equally important to think about their surrounding environment and what they are wearing as well as the warmth rating on the sleeping bag. Summer camping needs are very different to spring and fall camping.

Kids also love having THEIR own stuff. Gifting them their own sleeping bag that is size appropriate can be a wonderful way to introduce the excitement of camping and a love for the outdoors.

Best Sleeping Bags for Toddlers Camping

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Our Top Pick: The Kelty Woobie 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag

Kelty is a well-known brand in the camping world and they know that it doesn’t stop just at keeping the adults happy. We’ve been very impressed with their kid’s range – though be mindful they are a premium brand so you get what you pay for!

  • Packs down to 9″ x 15″
  • Dual zippers with tabs inside and outside
  • Insulated for use as low as 30°F / -1°C
  • For toddlers up to 4 feet tall / 122 cm
  • Total weight 2 lbs + includes a stuff sack
  • Check current pricing here
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Kelty sleeping bags are insulated with “cloud loft” – a synthetic material that keeps you cosy whilst still easily compressing.

If your child is taller than 4 feet, the next size up is the Kelty Big Dipper Sleeping Bag for children up to 5 feet long.

Big Agnes Little Red

The smallest in the Big Agnes range of sleeping bags may be ideal for your toddler campers.

All the “Little Agnes” sleeping bags for kids are made with the same FireLine CORE Synthetic insulation as their Big Agnes Range and can work in considerably cool climates. The contoured mummy design and no-draft collar keep kids toasty inside.

Another option to consider from this fabulous range is the Duster which has the added advantage of being height adjustable from 4′ 5″ to 5′ 6″ using a cinch system.

Lucky Bums Muir

We’re getting a little larger now but still smaller than your average youth sleeping bag, this is a good one to see them from toddler to pre-schooler age.

  • Product is 64″ (162 cm)
  • Weighs 3.7 lbs
  • Compressed Size 14″ x 8″
  • Temperature rating 40°F / 5°C
  • Check price here

Not quite as compact as the previous two, but at a reasonable price point.

A co-sleper: TETON Sports Moammoth Queen-Size Double

So what about rather than giving your toddler their own sleeping bag, you share with them?

Personally, I shared with a tot once, never again! (I was never a co-sleeper, perhaps if you’re used to the warmth of your little one against you it’s a different story!) But this can be a space saver and a great way for your little one to feel warm and secure while you’re camping.

If this is your prefered option then this is a great one to try:

  • Size: 94″ x 62″ (239 cm x 157 cm)
  • Two temperature ratings, choose between +20°F/-7°C or 0°F/-18°C.
  • Pack Size: 28″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″ (71 x 40 x 40 cm)
  • Pack Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
  • Check price here

You can also unzip the sleeping bag to form a comforter blanket if you’d prefer not to be so contained.

Other camping gear you’ll need for toddlers:

The next most important step you will need is a camping mat or mattress for your little one to sleep on. Once they have outgrown baby camping beds and cots, what will they sleep ON?

We used to bring a queen size inflatable mattress and have all our little ones sleep together in a row – but we’ve since moved on to what feels like a far more practical solution of having each child with their own sleeping mat.

Not only do they take less space in the car and less elbow grease (ok I lie, we did get an electric pump!) the sleep pads have proven perfectly adequate, and cheekily give us a little more overlapping space in the tent as their feet don’t reach all the way!

The Colemen Youth Self Inflating Camp Pad is a really good option to consider at only 49″ – other brands are simply too long.

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So is it worth getting a toddler sleeping bag for camping?

Your toddlers realistically will outgrow them quite quickly.It is something we would only consider if you have a large camping trip ahead, or are regular campers. If you’re only very infrequent occasional weekend campers, will you be passing it on to further children as the window of use is quite small?

Although your toddler will not need a specific toddler sleeping bag for long, the great part of them having their own sleeping bag, you can use it anywhere you go! Our youngest loved his so much he ended up using it in his own bed!

Nonetheless, it’s a great in-between sleep solution, along with zip-together sleeping bags, until they are big enough to fit a child/youth sleeping bag.

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