Top 20 Family Vacation Destinations 2020

Where are families actually heading to on vacation in 2020?

Based on an annual survey of parents in our Family Travel Inspiration community group on Facebook, we have compiled the Top 20 most popular destinations families are looking to visit in 2020.

Please note! This list was compiled in late 2019, well before COVID-19 severely impacted on worldwide travel. We have kept the list in its original order based on the travel plans & dreams our community had at the time. You will, of course, need to make your own informed judgement whether it remains safe – and possible – to travel in future to any of the listed destinations.

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1. London, UK

London Best Family Destination

Our stand out family travel champion for 2020 is the UK capital of London! BREXIT or not, it seems the historic city is still a major drawcard for family explorers – and it’s easy to see why. Whilst it is a big bustling city there are plenty of parks, fabulous fun transport options and it’s hard to deny the role Harry Potter plays in enticing younger guests.

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2. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii Best Destination

Hawaii has taken over top billing from our group as the most popular North American destination. If you’re in Maui, Luana Garden Villas is one of the newer resorts that has multiple pools and separate residences which are perfect for family vacations. 

There are plenty of different types of vacations you can enjoy in Hawaii; if you simply want a relaxing resort with a kids club and entertainment it’s absolutely yours, however, there’s plenty in store for the adventurous too from hiking to kayaking, parasailing to snorkelling.   

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3. Thailand

Krabi Thailand

Thailand remains an ever-popular family destination, well renowned for its stunning sandy beaches. Phuket has long been our favourite, but there are some newer kids on the block vying for your attention including idyllic beachfront favourite Krabi, closer to Bangkok Koh Chang.

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4. Rome, Italy

Rome | Best Cities for Family Travel | OurGlobetrotters.Com

What is not to love about Rome?  From art to history to food, there is so much going on that family members of all ages will love.  Most kids will no doubt learn about the Roman Empire at school, and what better place to come for some real-life lessons.

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5. Vietnam

Vietnam boats on Halong bay

A new but very worthy entrant to the most popular places in 2020, Vietnam! From it’s beautiful beaches and historic towns to bustling cities, Vietnam has graduated from its backpacker days to be a sought-after adventure holiday destination for families, from food to fabulous cultural immersion experiences.

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6. Paris, France

Paris Best family destination view over the Sienee

It’s hard to beat what Paris can offer for kids from the iconic Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to the incredible museums, parks and food. Kids will love cruising the Seine or older kids might be enthralled by the catacombs beneath the city.

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7. China

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is China-Best-2020.jpg

China has jumped into our rankings in 2020. The Great Wall of China is a hugely popular drawcard, as are the giant pandas of Chengdu, Shanghai Disney is gaining in popularity too. The complex Visa systems doesn’t seem to be putting families off as it firmly plants itself as a popular destination for intrepid explorers.

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8. Ireland

Ireland best destinations 2020

It seems families can’t get enough of the Emerald Isle! From those tracing their family heritage to the stunning natural wonders – and more green than you could ever imagine. Ireland is an easy country to navigate by road and continues to attract a steady flow of family interest in 2020.

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9. Greece

Athens the best destinations 2020 Greece

Is it the mythology and legends behind Greece or its dramatic landscape that keep it prominent on every families bucket list? We’re sure it’s a little bit of both – plus the food! And the mild weather… The list goes on! Whether you’re just stopping through Athens or exploring the Greek Islands you’re bound to find your favourite little spot.

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10. Florida, USA

Florida Beach

From the Orlando theme parks to wide sandy beaches, it’s pretty clear to see why Orlando remains a staunch crowd favourite, for US and international family visitors alike. So much more than just Disney World, there’s no surprise we’ve been here three times now with the Globetrotters!

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11. Japan

Tokyo cityspace sunset view

Another hugely popular choice in our travel community over the past couple of years and again coming at the top of family bucket lists this year is Japan.  From the bustling capital of Tokyo through to the much-Instagrammed and beautiful Kyoto, there is a lot of fun family exploring to be had.

