Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Barcelona

Every family deserves a break once in a while to relax and take a breather from the daily demands of modern society. While at it, however, don’t forget to include your kids as well in the itinerary. After all, your kids could also use a break too from the hustle of school. It’s always ideal to go for family-friendly fun and locations on your break so that you can all enjoy.

One of the top favourite places to be for vacations or short breaks is Barcelona due to the multitude of fascinating attractions that the city has to offer.

So when you are planning your Barcelona itinerary, let’s explore the top 6 family-friendly places to visit in Barcelona you’ll want to include:

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Sagrada Familia

This family destination is one of Spain’s most famous landmarks and tops our list as a great place to visit for family fun in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia has a host of attractions to offer and a rich national history to match its awesome disposition. It dates back to the late 1800s when architect Josep Maria Bocabella I Verdaguer decided to construct an impressive religious monument in the country after experiencing the magic of the Vatican.

Work on the church kicked off in 1882, and there were several handovers between renowned architects for the control of the magnificent project, which is how it finally landed in the hands of the famous architect Anton Gaudí. He made some drastic changes to the original design and shaped Sagrada Familia as we know and love it today.

Barcelona Sagrad Familia and lush green park

On his passing in 1926, Domènec Sugrañes I Gras took over the reins, but he was soon to be disrupted by the Spanish Civil War. The vision, however, remains, and the temple still progresses to this day, a powerful symbol of perseverance and dedication.

Sagrada Familia is open to public access, and visitors can marvel at its beauty even in its incomplete state, with forecasts that it will finally be completed in 2026. This marks a whole century of construction that has given birth to this beauty.

The temple features intricate paintings of the birth of Christ as well as other provocative scenes that make an astounding contrast to the beholder. The church-inspired turrets and spirals are also a marvel to behold and are guaranteed to fascinate even the bleakest mind. It’s definitely a sight to see and experience as a family!

The Barcelona Highlights Tour

Barcelona has an amazing landscape to offer its visitors, with lots of attractions and activities that can fully engage the whole family. The Barcelona highlights tour is one of the best ways to indulge your family in the many attractions of the city, with the option to visit the famous Poble Espanyol Entrance. The tour will take you all around the city, learning about its rich history and interesting symbolisms all over the city that acts as vivid reminders of its origins.

This is the perfect opportunity for the religiously inclined and the religiously curious to see Barcelona’s Cathedral and the Gothic Quarter. You will also get a chance to visit the medieval Montjuïc Castle that has been standing since 1640 as well as see other amazing sights from the vantage and panoramic point of the Montjuic cable cars.

The Land, Water, & Air Barcelona 360º Tour

This thriller tour package for the whole family is designed to give tourists an amazing experience of Barcelona with three essential experiences in the city. Visitors get to stroll around the city, including the famous Las Ramblas, sail in the bay water, and fly above the magnificent sights all in one day. This fun-packed tour will last a full 4 hours of oohs and aahs that will forever be a cherished memory.

The tour will take you to the middle-age relics of the Gothic Quarter, whisk you up into the sky for panoramic views in a tour helicopter, and finally give you an amazing skyline view off the coast in comfy boat lodgings. This tour will surely expose the hidden beauty that would normally go unnoticed, a must-have for every family!

The Chocolate Museum

Ever wondered how the sweet bars that we all love to munch come from and how they’re made? The Chocolate Museum experience is one of the best family activity to engage in Barcelona. It’s just the perfect balance of fun and intrigue that can capture the interests of all ages, from young children to senior citizens.

The tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity designed to take you through the whole chocolate making process from start to finish. What makes it even more fascinating is the practical demonstrations in which tourists can participate and get to experience the exciting chocolate-making process on their own.

The Chocolate Factory, dubbed, Museu de la Xocolata, is a true sweet-tooth paradise. It is fully-interactive and has lots of chocolate showcases, from the moulding process to the showcase of several chocolate characters. Your kids will definitely be overjoyed and the treats that await them here will make lasting impressions. The activities are all designed to suit particular age groups too so everyone 3+ can participate.

Visit and experience the marvel of the Chocolate Museum!

Parc de la Ciutadella

You can never go wrong with a park visit for a family vacation or outing, especially if it’s a special park designed to entertain and fascinate like the Parc de la Ciutadella. It features an amazing array of attractions, from museums, a zoo, and waterside activities, all in the middle of the magnificent city of Barcelona. The park stands on a vintage military fortress that has been adapted to showcase the beauty of the city while simultaneously preserving its rich history.

Parc de la Ciutadella offers a completely relaxed atmosphere that s perfect for any vacation as you stroll around on scenic walks and get the chance to breathe the fresh air that is always synonymous with green parks. You will get the chance to observe the popular Catalan Parliament and the exotically-stocked zoo that offers numerous species that unique to the region and beyond.

The architecture of the whole ensemble is quite tasteful, dating back to 1714 when Felip V brought the fortress to life. There are several impressive statues erected on the grounds such as that of General Prim as well as a lot of historical artefacts stored in the museums. The museum itself is housed in the famous Castell dels Tres Dragons, popularly known as the Castle of the three Dragon at the north end of the park.

Find here more information and enjoy the impressive attractions of this unique park!

The Virtual Tour of Gaudi Architecture

Last but certainly not least, the virtual tour of Gaudi architecture is definitely a unique experience that can be fun for the whole family on Barcelona. The tour has adopted modern 4D technology and takes tourists on an impressive virtual tour of the city featuring the famous Sagrada Familia and lots of the Gaudi sites in Barcelona.

This family tour is a perfect opportunity to learn about the history of the city in a fascinating way that is fit for all ages from 6 years. The 4D tour is a recent addition to the city, and tourists love the experience that offers interaction with the city in such a realistic manner, guaranteed to impress every participant.

As we conclude our list, rest assured that any or all of these amazing family attractions in Barcelona are worth the visit. You will definitely create lasting memories, so be sure to bring your cameras along to capture the awesome moments!

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