5 Tips for Exploring Indonesia with Kids

Indonesia Yogyakarta

Indonesia is filled with gorgeous cities to explore, endless things to do, and holiday experiences for everyone. The country has long been a favourite destination among travellers who seek unique holiday experiences. That part about the country offering something for everyone is true since destinations like Yogyakarta and Bali are suitable for every kind of traveller.

In this article, however, we are going to focus on exploring Indonesia with children. Family vacations are usually difficult to plan. When you choose destinations like Bali in Indonesia, however, that is no longer a problem. These tips and tricks for exploring Indonesia with kids will help you plan a trip that everyone will remember for years to come.

Seek Engaging Activities

One of the best things about visiting Indonesia is that you have plenty of things to try. I’m not just talking about a visit to a museum or a walk down to the beach; there are activities that you can be a part of, and they are all very exciting.

When visiting Bali, for instance, you and the kids can try a wide range of activities. Ceramic classes – including those designed for children – are available virtually everywhere. So too are cooking class, why not learn how to make some tasty Indonesian desserts?

You and the kids can also have fun making jewellery and learning to carve wood. You can even take Balinese dance lessons right before you see epic performances like Kecak Dance or the traditional Balinese dance in Ubud. Getting the kids involved in these fun activities will keep them excited (and occupied) throughout the trip.

Indonesia - dancing

Get Them Involved

The diverse holiday experience you can find in places like Bali makes planning for the trip itself very exciting. You have a lot of places and activities to choose from. Why not get the kids involved in planning the trip to Indonesia?

Getting the kids involved in the planning process has two main benefits. First, they will be far more excited about the trip when they know and have a say on the kinds of activities they will get to experience from the first day of the trip.

Second of all, you can be more meticulous when arranging the travel itinerary. For example, you can add gaps in your itinerary to allow the kids to have some rest in between activities. This streamlines the whole trip and makes it easier to enjoy.

Leverage Indonesia’s Size

Another thing that makes a trip to Indonesia unique is the sheer diversity this country has. Let’s say you are planning a trip to Bali. The island is not the only thing you can explore, even when you are on a relatively tight schedule.

While visiting Bali, you might want to visit the Gili Islands. The Gili Islands, or the Gilis, are less than two hours away from Bali. You can book a speed boat to reach Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. All of these islands are well-preserved and are filled with activities for kids.

The Gilis have several conservation zones for turtles where the kids can interact with them directly. The underwater scenery around the islands is also gorgeous and unsurprisingly accessible. The kids only need to swim a little to reach them.

Indonesia Gili ISlands


Indonesia is also the perfect destination for adventures, and kids love going on adventures. Sticking with Bali as an example, you can go on a treetop adventure with the children by visiting Bali Treetop Adventure Park. There are rafting trips and bike tours on the island too.

The Gilis are even more exciting. All three islands can be explored on foot. A relaxing walk around the island allows the kids to collect seashells and fully experience the beauty of the Gilis. Hiking tours to Mount Batur are also available for younger travellers. Other parts of the country are just as exciting. You can, for example, rent a car and go on a road trip across Java. With places like Yogyakarta to visit, a road trip is a perfect way to have a stunning adventure exploring the country.

Indonesia Yogyakarta

Pack Smart

Keep in mind that there are still some challenges to anticipate when visiting Indonesia with children. The tropical country is relatively hot all year round, so make sure you always have bottled water and some snacks for the kids.

Indonesia is also a long flight away from most parts of the world. Adding movies and games to your iPad will keep the kids entertained. Bringing along some books or their favourite toys helps them stay calm and focused on enjoying the trip too.

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Lastly, consider staying in villas when travelling with more than two children. Indonesia is a very affordable destination and the extra convenience offered by villas will make your trip to the country that much more enjoyable.

Indonesia Villa
Our Balinese Villa

That’s it! Now that you have these five tips in mind, exploring Indonesia with your children will not be so daunting after all. In fact, the holiday experience will be among the most enjoyable you have ever experienced – if not THE most enjoyable.  

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