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Your summer entertainment on the move is SORTED thanks to Amazon Prime

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I used to think living outside of the USA, Amazon Prime wasn’t for me; Overseas shopping is available but can be extortionately expensive for those small everyday items.

Even if I want to use the 2-day delivery perk, I need to wait until we have friends or family actually in the States coming to me or use a service such as Shop & Ship to complete the delivery process (to the UAE) – which CAN be brilliant but significantly adds to the overall cost.

Why we have given in and purchased Amazon Prime outside of the US?

One HUGE incentive of re-joining Amazon Prime, even as an overseas customer is all their online streaming services.  These days all you need is a good internet connection, a VPN (read more below) and everything is at your fingertips, no need to spend painful hours researching and downloading before you go.

The big incentive for us signing up to use Amazon Prime is Amazon Prime Day – due to happen over 36 hours from July 16-17th 2018 (12 noon PST Monday 16th July to 11.59pm 17 July PST)

Who is eligible for Prime Day deals?

Most (though not all) deals require you to be signed up as an Amazon Prime Member to take part (But hey – why don’t you sign up for your FREE TRIAL NOW and you can participate in Prime Day straight away during your trial period – yes that IS ALLOWED!!!) Do note, the cost thereafter will be $119USD per year (used to be $99USD but this increases if you sign up post-Prime day).

  • Students can get 6 months free and then only pay 50% – ideal for your teens and those moving on to college.
  • You can also GIFT AMAZON PRIME – might be an ideal Graduation present or perfect for those rellies living overseas when it’s hard to send gifts.

What’s so great about Amazon Prime Day?

Soooo many great deals!   In addition to spot deals to be announced on the day, it’s the online services that we can take anywhere we find ultra attractive and want to highlight the benefits of for you and your family.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited For Kids

Get a Free Trial for 30 Days – find out how here!

How travelling families can benefit from subscribing to Amazon Prime
This one is specifically for the kids to get access to ore than 16,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps as well as parental controls.

Kindle Unlimited

Get 3 Months Kindle Unlimited Membership for $0.99 On Prime Day, new subscribers can gain access to over 1 MILLION Kindle ebooks!  You heard right!  You can also browse current months magazines and thousands of audiobooks – normally price $27.99 for 3 months. Although this deal it is not available to existing subscribers, there’s a special for those already signed up too, you can extend your current subscription for;

  • 12 months for $80.32 or
  • 24 months for $143.86  USING CODE PDKU18

Given the last actual paperback I bought at the airport cost me over $10USD it doesn’t take long for that to work out that’s an incredibly good value offer.

Not got a Kindle Device?  Get the Kindle Reading App instead

Music Unlimited

On Prime Day get 4 Months for $0.99USD For Prime Members Only! New subscribers to this service will get 4 months of unlimited music for only 99c!!!  Usually $9.99 for an individual plan per month, this is an amazingly good deal to see you through the summer and those long car trips.

If you’re unsure what it’s all about, it’s similar to services like Spotify of Pandora Premium, you can learn more here.  The Music Unlimited plans give you access to over 10 million songs, while standard Prime plan holders have access to 2 millions songs on Prime Music.

After the initial trial period of Music Unlimited is over, you can sign up to a family package that allows up to 6 devices to share an account for $14.99 per month or $149 per year (essentially a further 2 months free).

UK Readers – Please click here to learn more about Music Unlimited Prime Day special offers in the UK, free trials and annual family subscriptions.

Audible Trial

On Prime Day get 3 months for 66% off here! As someone who can end up driving 3+ hours a day taxiing the kids around town – let alone the countless miles we clock up on vacation road trips – podcasts and audiobooks via audible have become a true lifesaver and best companion! This one is for Amazon Prime members only!

  • Normally $15 for thee months, on Prime Day you can get Audible for $4.95 for three months.

