How to Fly Business Class With Kids

a child stretched out with a remote control in a business class seat of an airplane

A survival guide for you and your fellow passengers in business class

I won’t deny it; I’d much rather be sitting up the pointy end of the plane. Every time. Yes, even with the kids!

We are lucky as expatriates (and through the power of being frequent flyers with a lot of loyalty points!) to have experienced the pleasures of flying business class several times on both Etihad and Emirates – two of the world’s leading business class providers.  

We have been spoilt, I know (but don’t be mistaken into thinking that’s the way we always travel!!) We have, however, learnt a thing or two about business class travel with kids from newborn infants through to preschoolers.

Aside from our 10 Commandments of Family Flying (PLEASE read this before you attempt to take an infant onto an aircraft!!), there are certain rules for safety and flat-out good manners that need to be applied when travelling business.

This post is part of our series Flying with Kids – check out all our handy family flying advice

Flying Business Class with Kids view from the wing

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Are Children Allowed in Business Class?

Now after the gasps of fellow business class passengers have died down… are babies allowed in business class? Of course.  

It is completely acceptable – and understandable – that parents would like to enjoy the extra space and quality of service that is available to stretch out and travel comfortably with their kids, especially when flying long haul.

Parents travelling solo can benefit greatly from the additional service and attention flying up front.  So yes, you can fly business class with a baby. Or a toddler, or your tweens.

As far as I know, there are only four airlines that have declared “zones” where children are not permitted – read who they are here.

But don’t forget the etiquette of business class

Always remember it’s called business class for a reason.  On the other side of that partition, I have been there trying to work on a plane while others with their littles are wailing up back.  I rolled my eyes then. I get it now.  

But that didn’t detract from the fact I regularly needed to fly for work, regularly exhausted, so I was either catching up on work or sleeping while flying. I commanded respect from my fellow passengers and expect nothing less now as a parent. 

You need to sense your child’s needs, give them the attention they need, and walk the plane if necessary; this is essential to surviving any flight with an infant (see some of our other tips for getting through the flight).

Yes, you paid for or earned the right to that seat too, but show respect for your place. Most of the time, we overthink these things and panic about our children’s behaviour unnecessarily, but I can honestly say out of about a dozen business class flights with kids, we have not suffered through a complete meltdown (yet!)

In fact, on many occasions, other travellers have complimented the children as we have left the aircraft for their good behaviour. I put this partly down to their experience in the air and how we have prepared them for flying (but a whole lotta luck there too).

Business Class Essentials To Know

Know thy aircraft!  Not all business class cabins are set out the same.  

For shorter flights in, say, an Airbus A321, business class will consist of only a few rows in a 2 – 2 seat configuration where an adult can be seated next to a child.  

More convenient for families, though you are unlikely to experience the luxuries of things like the lie-flat bed and personalised menus that make business class travel so special!!

The stuff dreams are made of can be found onboard wide-bodied, long-haul aircraft such as B777 and A330’s or the upper deck of an A380.

How do you know what you’ll be flying?  Simply grab your flight number and pop it into SEAT GURU (our number one flight planning tool!!!)

configuration of business class seats together on an airplane
Are your business class seats going to be side by side or in separate compartments?

Now the problem, though, is that with these wide-bodied aircraft, many airlines insist on fancy seat configurations that essentially mean you have your own booth. Fabulous for business travellers, not so great for families.

Do check these in advance before booking as you can find yourself sitting well beyond arm’s reach of your children (that does have its pluses too…)

Babies and Toddlers in Business Class

Just as you would in economy, you can book for a child under 2 to sit on your lap without their own seat.  They are restrained with a lap belt that loops into yours for takeoff and landing.

Questions about infant seating with more than one child?  Here’s our guide to flying with multiple children.

Cost of an infant ticket in business class

Charges for an infant ticket in business vary by airline, and this is when it can get tricky! Please read the fine print!!!

So, for example, adding an infant ticket might state “10% of the applicable adult fare”. But if you have booked the flight on reward points, what is the standard adult fare?  

Some airlines interpret this as the cheapest available adult fare for business class, whereas others will charge based on the full rate of an adult fare.

