Best Travel Apps & Services To Plan Your Next Trip

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As things begin to open up again, people are looking for the best travel locations -and the best travel deals. There are many top travel apps and services that you can use to help you plan your next trip, making it a hassle-free, enjoyable event.

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Top Travel Map Apps

Everyone needs to know where they are going and how to get around. This is particularly true when visiting a new city. It is easy to get around Spain using a map app. Cities like Barcelona are significantly more enjoyable when you have the freedom to walk around the city, disappear down less-trafficked alleyways or smaller streets that lead to historically important or architecturally stunning locations.

In fact, knowing which streets to turn on can help you access the same popular tourist sites but without all of the heavy traffic of the main intersections. With the right app, you can get maps specifically for people who are on foot rather than the traditional maps that only designate when and how to drive to a location or how to get there from a particular Metro stop.

Best App for Organization

It can always be a hassle when you have multiple aspects of your trip that you plan ahead of time, including:

  1. a list of top restaurants you want to visit, 
  2. your flight information, not just for your initial departure but also for your return flight, 
  3. a list of activities or sites you want to see, 
  4. the address for your hotel so that you can get from the airport to the hotel with ease, 
  5. or tickets that you purchased in advance

Using the travel app Roaming Duck allows you to keep all of that information in a single place. This means travel plans, itineraries, maps, and documents can all be kept on one application rather than saved in your email that you have to sign into from your Hotel Wi-Fi network or stored across five different apps each specific to the tour guide company you are using.

What makes this app even better is that everything gets stored offline so you can have access to all the information you need without having to log in.

If you are on a road trip you can also calculate the time and distance between all the different points along with your location and then export those destinations to Google Maps so that you have all the stops you need in one place.

Finally, this app lets you collaborate with anyone else who might be going on the trip so that everyone has all the same information at once. 

Best For Deals

If you have a vague idea of where you want to go, but you just want to make sure you get the best rate, Hopper is one of the top travel apps when it comes to identifying airfare over the course of the next year with up to 95% accuracy. It will tell you whether the airfare or hotels in an area you are planning to vacation are at a good price or not.

This helps you determine which times of year you should travel to each location, and when you should book your flight based on the cheapest price. You can also get notifications sent directly to you when airfare or hotels have reached their lowest point for the year. You can filter the predictions it provides based on what you prefer such as removing any layovers or wanting to avoid any extra fees. 

Best Luggage Travel Service

When it comes to travel services, one of the best you can use is a luggage delivery company. Today more than ever, airlines are desperate for additional income. Unfortunately, that translates to very stringent requirements when it comes to luggage. In fact, the less expensive the ticket, the more expensive the hidden fees and charges will be for checked luggage.

In order to avoid surprise costs and the hassle of dragging luggage around, especially on a trip that has layovers, you can use a luggage courier service as a viable travel option to ship your luggage ahead of time and have it picked up directly from where you live or where you are staying and delivered to your next destination.

In conclusion, there are many travel apps that, if used wisely, can make it much easier and safer for you to not only plan a trip but to travel in a safe fashion. These travel apps and services, whether used individually or all together, can make things much simpler no matter where you are going around the world.

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