How to keep your skin happy while travelling

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Many people complain about having skin breakouts and problem flare-ups during or after travel. If you are worried about how to take care of your skin while you are away from home, these tips are for you. Taking care of skin while travelling is not as hard as you think, so keep on reading for some peace of mind:

Keep it Simple

Just like choosing which clothes to pack, figuring out what skincare products to pack in your luggage can be tricky. You need to follow luggage guidelines and if you are only taking carry-on luggage then you will be restricted on what liquids you can bring.

Pick only the daily essentials that require minimal effort, you only need a face wash or cleanser and some moisturizing lotion with SPF. Micellar water is easy to travel with as a cleanser and is gentle on the skin. It can remove makeup as well as oils and dirt. A simple routine of cleansing the face and applying a good moisturizing lotion keeps things simple.

Moisturize on Your Flight

The moisturizer you packed will come in handy during your flight, as traveling by plane is super drying on the skin. Pick out your favourite moisturizer and pack a hairband to keep the hair out of your face, then apply a generous amount.

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Stick to Your Regular Routine

Changing products means introducing new ingredients to your skin, some of which may trigger reactions in sensitive skin or cause flare-ups. While trying out one new product with your regular routine is fine, swapping too many things might upset your skin.

Don’t be tempted to buy a bunch of new skincare and makeup products just for your journey unless you know how well your skin reacts to them. It’s a good idea to introduce new products before you travel to make sure your skin likes them; then, you can decide whether they are worth packing or not.

Use Products You Trust

It is tempting to use hotel freebies like the soaps they offer, but if your skin is sensitive, then it’s better to bring your own. As mentioned above, sticking to your regular routine will keep your skin happy, so pack your own shower gel and soap with ingredients your skin knows and likes.

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Travel Sized or DIY

Lots of bigger brands offer travel-sized versions of their products, so your favourite lotions and shampoos might already be available in mini-sizes. If they don’t already come in travel sizes, don’t worry.

Decanting some of your products into labelled bottles is easy to do and you can find travel kits in most shops and online. Taking smaller versions saves space in your luggage and can help in carry-on luggage as there are restrictions about how much liquid you’re allowed to bring on board a plane.

Always Use Sun Protection

We are much more aware of the dangers of the sun now, so we should all use that knowledge and remember how important sun protection is. Sun damage causes the skin to age faster, so taking care of your skin will keep your skin healthier and younger for longer.

Always use SPF sun cream with UVA and UVB protection and pick lotions and makeup that also have SPF too. If the thought of your skin ageing faster or painful sunburn isn’t enough, the sun’s harmful rays can also cause skin cancer, so it’s something to be taken seriously.

Even on cloudy and overcast days, or at the snow or while skiing, at least wear a lotion with SPF, because the sun can still cause damage.

Hopefully, these tips help you, but also remember to have a great time and enjoy your travels. Stress can also trigger skin problems, so enjoy your holiday and get in as much relaxation as possible!

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