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Different designs of waterproof baby carriers

For many families, these waning days of summer mean a last-ditch effort to enjoy as much fun in the sun (and the water) as possible.  Our family has a more consistent experience with warm weather, but for any mum with a baby in tow, pool time can be a little complicated. 

Lounging by the pool while your little one plays contentedly under a beach tent will likely work for exactly 2.5 seconds, so it’s best to have a Plan B for when bub gets restless.  It’s also important to keep your little one cool, and finding a Waterproof Baby Carrier for some one-on-one pool time is an excellent option.

A Waterproof Baby Carrier has been a summer essential in my own beach bag, as I’ve often had to juggle multiple boogie-board wielding children while carting around my own bub.  It’s an added convenience that makes life easier for everyone involved.

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What to Look For in a Waterproof Carrier

A baby water carrier doesn’t need to have many frills.  Ideally, you’re just needing a safe and secure way to keep bub’s upper half out of the water.  However, there are several essential features you’ll need to look for, and then you’ll be on your way to the water! 

Different Waterproof Baby Carrier Designs

Waterproof baby carriers are very similar to regular baby carriers and come in similar models.   You can find standard baby carrier designs, baby wraps, and baby slings.  Some will work better than others depending on your bub’s age. 

Water Sling: Baby slings are, in general, very simple to use. Bub can sit in the pouch safely out of the water, and it’s an easy solution for some laid-back pool time.  

However, I would recommend a water sling for younger babies, as all of the weight of the sling gets put on the shoulder.  The heavier the child, the more burdensome this becomes. 

Baby Water Wrap: The wrap style is an excellent way to keep your bub snuggled up close, and most come in a one-size-fits-all length.  This would be an excellent option for infants and younger babies, but I can see this being too restrictive for older babies and toddlers.

Baby Carrier: This is probably the best option for older babies and toddlers, as a baby carrier design will allow bub to face outward and splash around.  Baby carriers also typically allow for more even weight distribution, which makes this the most comfortable option for you. 

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Features to Look For in a Water Carrier

Quick Dry: You’ll want to choose a baby water carrier with a quick-drying mesh or polyester fabric for several reasons.  The first is that this type of fabric keeps both you and your bub cooler, even while out of the water.  

Quick-drying fabric is also ideal because this way, you won’t be hauling home a soaking wet piece of fabric that will wrinkle and crease as it dries.  

Weight: You’ll want to choose a water baby carrier made from a fabric that doesn’t retain much water when it gets wet, as you’ll be carrying the weight of both baby and carrier in the pool, lake, or ocean.  An airy, breathable fabric also dries more quickly.  

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UV Protection: You’ll likely have slathered your precious bub in SPF 100 before they ever set foot in the sand, but finding a water baby carrier with added UV protection is an added bonus.  Not every product has this feature, but it’s definitely a perk. 

Best Waterproof Baby Carriers

 Water Carrier NameDesign / MaterialRecommended WeightPrice
Biubee Water Sling Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling - Nylon Mesh Birth to 35 lbs$ - check here
Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier Ring Sling Polyester Jersey Mesh8 lbs to 30 lbs$ - check here
Kubby Baby Water Ring Sling and Wrap CarrierRing Sling - polyester mesh8 lbs to 35 lbs$ - check here
Cuby Breathable Baby Carrier Mesh FabricRing Sling - cotton & polyester8 lbs to 35 lbs$ - check here
Vlokup Baby Wrap Sling CarrierWrap Sling - Polyester8 lbs to 35 lbs$ - click here
Mars & Stars Breezy WrapWrap Sling - Cotton Mesh5 lbs to 35 lbs$$ - check here
Bitybean UltraCompact Breathable Baby CarrierFront & Rear Baby Carrier8 lbs to 40 lbs$$ - check here
Angelbaby Baby Carrier Sling for Infants and ToddlersBaby Carrier 3D MeshUp to 15kg / 33 lbs$ - click here
  • $ – Under $30 USD
  • $$ – $30 to $60 USD

Best Waterproof Baby Slings

Biubee Water Sling Baby Wrap Carrie

This lightweight water sling is made of breathable nylon mesh fabric that dries quickly and stores easily in a built-in storage bag. The ring is made of plastic, so there’s no risk of rust, and it’s suitable for newborns through 35 lbs.  

Pros: The sling is secure, easy to adjust, and works well for shorter periods of time. It dries quickly and folds easily into the travel bag.  