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12. South Africa

South Africa - Cape Town

From the stunning city vistas of Cape Town to the charming wine-growing regions of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, through to wildlife safari’s, its quite easy to see how South Africa is an attractive choice for family adventurers. Allow yourself at least a couple of weeks for the long flight and different areas to explore.

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13. New York City

New York Best Family Destination 2019

New York, New York!  The city that never sleeps really is a family treasure trove of ideas and activities.  From its famous sites and dramatic landmarks to its numerous museums, parks, flagship stores and unique foodie experiences.  It can be a little daunting for some families due to its size, but also means you can return on numerous occasions and experience something new each time!

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14. Australia

Australia kangaroo on beach

From the urban centres to the isolated beaches and the great outback, it’s not hard to see why Australia is a popular choice. It’s deciding which parts to see which is hard! It would take several months to remotely cover Australia’s highlight, so most family visitors choose to concentrate on one coast or state.

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15. Switzerland

Switzerland best destiantions for family travel this year

Another fabulous choice for outdoor adventures to be had in all seasons.  With its amazing transportation systems to its highest peaks and fresh air- and well let’s be honest Swiss Chocolate, what is not to love!  It continues to be a hugely popular destination with European winter travellers and overseas visitors alike.

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16. Peru

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Peru-best-of-2020.jpg

A fabulous new addition and increasing in popularity is Peru. Not without its challenges as a high altitude country but exceptionally rewarding, including the Modern Wonder of Machu Pichu.

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17. Argentina

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Iguaza-Falls-Argentina.jpg

Another South American new entry for 2020 we were intrigued to know what was attracting the crowds, and now it’s jumped straight to the top of our own bucket list! A strong culture of family and outdoor adventure seems to be the main drawcard. From Buenos Aires to the Iguaza Falls in the north for a jungle adventure, or head west for Mendoza and wine country, it’s one of that something for everyone destinations!

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18. Iceland

seljalandsfoss iceland

In a bit of a surprise, Iceland lost it’s top spot from 2019 and has fallen down our ranks in 2019 – no doubt as many of our families managed to capture Iceland in the last year! It remains a country of distinct, dramatic and raw beauty, and visitors are expanding their travels well beyond the Golden Circle and easy day trips to Reykjavik.

With younger children why not start with the Snæfellsnes Peninsula? Driving distances are short and there are far fewer crowds, you will find black sand beaches, volcanoes, lava fields and waterfalls

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19. Bali, Indonesia

Bali Best family Destiantion

Bali continues to be a favourite family destination year after year, particularly with Australians due to its geographic location and cheap prices.

Despite its hustle and bustle in many parts, tourists are slowly realising that you can head beyond the big resorts around Kuta and Seminyak and get further out to explore the true Bali.  Why not try Amed or Candidasa for a change?

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20. New Zealand

New Zealand best destinations Families

Lucky last one of last year’s top contenders is still a popular choice in 2020 making the cut as a family favourite destination. New Zealand has some utterly dramatic landscapes, it also has fabulous wildlife parks, snowy mountains through to white sandy beaches. 

It’s the best place to grab yourself a camper and spend several weeks getting to know both the north and south islands.  Adrenaline junkies will want this near the top of their list!

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Author’s Footnote on the best of 2020

Some of our top entrants come as no surprise! The big cities of Europe continue to draw the family crowds and Hawaii, NYC and Florida come as no surprise holding out popularity in the US.

It was fabulous to see more interest in the Southern hemisphere, both Peru and Argentina are new this year, and South Africa has moved ahead of even Australia & New Zealand.

Natural beauty Iceland seems to have lost steam though after taking number 1 spot in 2019! And we continued to see interest in Singapore, the Philippines and Fiji but they fell out of the top 20 by popular vote.

We are really surprised that we didn’t manage a top 20 mention for the Middle East! As this is our “home” base, we will certainly be spending more time locally in 2020, and plans from Sri Lanka to Vancouver!! But we obviously need to do more shouting why we think the Middle East is great for family exploration!

So where will YOU be heading this year? Tell us in the comments or jump on over to Family Travel Inspiration and share your ideas, ask questions and get involved in our family community group.

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20 Fabulous Family Vacation Destinations

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