British Airways is the only one I am aware will allow you to book your infant on points too at 10% of the adult points (how we flew London to Grand Cayman and back with our Miss Z!).

Then there are taxes. Taxes are charged per person and whilst they might be included in your reward booking, they are not for your infant ticket.  

The costs of a “free flight” with a lap baby can add significantly more than an adult ticket in economy!

Confused by it all? There’s a good guide by Mommy Points on how to use reward points with infants.

A good website we have discovered for finding discounted business class flights is

Flying Business class with a child | Our Globetrotters

Where does an infant sit in Business Class?

Most business class cabins have at least a couple of allocated bulkhead seats with a baby bassinet or carrycot attached. These are either hanging off the wall as they do in economy or placed on a special shelf. On many airlines, the size can be larger than the economy bassinet.

Always check with your airline before booking to ensure a bassinet is fitted in your cabin. Due to cabin configuration, you may be restricted on which seat they will let you sit in with a lap infant.

Pop over to our Ultimate Guide to Baby Bassinets to learn more – we’ve included information (where known) on separate business class rules.

When can you NOT take a baby to Business Class?

As we found out, if you are travelling as a couple with one of you in business and one of you in economy (ok, let’s set the record straight, if your husband STEALS your upgrade seat from you and you end up back in the economy seats with three kids while he swaggers up front); you cannot simply swap the baby between you.

This usually comes down to an oxygen mask issue.  In many aircraft, the extra oxygen mask is only fitted to the bassinet seat in business, whereas in economy, every row is fitted with an extra for infants.

Equally, you may not be able to book a lap infant in business class if they have already met their quota for infants allowed in the cabin.  

If you’re booking gets rejected with an infant, ring the airline to confirm, as this could be why. Try booking on a different/day or time if this happens.

And in case you are curious, certainly on airlines offering flat-bed services, IT IS possible for a parent and infant to fit on a seat together lying down. 

Do note the safety issue with seating on oxygen masks above. And obviously, as your infant grows, this seating arrangement will become less comfortable, especially if they’re a wriggly sleeper.

Our Miss Z comfortably sleeping in business class

Children 2-11 Years Old in Business Class

Once you’re past the infant stage and on to children, I guess the big question isn’t CAN YOU, but SHOULD you bother with business class?  

In my honest opinion, the experience is pretty much wasted on a 2-3-year-old.  Not only will they not appreciate the surroundings and the extra space, but they will also still be lucky if their legs can dangle over the edge of the chair!

Additionally, due to the seat configuration issue mentioned above, a toddler might not actually be happy to sit in their own chair – a disruption to everyone on board.

Saying that, if someone is offering you the tickets for free…. You will get by but get to the airport early, and preferably ring the airline in advance to discuss seat configuration and your ability to sit together.

Are you a car seat flyer?  You could be in trouble here as most business class seats are not designed to take these.  

Check with the airline first before bringing a car seat on board, or expect disappointment. You may still be able to bring a child’s flying harness, but again, check the specifications with your airline.

NB. If you are cashing in frequent flyer points for a business class ticket or cabin upgrade, expect to pay the same as in points an adult for a child.

The elusive upgrade. Does it really exist?  Find out 3 easy ways to upgrade with Qatar Airways

Airport Lounges for Business Class Passengers

Another plus of business class flying is the airport lounges. With any business class ticket, the airline will give you access to a lounge, either one they own and operate or a shared lounge with other airlines and membership programs (eg LoungeKey or PriorityPass)

Complete Guide to Flying with Kids | Our Globetrotters

Pregnant Mamma?

Now is the time to spoil yourself! If you are flying pre-kids (even better if it’s your first!), cash in whatever airline points you have now, and pay the difference – pay it all!!! Sit back and ENJOY! This might be the last solo flight you ever take!!!  

Even when I still had one infant and was pregnant, I used points to upgrade as it allowed me and Miss Z to still stretch out fully flat (and easy access for me to the loo!_

Read our Ultimate Guide to Flying Pregnant which includes a guide by airline on how far along you can fly and safety precautions to take

More Benefits For Travelling Business Class with Kids

If you haven’t convinced yourself of the benefit of flying business class with kids, then consider these additional factors.

