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Preparing for and anticipating a trip is usually an exciting time. And the essential component of this event is planning. There is no need to line up for tickets, phone “trusted” operators or guides through acquaintances, or sign up for excursions in the twenty-first century – helpers are already at your fingertips! They should only be downloaded on the phone; the functionality is simple to grasp.

So, here is a list of the top assistant apps to help you prepare for your long-awaited travel.

Best Apps for Planning a Trip


The Skyscanner allows you to choose the best flight option for the route the user needs. The tickets themselves are not sold here; only their cost and basic information about existing flights are displayed. So, the site visitors understand how to make their trip the most profitable and cheapest. It is important to notice, that before planning any trip you have to check all the documents needed.

The most convenient option and the main advantage of the Skyscanner is the search for tickets for thirty days. For a period determined by the client, the system issues the minimum cost of the flight for each date. This allows you to track the process of price changes, and then stop at the most profitable option.

The disadvantage is that the Skyscanner works only with the most popular destinations and the nearest period. No data can be found for remote flights and not-too-common routes. Another disadvantage is that the prices displayed in the calendar sometimes lose their relevance.


You no longer need to go to the photo studio and pay for several photos. All you have to do is take a photo with your smartphone, follow simple instructions and upload it to PhotoGov. The AI-powered service will automatically adjust the format and size (depending on the requirements of the country where you aim to apply) as well as the background and quality of the photo so that it will not be distinguished from a professional one.


The first thing you need to do is make a route. A good TripIt app will help with this: Trip Planner: you need to send information about your flights, car armor, and hotel to the service’s email – and you will receive a detailed daily route for each place of stay. If your main mail is Gmail or Outlook, then everything will be even easier – the application is synchronized with Google services. One of the most important advantages of TripIt is that it also works offline.


This travel software is extremely handy for organizing multi-stop vacations. The program looks for the most efficient routes and forms of transportation, such as aircraft, trains, buses, and even ferries.


  • a complete multi-stop trip planning instrument;
  • comparison of alternative means of travel;
  • provides the approximate duration and cost of the journey.


  • it does not always provide current and correct information, and it occasionally creates inefficient or too complicated routes.


A handy travel software will assist you in packing luggage by developing a personalized list of items based on the destination, length of stay, and planned activities. The program even considers weather prediction.


  • will not allow you to forget a single essential item;
  • clear and user-friendly interface.


  • it may not include all the necessary things for certain trips.

Applications for Booking Hotels, Apartments, Hostels

Along with the purchase of air tickets, it is logical to book accommodation for the duration of your trip.


The booking service is suitable for booking hotels. Here you can choose suitable options for the price, reviews, and photos. Among the affordable housing: are apartments, cottages, guest houses, hostels, villas, and chalets


You need to buy air tickets and book accommodation, much in advance. This will let you, firstly, find the most profitable options, and secondly, protect yourself from sharp price spikes, if, for example, a major event is planned in the city. If you still could not find accommodation, then the HotelTonight service will allow you to find an option at a suitable price at the very last moment.


If you would like to book an apartment, an apartment, or a separate room, then Airbnb is the best solution. The service will help you to plunge more deeply into the atmosphere of the country and live for several days or weeks among the local population.

As in the case of Booking, when choosing an option for booking, it is important to rely on the number and quality of reviews, photos, and ratings of the owner of the apartment or hotel.


  • there are alternatives for any budget;
  • reviews of other travelers;
  • the ability to exchange messages for direct communication with homeowners.


  • the hosts may cancel the reservation at any time;
  • Airbnb charges a fee for intermediary services.


HomeExchange is a platform that emerged in the wake of a new trend in the field of travel: “exchange of houses”. The app allows travelers to exchange houses with other participants – just like in the movie “Exchange Vacation”. The platform has a large community of users in Europe, which makes it a popular option for those who want to reduce their travel budget and save a little on housing.

To use HomeExchange, you need to create a profile on the website or in the mobile application and start viewing available homes in the places you are interested in. You can then contact other participants to offer a house swap or respond to incoming exchange requests.

Best Apps for Arranging Activities


Meetup is a platform based on popular social networks that unite people with common interests. It enables you to join groups depending on your hobbies, such as business networking, travel, art, or foreign language practice. Meetup is looking for meetings and events of your interests in many European cities, which allows you to meet new people and make new friends.


The app has expanded to include almost everything travel-related, giving you the possibility to search by location or interest, which can inspire you for a trip or help you organize your schedule and accommodations during your trip.


  • gives full travel information;
  • the ability to save and share plans.


  • reviews are not always impartial and fair.


GetYourGuide is an application for booking excursions, tickets for events, and entertainment in various cities and countries. Users can choose from over 50,000 tours and events worldwide.

Advantages of the GetYourGuide application:

  • convenient search. Users can easily and quickly find the tours and events they are interested in using convenient search and filtering by place, date, type, and subject;
  • reviews and ratings. GetYourGuide has a system of reviews and ratings for each tour and event, which helps users choose the best options;
  • safety and reliability. GetYourGuide cooperates only with proven and reliable partners, which guarantees the safety and quality of services.

GetYourGuide shortfalls

  • limited choice of places: In some regions, the app may have a limited selection of excursions and activities;
  • insufficient information: in some cases, the description of the tour may be incomplete, and there is not enough information about the duration or complexity of the route;
  • cancellation issues: Some users have reported difficulties in canceling a reservation and receiving a refund.

Best Apps to Use While on Vacation

Google Translate

You can not make a list of the best travel apps and not mention Google Translator. The app will help you communicate with locals by translating text and speech into more than 100 languages. The program has a camera mode that helps you to translate text in real-time – useful for reading menus or signage.


  • talk mode;
  • detection of handwriting and voice.


  • may not always offer correct and subtle translation;
  • it may be less helpful in long and intricate talks.

XE Currency

Current currency conversion and exchange rates. When traveling overseas, this is helpful for budgeting and shopping. Simply add the currency of the nation you are visiting to your app’s list before your journey. When you arrive, all you have to do is enter the price you wish to convert to US dollars or another currency, and the application will provide a rate equal in seconds. It is very simple to use on the move when shopping or dining out.


  • operates offline;
  • saves the history of exchange rate information.


  • when making purchases, it may not always represent the current currency rate;

with frequent use, it can consume a lot of data.

You will be able to have an easier vacation if you download the applications listed above in advance, allowing you more time, energy, and money to invest in your next trip.

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