How to Prepare Your Laptop for Remote Working Effectively

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Nowadays, many people prefer remote work because it gives more possibilities to earn money, for example, during your travels.

Everything seems simple – you create a travel blog, fill it with interesting content, and then start your distance work from interesting places. It’s quite simple and interesting to work & travel, but of course, you have to set up a laptop with all the right equipment before you take off.

The technical side is quite important for your distance work to give successful results, so you need to take your time and prepare your device for your remote work thoroughly.

In our article, we will provide you with useful tips on setting your laptop correctly to work remotely without any problems. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you have followed all the important steps.

Of course, the quality of your workplace affects the result of your work, so you have to prepare everything to be calm so that nothing will go wrong. Surely, it’s not simple to predict all the situations when problems can occur, but we provide several suggestions on how to create a comfortable and functional workplace during your travels.

You can work even when you are traveling with your family to provide your subscribers with wonderful videos, pictures, and useful tips about amazing places they should visit too. Follow our checklist to make sure you have prepared your laptop perfectly!

A tech checklist for working remotely

  1. Make sure you have a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection. If you want to post a lot of pictures and videos in your travel blog, you need to have a stable and fast Internet connection because, without it, you will be cut off from the whole world.
  2. Check out your connection and upgrade your Wi-Fi if it’s not stable. If you use a router, make sure it provides a good connection to work without problems. In any case, if you are using Wi-Fi in the hotel, installing good antivirus software on your laptop will be a great idea because you never know where a virus might come from to your device.
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  1. Improve the speed of the Internet connection. If you want to make video calls from your device without problems, make sure you have a good connection speed. Without fast Internet, you will not be able to upload videos and pictures to your blog, and the whole work will take a lot of time, making you nervous.
  1. Buy a reliable USB hub. If you want to work remotely, then a USB hub is a must-have! This is a device that expands a single USB port into many, so you have many USB ports to charge various devices (like phone, tablet, or any other thing). For example, if you have a USB mouse and keypad, it’s easy to connect them without any worries that there is no place to charge your phone or a power bank. With a USB hub, you can have enough USB ports to connect and charge various devices without any problems! It’s a wonderful thing to have with you when you are traveling and working online.
  1. Choose a high-quality web camera and headphones with a microphone. Without any doubt, you need a good web camera to record amazing videos from your trip to demonstrate to your subscribers. So, choosing a reliable web camera and also high-quality headphones with a microphone will affect the result of your work.
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  1. Buy a wireless keyboard and a mouse. When working remotely during your trip, getting a wireless keyboard and a mouse is better. It’s easier to work with them, in addition, all those wires are always getting messed up! Do not forget about batteries for the mouse or a USB cable to charge it (for example, if you have a Magic Mouse for MacBook). You can connect a wireless keyboard to the tablet and easily type any articles and news for your blog.
  1. Set remote access properly. While traveling, you may still need access to your home computer to copy some files or important documents from there. Of course, you may copy all the needed files on the flash drive or an extended drive, but what if you will need something you didn’t copy? In this case, a wise solution is to organize remote access to your Mac. You will be able to switch to your home computer from your laptop like you are working at home. This is very useful and simple!
  1. Install useful software on your laptop. Do not forget to install all the apps and programs you may need during your travel on your laptop, from graphics tools to training that can help your technical skills and improve brand. Of course, if you have fast Internet, you can download and install anything just when you need it, but it’s good to do it beforehand to spend time just on your trip and work!
  1. Do not forget about apps for correcting photos and videos. You will also need to install the best screen recorder for a laptop to create amazing video content.
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  1. And, if you are traveling with your kids, you should get Amazon Prime to keep the little ones entertained. Small kids are not always as happy about travel arrangements as you are, so it can help if you have a tablet and good headphones for when they need a little distraction while you’re working, and a portable baby monitor if you need to place them in another room.

Conclusion on remote working

If you are thinking about working online during your travels, the best solution is to prepare everything beforehand. Follow our tips, prepare your laptop thoroughly to avoid any problems, and enjoy your travel!

When you have high-quality equipment, creating high-quality content for your travel blog is simple. Many people combine their traveling with remote work, and this is great because they can see the world and earn money. We wish you good luck with this!

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