Earning frequent flyer miles 

Are your kids registered for frequent flyer points?  If not, get on to it! Some airline loyalty programs, such as Air Canada Aeroplan, will only let you register children from age 2, even if you’ve booked an extra seat

However, business and First class tier miles significantly add up – and an awful lot faster than economy miles.  You might find that even in one UK to Australia long-haul, business class points will earn you a short European flight for the family.  

Points vary significantly by program, so check your details, and ensure you’re appropriately registered before flying.

Learn more about how families can save on international flying here

We love the Etihad Guest program because of its very flexible in allowing family members to pool – we compare all the different airline miles programs in our Globetrotters Guide to International Airlines

Chauffeur services 

Not offered by many, but of particular note, Etihad, Emirates and Qantas operate a chauffeur service on many of their long-haul route to major capital destinations if you’ve flown business.

It pays to check their websites if this is a crucial element to your decision-making as many restrictions apply.  Travelling with children, though, this can be an extra stress-relieving step that pays for itself.

Air cushions for kids flying | Our favourite flying comfor products for kids | Our Globetrotters Flying products Reviews

Business Class Lounges and Kids

Think you need to fly business every time to access the airport lounge?  Think again! We travel economy the majority of the time now with three kids – we can’t justify the upgrade cost on their little legs, but we still like to travel in comfort and style.  

Flying in and out of our closest airport Abu Dhabi we are both Etihad Gold members and two of the three kids have reached Etihad Silver, giving us access to several business lounges.

At most other international airports we have travelled through, we have been able to access an airport lounge using Lounge Key – we get this from owning a Citi Premier Miles card (amongst many other awesome benefits – frequent flyers in the UAE, this is the one I recommend!).

If you do have a long international flight schedule ahead of you with kids, I strongly recommend joining the likes of Priority Pass for lounge access.

Yes, they cost, but they are worth their weight in gold, and your youngsters get in for free. Not just for businessmen and women (I’m sure, again, much to their disgust), airport lounges have been our saviour, particularly when travelling with a baby.

You can find a quiet, cosy place to feed, and the staff will happily wash and fill bottles for you, which can take the hassle out of worrying about liquids and security checks. You can safely charge your electric devices; a feed and a drink are usually included.

Flying with kids - business class with kids?

Other Ways of “Doing Business Class”

Love the idea of business class but feel the benefits are wasted on the kids?

Have you considered sending your children back to economy as unaccompanied minors while you sit up front? Take a moment to contemplate – I’m sure if you’re still at the infant stage, you’re agog at the idea just now, but bear it in mind as a strategy.

I know many parents who have done this, and the parents arrived refreshed while the children had an experience of independence. Amongst the expat community who are frequent flyers, this is not as unusual as you might think.

There are some additional costs as the kids will need to be booked on adult tickets in economy, and naturally, age restrictions apply (usually five years old+). Check out more on unaccompanied minors here, and don’t forget flying to the US, you also need to arrange an ESTA for Children.

Still gotta fly Economy?  Not to worry.  We have a huge range of travel advice specifically aimed at the average family flyer based back in coach. Check out our complete guide to flying with kids.

Over to you? Have you flown business class with your kids? Horror story or a complete delight?  No details spared, please!!!!

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Business Class Seat? Globetrotters Guide to flying in business class with infants and kids

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37 thoughts on “How to Fly Business Class With Kids

  1. Jessica H says:

    Great info!!
    Here is my questions. I am trying to book a flight in business to Geneva on United and it looks like the seat configuration is 1-1-1(it’s a 767-300). My son is 2 yo. We have flown together and he does well on flights but we haven’t done a long haul (LA/IAD/GVA). I don’t know how he would do take off and landing by himself. Should I try to sit in front or behind him or sit across from him? Would you suggest seeing if someone in Premium or even Economy would switch with me for take off and landing? or ask United it they would let him sit on my lap for take off and landing? Any suggestions would be helpful?

