8 Family Day Trips While in Basel, Switzerland

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There are so many exciting places in Basel that you can visit with your family. One of the leading children’s attractions in this city is the Basel zoo. The zoo presents an ideal environment where the kids will learn different aspects of nature as they interact with real tropics inside the city. You will see lions, elephants, exotic plants, and hippos that walk freely. One of the main attractions is the aviary, where the children can go and enjoy seeing different kinds of birds.  

Basel is a cozy and beautiful city that has won many hearts of travelers across the world. Most travelers visit the city during festivals and carnivals, and during these days, the area radiates with activities. Basel has much to offer in terms of sports, recreation, and family-friendly activities. Bordering areas of France and Germany, there are popular family destinations that you can visit with your family. 

Looking for fantastic family day trips while in Basel? Here is our list of 8 family-friendly activities to do in Basel.

#1- Explore Basel Old Town

Basel’s old town is found on Kleibasel and Grossbasel’s side of the Rhine river. The old town has different locations that you can visit with your family. If you have a day with your family, you should visit this beautiful city and get to know about different locations. It is a comfortable place that you can walk as you enjoy the architecture of Basel Munster, the colors of the city hall as well as other buildings that date back to the 15th century. You will experience the intricacy of the fountains and the beauty of the Rhine itself. 

Besides, you can enjoy boat activities or swim in the river where it is easily accessible. The middle bridge is a fantastic location for you to take pictures as you embrace the olden swiss culture.

#2- Take a Rhine Ferry

Farhi is a small open-top boat that does not have a motor. It is connected to both sides of the river with a rope, and it uses currents to move from one location to another. It is one of the unique things about Basel, and you can take your family to embrace the modern boat activities as you explore Basel. 

#3- Swim in the Rhine River

It is imperative to understand that you should not do this unless you are a solid swimmer, or the location that you are going to swim does not experience adverse currents. Basel tourism provides you with a list of safety precautions and a map that you should use if you want to swim in the river. As you walk along the river, you will see people of all ages swimming or floating down the Rhine. 

Always take precautions such as lifeguards, among others. You should also use a floatation device that will help you avoid drowning. There is an annual swim day that takes place in the river. You can bring your family around to the location and enjoy the swimming day. 

#4- Explore the Beautiful Fountains of Basel

Basel is a city that is filled with unique and beautiful fountains. Finding some of the exceptional fountains is one of the best activities that you can do with your family. The fountains are always majestic, and the water is clean. Children can drink from most of the fountains.  

However, in one of the significant fountains, the Tinguely Museum, there are numerous mechanical objects, and it is recommended that kids should not drink from this location. Nevertheless, it is an exceptional place that you should visit.

#5- Visit the World’s Smallest Museum

One of the unique places that you can visit with your family is the Hoosesagg Museum, which is the smallest museum in the world. The kids will have a chance to learn about swiss histories such as the antique train shop, swiss army knives store, Alphorns, and local Christmas store.  

Be sure to check out for guidance from a resident or a tour guide to help you understand more about the museum and what you should do to get the best.

#6- Check out Basel’s Marktplatz

Explore Basel’s Marktplatz is directly in the center of Basel’s old town. When you arrive in the city, the first thing that you will notice is Rathaus. It is a building that is over 500 years old, and it was built to commemorate the joining of Basel into the swiss confederation. The building presents one of the most majestic places that you can take your children to go and learn something about Switzerland.  

In the summer period, it is home to a market of a wide array of things such as incredible swiss cheeses, flowers, vegetables, chutneys, pretzels, sausages, among other amazing Swiss foods.

#7- Climb the Munster

The Basel Munster is located above the Rhine River in Grossbasel. It is a red sandstone architecture and colored tiles that serves as an exceptional place to visit in Basel. It was once a catholic church and later became a protestant prayer location after the reformation. The stained glass and pipe organ are some of the unique features of this location. While visiting, ensure that you do not miss the crypt and cloister where tombs of royalty and prominent citizens of Basel have buried hundreds of years ago. 

The Munster has two facade towers, one that fell during the earthquake in the 1300s and the second one that was rebuilt. You can climb the tower with your family as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding environment.

#8- Visit the Basel Zoo

Zolli, as the resident popularly knows it is a nonprofit organization based in Basel. The Basel Zoo is the oldest in Switzerland, and it is ranked as one of the best 15 zoos across the world. It is rich in diversity, and your kids will learn more about animals and nature as well. 

The zoo has some of the protected animals, and it presents one area where you can embrace nature and get to mingle with different animal and bird species.

Have you ever visited a beautiful Basel with your family? Share your best family day trips while in the city below.

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