Top 5 Vancouver Family Attractions

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver, the largest metropolitan city in Western Canada, is a must-visit destination for every kind of traveler! 

So, why are people so keen on visiting Vancouver and Canada in general?

  1. Canada offers one of the most easily obtainable electronic visas – eTA. This Canadian visa stays valid for even 5 years and allows numerous visits within that time. Apply online within minutes from home and get all of the essential information on a visa for Canada 3 days before the trip.
  1. Canada is known to be having the friendliest people globally, and they are known for their fantastic hospitality.
  1. Vancouver is one of the most scenic cities in the world, and has it all when it comes to mountains, parks, museums, and beaches.
  1. You can do lots of water sports like sailing, swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. You can also arrange a whale-watching tour in Vancouver if you are interested in observing these gigantic animals.
  1. Vancouver is a city with many possibilities. You can go shopping, visit countless art galleries, and enjoy its nightlife to the fullest.
  1. You get to taste amazing food- Mexican, Italian, and even Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine.

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But is Vancouver suitable for families?

Yes, it is. Vancouver is one of the safest cities in Canada if you are traveling with kids. There are many things for your kids to do and see; for example, they can stroll in a park, visit a museum and have a beach time at one of the stunning beaches. 

But if you’re visiting on a rainy day, there are many indoor activities for them to try out too.

Here are 5 favourites you shouldn’t miss visiting Vancouver with kids

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the first place in Vancouver you might want to visit with kids. It is perfect for a morning or an evening stroll, and the kids will get to experience the nature of Vancouver to the fullest when they are here.

Stanley Park is a 405-hectare park with many varieties of trees and flowers. Besides admiring the park itself, you can hike in these countless nature trails, which are very easy to do, even with small kids. 

Don’t forget to rent a bike and cycle in the park’s biking trails that go on for more than 5 kilometers. But if you are not a fan of walking, you can explore the park by getting on the Stanley Park Train, but that is if you are here during the summer.

Unlike most parks, you get to have some beach time here as there are two beaches, Second Beach and Third Beach, perfect in the summer to swim or just enjoy the views across. After that, you can head to the restaurants in the park to taste delicious Mexican food!

Vancouver Aquarium

Are you interested in exploring the underwater world when you are in Vancouver? Then the best stop for you is the Vancouver Aquarium. You will enjoy this as much as your kids will do!

The aquatic creatures are arranged geographically, so it will be easier for you to figure out which animal is from which region. The tanks provide a home to a variety of colorful fish, catfishes, seahorses, and turtles. 

You can also experience the playful activities of sea lions and penguins when you are here. They will play with balls and go through big hoops to impress the visitors.

For kids who want to learn more than just by viewing these aquatic creatures, there are many exhibitions, presentations, and lab activities to participate in.

Science World

If you have kids who are curious about science, don’t forget to check out TELUS Science World when you are in Vancouver. It is easily accessible by the SkyTrain, which, as its names suggest, will give you plenty of great views of the city.

In Science World, you can see many interactive exhibitions, shows, and demonstrations that let your kids learn about human anatomy, animals, plants, and other natural phenomena.

They can also play in the vast play area, make some new friends and enjoy the day. Or else, there is an Omnimax theatre in which you can watch a movie or two with the whole family. The admissions and snacks are a little bit pricey, but it will be worth it if you are looking for an indoor activity in Vancouver. 

Playland Amusement Park

If you want to spend the day thrill-seeking in an amusement park, head to the Playland Amusement Park. This will be one of the highlights of your trip, but this amusement park is only open in the summer. 

Therefore, the best time to visit the Playland Amusement Park is in August, when the Pacific National Exhibition Fair starts. 

There are safe rides for smaller kids and jaw-dropping thrilling rides for the older kids in here. Check out the most popular ride, Atmosphere, which goes on for 45 miles per hour, giving you breathtaking views of the entire city. 

You can also enjoy a concert or two, taste junk food, and stroll in the Pacific National Exhibition Fair markets.

Kits Beach

At last, if you are searching for that perfect family-friendly beach, you can spend the day at Kits Beach, which is shortened for Kitsilano Beach. Many other beaches exist, so if you are not staying close to Kits Beach, you can visit beaches like English Bay Beach, Jericho Beach, and Spanish Banks.

Kits Beach is located in downtown Vancouver and is easily accessible by public transportation. This is great for a half-day or a full-day trip. 

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You can make sandcastles with your kids, swim, or relax on the beach while your kids play by the waters. Don’t worry; many lifeguards are out here, and even little kids are safe. 

If you are uncomfortable with your kids on the beach, you can head to the saltwater pool nearby and spend time there. There are many games for your kids to try here, from volleyball to tennis. 

Final words on visiting Vancouver with kids

In short, Vancouver is perfect for a family vacation and even for other kinds of travellers because there are many things to do and see. It is a safe destination and clean destination to travel with kids. 

Only the best five attractions for families are discussed here. Still, if you are here for more than a week, you can also explore:

And much more!

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