    • Our Globetrotters says:

      I would suggest asking for an infant lap belt during take-off and landing if your child will not sit unaided. It’s really tricky at this age as kids don’t want to be told to sit. Staff should be understanding in allowing this. The only issue with any seat switching generally comes down to a safety issue with oxygen masks.

  2. Mat Brown says:

    Hi, those tips are awesome and really helpful! By the way, considering transportation laws, lugging car seats can be a nightmare!

  3. Su says:

    Hi thank you for your post. It calms me down

    Just wondering what are your thoughts about flying business class with 20 months old on Finnair. He def won’t fit into bassinet. Will we be able to physically fit into the seat?

    • Our Globetrotters says:

      Hi Su – at 20 months you will indeed need to deal with a wiggly lap baby in business class. If its the A350 flatbed you should be fine, it will be cosy so don’t expect both of you can lie side by side but if he can get comfortable on top of you while semi-reclined, I still think that’s better than paying for an extra seat and being cramped up in economy while your toddler is in a car seat. I’ve shared my bed with a 15 month old before and he slept through most of it. Good luck

    • Globetrotters Admin says:

      if you are choosing between the two ages to travel, a 6-month-old is a much better travel companion than a 1+ year old. At 6 months you could still score a front-row bassinet seat in economy, over 1+ they are unlikely to fit and would likely need to be on your lap or you need to pay for an extra seat, at that age I would be more comfortable sharing a business class seat.

  4. Natasha says:

    We just had a bit of a nightmare on Finnair – first leg from Singapore to Helsinki was great and they allowed my 2.5 year old to sit on my lap during take off with child seat belt, the second leg Helsinki to London was a nightmare and they wouldn’t let me – I’m not sure how having a 2.5 year old wandering the aisles with no seat belt on (he won’t sit on his own) is safer than being on my lap with child belt and then moved to own seat?! The cabin crew explained the perhaps they shouldn’t sell business class seats to children (!), and ended up putting him in an economy seat with my husband for take off…

    • Globetrotters Admin says:

      Airline policies at times seem baffling, and more so the individual interpretations with staff. I know safety is always the absolute priority, but we’ve had the same argument before with a very wriggly 2yo – sometimes staff have accepted it’s safer I continue to use the lap belt, others have been adamant the child must be in their own seat. How on earth they thing an economy seat is safer than business? If they still fit on your lap surely a lap belt where they can still be held and cuddled is a workable solution.

  5. Nitya says:

    I am sure many parents who plan their international travel with kids for the first time are still not aware of the dos and don’ts. They may be quite curious about whether kids are allowed in the business class and what are the rules regarding the same. This blog will surely help them.

  6. Alexa says:

    Hi there, we are flying business on BA747-400 from Cape Town to Heathrow and we are just wondering which would be the best seats to go for? At the moment we have seats 64A/B on the upper deck so we have access to the bassinet. The only thing is our 18 month old I think is too long for the bassinet and he freaked out in the toddler chair on the way out. I’m hoping to maybe have him share my seat but it looks like there are gaps either side of the leg section so he might fall off? Would a double seat on the lower deck business be better? Any thoughts or tips on the best seats to choose would be great. Thank you

    • Globetrotters Admin says:

      At 18 months you definitely will not fit the bassinet (although BA do offer the seat option that’s more like a bouncy chair than a lay flat bed – it’s been a few years but I believe that is still on offer, limited to 12.5kg child). I would keep your AB seat if you think they will fit in this – and the upper deck just so much nicer, right?! However, if it’s a lap infant that won’t fit the chair, go with the middle seats. I always think its better with kids whenever possible to be seated in E/F for Club World. Although you may have a moveable screen between you, at least you are together. It won’t be the most comfortable sleep but I’ve found it do-able. There might be a way with E/F seating you can spread the infant across both of your feet, but then they won’t have any seat belt. Check position with the airline too before changing your booking to make sure there are enough oxygen masks.

  7. Ebru El-Feki says:

    Great blog.
    Here’s a question…
    I’m flying long haul – Sydney to Beirut with my 2.5 yr old with Etihad business class. I have planned for it to be a night flight and I’m praying real hard she sleeps for most of the first leg.
    Being my first, I’m worried about 2 things.
    1. The distance between our seats and her not being at arms reach. Any suggestions on what I can do?
    2. How to barracade her in to the lie flat seat once she is asleep so she doesn’t just roll off the bed.

