Preparing for an Extended Trip with the Kids

There is always a long list of things that need to be done and items that need to be packed before you go on a trip. If you add to the mix the fact that you are taking kids and that you are going on a long trip, then there is even more to do.

It’s easy to forget some things and let them slip your mind as you are working hard to get everything ready. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you be more prepared and to make sure that you don’t forget anything important. 

This post is part of our family travel advice series

Get Some Help

There is tons to do before you can go on your trip, and you might feel that you don’t have time to do it all. You may feel overwhelmed and not capable of taking care of what has to be accomplished, and getting some help can make things so much easier.

You can call in a family member, like your parent, sibling or aunt to help with some housework, do some chores or take care of the kids. You can also hire a house cleaning service to handle some of the work for you, leaving you more time to deal with the important stuff.

You might find our article “30 steps to prepare you and your home before a trip” a handy reminder of all those small jobs that need completing before a big trip.

Talk to Your Kids’ Teachers, Friends, Etc

You may have thought to reach out to all the important people in your life before you go, but did you talk to those who are important to your kid? You should communicate with their sports coaches, teachers and even their friends to let them know where your child will be.

You don’t have to give a destination, but you should let them know you will be away on vacation and then give them an expected return date. This mostly helps these people not to worry but also helps to ensure that your kids are getting homework assignments and other tasks to take with them, if that’s necessary.

Mother and threee children at airport

You Don’t have to Pack for Everything

You might think it is necessary to prepare for every eventuality, but you can end up overburdening yourself and your family by trying to be ready for every medical problem and every issue your kids might have.

You can use up all the free space in your luggage this way and not have any space left for vacation purchases. It’s okay to leave some things behind and then just pick them up as you need them on your trip. Instead of bringing tons of extra clothes in case your kids’ clothes get dirty or wet, you can always just bring some extra cash to handle the problem.

This is a great space saver. If you are going to a developed area of the world where there will be shops nearby, you can probably just pick up a lot of what you need rather than filling your bags with it ahead of time. 

Check the Passports

Before you leave for another country, ensure your entire family’s passports are in order. Ensure they are up to date and not about to expire. You don’t want them to expire while you are abroad either; make sure they have at least six months’ validity. You should also store them someplace where you know they will be. 

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