How to play Prime Day like a Pro

Like playing airline points and any other strategy to save you money in the long run, making the most of Prime Day takes time and patience.  Spend your time now to work out what you want and the value you will derive. It can be overwhelming to know what you want and make fast decisions so I would suggest:

  • Sign up for your FREE Amazon prime trial BEFORE the 16th of July 2018 – if you’re not already a member. (UK SHOPPERS CLICK HERE)
  • Get the Amazon shopping app on your mobile device and link your account ASAP!
  • Start shopping now for items you are interested in – put them on your buying list just waiting for Prime Day specials.
  • Set a Reminder in your phone when it’s about to start!   That’s 16 July 2018 12 noon PST on Amazon.Com and 12 noon BST on 16 July 2018 for for
  • On the day you can WATCH DEALS or, search for items as usual and they will be highlighted if they have a “PRIME DEAL”; check your buy list now!
  • Click the links we’ve given you here and be taken directly to the Prime Day entertainment deals we have selected for travelers like you, these are

FreeTime Unlimited | Kindle Unlimited | Music Unlimited | Audible Trial 

What if I am too late for Prime Day, is it still worth it?

Amazon Prime members also have access to these amazing features that your travelling family can hugely benefit from throughout the year, besides the super-fast delivery times.

Prime Photos

Unlimited photo storage! Yes! No more running out of space of fear of losing your images on the go.  Keep your vacation photos in cloud storage – you can even order prints straight from there and have them delivered within two days using Prime’s 2 day delivery service.

What gear do I need to make this work?

It depends which service you are looking at: For Kindle Unlimited  – almost any mobile device – tablets, smartphones or PC! You are not “trapped in” to Amazon’s products to use these services (Though we do love our new Kindle Fire – in fact, we no longer use an iPad as our main table, we’ll start transferring all the kids on to their own Fire devices as birthday’s come around too).

Can’t afford a new device yet? You can buy Certified Refurbished Devices up to 54% off the already cheaper price during Prime Day deals.

If you are travelling outside of the US, you may need to install a VPN on your device to access services.  We recommend Express VPN as a super efficient and easy to use VPN service. Not sure what a VPN is? A little light reading here to explain Virtual Private Networking.

Can I cancel Amazon prime after my trial has expired?

Yes absolutely. 

Unlike some free trials that suddenly tick over than you find yourself stung with an irreversible annual subscription, here if you are not satisfied or simply no longer have a need for the Prime benefits you can cancel your membership at any time.

It’s best to do it before your 30 days ends as they will have your credit card.  If you do find you have ticked over your 30 days, you will be charged only up to the days you used after the 30 days expired. (Eg: You cancel a week later, you will only pay for 7 days and Amazon will refund the rest of the month back to your credit card – we learnt the hard way but were impressed we got the balance back with no fuss).

Does Prime Day work for other worldwide Amazon stores

Yes, every country has Prime and will be celebrating Prime Day on 16-17 July but links and offers vary by country.   We have highlighted Prime Day packages for the US and added links to the UK as this is where most of our readers are joining us from, but for other countries, you will need to see relevant offers for these stores.

UK based? Join Amazon Prime day here>>>>>

Germany? Try Amazon Prime here>>>>>

Why am I going on about Amazon Prime on a travel blog?

Other than thinking Prime Day has an amazingly good deal –  Our Globetrotters is an Amazon Associate. 

This means if you sign up for any of these Amazon PRIME DAY DEALS based on our recommendation, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only share products I know and trust for travellers and expats on the blog and Amazon Prime is one of them.

We are all for adventure and exploring when we travel; but we also know that long car drives need family entertainment; parents need downtime to relax with a favourite read; kids need plane entertainment. 

Connectivity and entertainment on demand have become a way of life – at home and on the move – Amazon Prime brings entertainment to families in a great, affordable package.

We truly think you can benefit from Amazon Prime and family accounts.  Prime Days can be manic, but make the savings even better – and hey, if you don’t fall in love, that’s several months of phenomenal value products free or incredibly cheap this summer, right?

Disclosures: We are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and links to  This post also contains third part affiliate links for products we use and recommend.  You can read our full disclosure policy here.

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