    • Globetrotters Admin says:

      Great question – do you know what type of aircraft you have? (You can check on Etihad have great private cubicles on the A380 – not so great for families! On the 777 and the A380 you can book seats E & F together where the screen comes down between them for people sharing – ring the airline to confirm this if you can’t book these seats online. At 2.5 they will insist the child sits in their own seat for take-off and landing (I won’t deny I have had to request the infant belt and hold them in my lap if they’re upset and screaming, even over 2 years), after that you’re right, the night flight should really help ensure they sleep at least the first half of the flight. As for rolling off, we’ve never had this issue but if you’re worried I am sure the staff could help you with extra blankets and pillows to prop them in. We’ve always found business class service on Etihad amazing but can all depend on your crew on the day.

      And on another note Beirut is amazing too! We have a guide on our other website to Beirut with kids –

  8. Sachin Shah says:

    Keri Hedrick, I am happy finally someone has shown the heart to write on this topic. It is true that you rarely come across parents travelling with kids in business class but it is totally acceptable. This blog of yours is sure to help travellers who have never tried this adventure as yet. Great share!

  9. Dante says:

    Im planning a trip to budapest from the US. thinking to fly business with my wife and two kids. one of them will be a lap child. so if i use aa miles to book a ba flight (on a380), would i be charged 10% the adult cash fare or can i be charged 10% of adult miles?
    thank you!

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      Hi Dante
      My experience in the past has been the infant is charged 10% of the adult cash fare NOT the equivalent in miles, plus taxes. Each program will have their own rules though, you will need to check specifically with AA/BA what their terms are.

  10. Maria Almeida says:

    This is so helpful ladies thank you!! We will be flying with our 21/2 year old this April to Brazil this will be his 7th time going but this time he will go business class. ????

  11. Dean W says:

    Hi Keri, great post and thank you for sharing. I hate to admit but I’ve certainly spoiled my little one (now 18 months) when it comes to flights and pretty much all our flights with him are business class. a couple of things I would like to add/comment on.

    1/ trying to tie in the flight with your child regular routine. for example, all our flights back to europe from hong kong, we catch a late night flight so that he is already in sleepy mode, have the bottle ready, quick change when we get on the flight, in our lap, bottle, and he’s pretty much asleep for the next 8-9 hours. Or if taking a short haul flight, we know his nap time is around 11am, so a flight around that time will increase the chances of him sleeping a couple of hours.

    2/ We try to break the flight up (long haul) so for us turkish airlines is great, 9 hours to istanbul, little one gets to stretch his legs, run around, have a bit of playtime, and then a less than 4 hour hop to the final destination.

    3/ travelling business class gives me and my wife the chance to get some rest as well. kids feel and then also react based on how their parents are feeling. if you’re tired, cranky and short fused, how can you expect your child to remain calm if you are not calm yourself?

    4/ flying should be fun, if you pack books, ipad, snacks, and toys, you should have enough to keep the little one entertained

    5/ Choose the right airline! i love turkish airlines, and they always go that little extra mile to ensure we and our son is comfortable. their 2-3-2 configuration in business class is ideal for us, and they always make sure we have enough blankets/pillows etc. the crew are also fab!

  12. Lee says:

    Hi – I am traveling in business class (lie-flat seats) with my 1 year old. It’s a 16.5 hour flight. We bought my son a seat but there will be a gap when the seat is flat (where you can enter/exit pod). Any recommendations for how to plug up that gap?

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      That’s an interesting question! It depends a bit on your exact aircraft. The stewards should be able to help you with additional cushions and blankets to make a barrier, I can’t think of any device you could take on board that will help.

      Does your baby sleep in a sleeping bag / grobag? I find this helps reduce wiggliness too.

