7 Family-Friendly Fall Activities to Try in Maine

a fall foliage lined road in Maine USA

Are you one of those people who secretly longs for fall? While other people dream about summer you are excited about hot chocolates, long walks in cozy coats, rust-colored leaves, and indoor cultural events.

Maine, New England’s northernmost state, has a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities which could be perfect for you. With bustling coastal communities and hiking routes through astounding countryside, it is no wonder that Maine is a favorite for both nature and seafood lovers.

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1. Visit a Museum

What could be more perfect than spending a day mulling around art galleries? With over nine leading art museums, including the Portland Museum of Art, the Farnsworth Art Museum and the Abbe Museum, Maine provides days of enriching indoor distractions. Maine’s unique architecture and breathtaking surroundings have long attracted artists to the state. Now it is your turn to feel inspired.

2. Spend Time in Nature

In fall, camping is particularly well-suited to those who like a little adventure outdoors. With camping offered in some of Maine’s most popular State and National Parks, there is really no better way to appreciate the season’s autumnal surroundings. And, if you have access to a cast iron fire pit, even better! There’s nothing nicer than staying warm around the fire, roasting smores, and enjoying nature at its finest.

A jetty with small boats on a lake in maine with fall colors

3. Apple-Picking

Very few things taste better than a freshly picked apple, and very few things can be more cause for celebration than spending the afternoon with friends, family and newly-formed acquaintances whilst apple-picking. A fall tradition for some, and a new experience for others, apple-picking in Maine is synonymous with wholesome fun. Maine is known for its extraordinary landscapes but also for its produce: Limerick-based Libby & Son U-Picks was recently selected as being one of the ‘10 Best’ American apple orchards by US Today.

4. Attend a Fair

Although they take place throughout the year, there is something special about attending fairs in the fall. Most often involving livestock, exhibitions and entertainment, fairs are a tradition which have lasted over a century in Maine. Family-friendly events vary in size and attractions, with 12 separate events occurring between September and October alone.

5. Water Sports

Being outdoors makes you feel good, and so does exercise. According to the CDC, physical activity reduces your health risks and can almost immediately benefit your brain’s health. With 17 million acres of forestland and 3,500 miles of coastline, Maine is the perfect backdrop for numerous activities such as climbing and hiking.

But as the state is best known for its water, sea-kayaking, paddle-boarding and all kinds of boating are all standout choices as the seasons start to change.

6. Enjoy Seafood

With over 11,000 lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, and a spectacular Atlantic Ocean shoreline, it is no surprise that Maine is nationally renowned for its seafood. Whether it be salmon, trout, or bass, lobsters or oysters, at the end of a long day of exercise or sightseeing, little will quench your hunger like Maine seafood.

Sunset in Maine USA

7. Watch the Sunset at the Beach

Days out on the beach are not only for spring and summer. Wrapped up, strolling along the shore, and listening to the gentle ebb of the ocean, is a highly recommended activity in Maine. If time allows, watch the sunset on the beach after grabbing some seafood.

There Are So Many Things To Do in Maine

In every season, Maine has something to offer visitors. It is steeped in history and is a cultural hub with dozens of museums and galleries. But for those who love fall, it is a particularly charming and exciting place to explore. If it’s getting too chilly for outdoor adventures, you can still enjoy a fabulous fall scenic road trip in Maine.

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