Camping Commandments: How to Prepare for Every Season

Camping is an incredibly fun activity that allows people to enjoy the wonders of the amazing outdoors. Although Spring and Summer are the most common seasons for camping, there is no rule book saying that this activity cannot also be enjoyed in the cooler months.

Of course, each season offers up its own challenges and obstacles when it comes to enjoying the wonders of the outdoors, but with some simple tips, you’ll be able to brace the elements, come rain or shine.

In today’s outdoor adventures article, we look at how you can prepare for your camping trip come Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Summer Camping Tips 

Everyone loves the warm and golden sunshine of summer, making it one of the most popular seasons for camping fanatics to enjoy the wonders of nature. However, it is also important to note that although summer offers some of the most pleasant weather for camping, it can also come with its challenges. 

Bugs and Insects – One of the most problematic aspects of summer camping has got to be those darn bugs and creepy crawlies that somehow always manage to end up in your tent. To ensure that these bugs don’t cause an annoyance, we highly recommend equipping yourself with buy spray, and insect repellant and keeping food items covered or stored at all times. 

Hot and Cold – It can get swelteringly hot inside your tent on summer days, so you must look into venting options to ensure that you are not trapping air in your tent. On the flip side, one may not think you’ll feel cold camping in summer, but do note that if you’re sleeping outside, we highly recommend opting for a sleeping bag. You will more likely feel a little nippy if you are unprepared for the nighttime temperature drop.

Look For Shade – If you want to avoid the direct sunlight blazing down on your tent, it is important that you set your tent up under a shaded area. This will ensure that your tent doesn’t overheat or trap air, making it incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in at night. 

Get A Portable Fan – Of course, when we go camping, the last thing we want to do is to use our electronics, unless it’s a portable fan. A portable, battery-operated fan can come in super handy on extremely hot days and provide gentle relief from the sun’s intense rays. 

Take Care Of Yourself – Always remember to keep hydrated at all times, and ideally, sip on water throughout the day. Don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen, too, if you’re planning on a lot of outdoor activities under the sun. 

You can find our complete guide to keeping your cool during summer camping over here.

Spring Camping Tips

Spring is one of the loveliest times of the year, making it yet another popular season for camping. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your springtime camping trip: 

Be Prepared – Spring can often be a somewhat unpredictable season, which is why being prepared for all the elements is key. We highly recommend preparing for rain and bringing a thick jacket just in case temperatures choose to drop. We also recommend bringing along some bug spray, just in case.

Don’t Forget Your Tarp – A tarp is probably one of the most important spring camping essentials. Use it to protect the bottom of your tent from the often thick and wet spring mud, or even use it to create a shelter for when you’re outdoors cooking.

Considering the unpredictability of spring weather, a tarp is also a great way to protect your tent from the rain and avoid a soggy mess. 

Light It Up – Since Spring evenings get dark pretty early, we always recommend bringing a lantern or flashlight so that the fun doesn’t have to end just because the sun has set! 

Autumn Camping Tips

Autumn (or Fall, depending on where you’re from!) is a picture-perfect scene when it comes to camping, with golden-hued leaves blanketing the ground, making for some of the most scenic camping retreats. To make the most of your autumn camping, follow these pointers:

Check For Open Campsites – Not all campsites will be open in the Autumn months, so it is important to check prior to heading out for your trip. Some camping grounds may even offer off-month discounts, which will save you a lot of money, so always do your due diligence in order to get the best deal.

Fluctuating Weather – Like Spring, Autumn can be a slave to fluctuating temperatures. For this reason, depending on where you are looking to camp, you should be prepared for both cold and hot temperatures. It is important that you bring along a good cold weather sleeping bag as well to ensure that you don’t end up freezing in the middle of the night! 

Portable Light Source – Autumn nights can get dark pretty quickly, so don’t forget to bring a few portable light sources in the form of lanterns, torches and headlamps

You can find our favorite autumn camping spots across the US for fall foliage spotting here.

Winter Camping Tips

And finally — winter. Winter may not be the most popular season to camp, but if you’re up for a little winter wonderland adventure, do follow these pointers for winter camping

Rug Up – This one’s an obvious one. Winter can get really, really cold. This is especially so at night, so ensuring that your rugged up and have everything you need to stay warm is key. Having more than you need is a lot better than not bringing along enough when it comes to jackets, blankets, gloves, and other winter accessories, so err on the side of caution. 

Mats and Pads – Having mats or pads on your tent floor is one of the best things you could do for yourself in winter, as they will give you added insulation from the icy ground. If you’re keen on a good and comfortable night of rest, you definitely don’t want to forget this pointer. 

Hot Cocoa Soothes The Soul – You’ll need a nice mug of piping hot cocoa on an icy winter camping trip. This is where the camping stove comes in very handy — with a small pot, an electric camping stove and some cocoa mix; you’ll be able to warm up in the evenings and treat yourself to a deliciously comforting drink that will warm you from the inside out. 

You can find our complete guide to staying warm while cold-weather camping here, plus we share these fun winter camping activities to keep everyone warm and active.

With a little pre-planning and diligence, camping is something that can be enjoyed year-round. We hope this article has given you some handy tips you can utilise on your next camping trip.

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