Cons: The wrap doesn’t adjust well to every body type, and sometimes it’s difficult to get the right fit.  Several buyers said that they had to readjust the plastic ring too often, so this might be an issue with prolonged use.

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

This polyester jersey mesh wrap comes in 15 vibrant colors to suit any fashion sense.  The machine washable baby sling has an aluminum ring, allowing it to be more securely adjusted than those with plastic rings.  The water sling is machine washable and is best suited for babies 8 – 30 lbs.

Pros: The Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling is versatile enough to be used every day, not just for the pool. It’s easy to use, and bub can be worn several different ways.  The breathable fabric keeps everyone cool in the hottest situations.

Cons: Finding the right position takes some practice, and you need to be careful about how you insert your bub. 

Kubby Baby Water Ring Sling and Wrap

This water sling’s claim to fame is that it hardly absorbs any water, is very lightweight, and dries quickly.  The polyester fabric is machine washable and can support babies 8-35 lbs.  It can also help with reflux and colic.

Pros: The sling is versatile and incredibly portable. 

Cons: The sling can put pressure in one spot, and some say that the quality of the fabric lessens over time. 

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Cuby Breathable Baby Carrier

This breathable polyester/cotton carrier fits most sizes and keeps both mum and bub cool in and out of the water.  The thick non-slip mat secures your precious cargo and cradles them comfortably.

Pros: The sling is easy to use and folds compactly for easy travel. This is an ideal option for clingy bubs who don’t want to be put down, and it relieves you from having to hold them all the time.

Cons:  It can be difficult to find the correct placement, and straps don’t always tighten securely enough for all body types. Some say that the water sling is too large and is suited for older babies and not for newborns. 

Best Waterproof Baby Wrap

Vlokup Baby Wrap Sling Carrier

The Vlokup Baby Wrap Sling Carrier works well for everyday use and allows for you to hold your baby close in the water or on land. The athletic mesh wrap more evenly distributes weight across your back, allowing you to carry bub for longer periods of time.  The wrap is ideal for babies 8-35 lbs. 

Pros: This baby water carrier comes in a convenient mesh storage bag for easy transportation.  The length of the wrap is generous, meaning that one size really does fit all.  While slightly stretchy, the fabric allows you to secure your bub firmly and safely while in the water. 

Cons: Fabric may not be stretchy enough to suit all sizes, and the thinness of the fabric doesn’t always offer the best support for prolonged wear.  

Mars & Stars Breezy Wrap

Light, airy, and breathable, the Mars & Stars Breezy Wrap boasts a sweat-free experience for everyone involved, both in the water and on land.  The machine washable fabric of the wrap folds easily into the included carrying bag, and the material dries quickly after an afternoon in the water. 

Pros: Very comfortable for extended wear, breathable fabric ideal for warmer climates, incredibly easy to wash

Cons: The fabric could have a bit more elasticity and it’s difficult to find the exact right position where bub is not overly constricted or sagging in the wrap

Best Waterproof Baby Carrier

Bitybean UltraCompact Breathable Baby Carrier

The Bitybean UltraCompact Breathable Baby Carrier is just that-astonishingly compact.  Ringing in at around the size of a child’s water bottle, this ergonomic waterproof baby carrier can safely and securely carry your bub forward or rear facing, and accommodates babies 8-40 lbs. 

Pros: This waterproof baby carrier slips easily into a jacket pocket or backpack, and comfortably and securely fits a wide range of sizes.  The sturdy material is easy to clean and supports bub in the water and poolside.

Cons: The outward position can be limiting to your bub’s range of motion, and it can be difficult to buckle single handedly when carrying a larger baby.   

Angelbaby Baby Carrier Sling for Infants and Toddlers

This 3D mesh water baby carrier is constructed of ultra breathable material and has multiple weight distribution points for ease of carrying.  The included UV 50+ hood shields bub from the sun and keeps them out of the wind.

Pros: This baby carrier is comfortable, dries quickly, and works well for shorter periods of time. The material keeps everyone cool while not in the water. 

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Cons: The carrier may not be the best option for extended wear, and the size of the carrier may not be ideal for the full range of sizes.

Taking your bub to the beach or pool for some fun in the sun may sound daunting, but a waterproof baby carrier can make things so much easier for minimal expense and a tiny bit of extra room in your diaper bag.  We hope these waterproof baby carrier options will allow you to easily carry your precious cargo for a cool dip in the last days of summer. 

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