  13. Jackie says:

    I’m flying business class with a 22 month old (I know, right in that horrible age bracket!!!) coming up over the holidays. British Airways, morning flight Boston – London and then overnight London – Johannesburg. Lucky for me, my parents will also be on the same flight in business class as well. The rest of my family is flying in coach on a different airline. My question is, should I bother with bringing a car seat – is it even possible in business class? I am worried about the daytime flight where she will likely only nap for a little bit and then again worried for the evening flight. I have 4 kids, so I have traveled a bunch with children. 1 kid will seem like a walk in the park, but it’s the age and the confinement of the plane that can be difficult. I do also own the CARES harness, but my experience is it doesn’t work great under age 2.5 because the child isn’t big enough for it. I need my car seat when we arrive in Johanesburg for ground transportation anyways – but I could check it. My original thought was to use the car seat on the day time flight and get a sense of the layout of seats and then I could always gate check it on the overnight flight? What are your thoughts? Recommendations? GREAT ARTICLE with loads of good tips! Thanks!!!

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      Hey Jackie thanks for reading and completely understand your question – that’s a really tough wiggly age! Personally, I have never used car seats on the plane. Have you booked your infant their own seat or are they in your lap? Obviously only if they have their own ticket can you bring the car seat on board. I agree, CARES harness still no good if the child wriggles a lot. Restraining small kids is actually the hardestpart of business as these days the seats are so well configured for privacy, you can’t sit next to your kids! You may also find depending on the airline and the way seats are configured in business class that you are not allowed the car seat at all. I have comfortably slept with mine on the flatbed together as babies (not quite that old though).

      One thing to bare in mind if you are on a connecting flight is that you need to make a call upfront what is coming on the plane with you and what is checked; we’ve had this issue before wanting items during a stopover or change around the gear we stowed and got a categorical NO – if it’s checked that’s it, you won’t see it again until the other end so I lost my stroller for a 24 hour stop in Doha!

  14. Fatema Nooruddin says:

    Some great tips there. Thanks for sharing keri. I was uodgraded with both my kids to business class and had a blast!! I walk my toddler (sounds horrible!) and let him do every thing before the flight whenever I need to travel so that he gets tired soon and snoozes for a bit. Works like a charm most of the time 🙂

  15. Abigail says:

    Thank you for all the information! The kids and I have not flown business class yet but they have been asking Dad to buy the upgraded seats like when he travels.

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      There will always be the type to give you an evil stare no matter what you do or how well behaved they’re being. In general, I have found that once you’re on board and settled, you are less stressed as a parent, there is more room for all of you to get comfortable and everyone settles quickly compared to economy where there’s a constant string of lights going on and off, cabin staff passing through, people queuing for toilets etc.
      It’s of course not always the case and kids might cry at some point, I’m sure many business flyers have had bad experiences that put them on edge, but I certainly wouldn’t tell mum’s to stay away for this reason alone! Just in that 18month – 3 year old type bracket though it can really be a challenge, whether you”re flying first class or cattle to be honest!

      • Matt says:

        Any insight or past experience if airlines would allow an adult + toddler (2yrs old) to be booked into business and another adult to be booked in economy.

        And then after takeoff the adult in economy pops into business and sits with the toddler (and eat meals in business class etc)?

        In essence only needing to book 1 adult and 1 toddler business class fares – she’s tiny and the huge business class seat would be wasted on her anyway!

      • Our Globetrotters says:

        Unfortunately, that would be very frowned upon by the airline. Primarily it’s a safety and mask issue, but also the meals and services would not be available to the economy-paying passenger. Even though it seems ridiculous that yes the tiny human won’t be using all the perks of a full seat in business that you’ve paid for. It’s not a gamble I would take, unfortunately, you would all need your own seats in business class.

  16. One geek.of a parent says:

    A very well rounded post, just like all your other posts really. You’re right about BS being a waste for 2-3 year olds. We were lucky to get upgraded when my daughter was around 5 and she had the time of her life. Each time we travel now, she wants the IPad seats only!!

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      Oh I know my older girl is 7 now and can’t understand why sometimes we have to sit in the little seats, why can’t we be in the special seats!!

    • Keri Hedrick says:

      I think it’s from 12 the charges go up, but still, in business class there’s not much difference! It’s hard once they’ve gone business they complain more than I do when I have to head up back next time!!!

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