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Flying Delta Long-Haul from Minneapolis to Tokyo with Kids

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I was completely stoked to see that Delta had a sale for direct flights into Tokyo, Japan from my hometown of Minneapolis. It’s a long flight (about 14 hours), so I wanted to ensure that I had a reliable, comfy and trustworthy airline. My family loves to travel. At the same time, we hate hassles and wasted time. I’ve been using various travel hacks to see the world and experience new moments with my family. Japan was definitely on the list. Japan is known for their rich culture, activities and amazing scenery. After looking into the many different travel hacks for Japan, I had to finally jump on the sale with Delta! It was too good to be true. I knew this was going to be an experience that I had to write about.

My International Delta Long-Haul Flight Review

I’ll break down our Delta Airlines flying experience into several categories, including service, overall experience and reliability.

Service on Delta

We had a great service experience with Delta. As frequent travellers, we have the miles to get my entire family into the Delta SkyClub. The Delta SkyClub is a lounge for Delta flyers to go and hang out before the big flight.

Given the long flight, we were happy to head into the lounge for some food and drinks before leaving. The staff helped us through the boarding process and alerted us when it was time to head to out gate.

Flight Experience with Delta

The flight experience was pretty good. I was able to book the trip with my miles and opted to not sit in Delta One. Overall, I don’t know how they plan out the food. It seemed like food was coming out every hour or two. I simply couldn’t keep up with it. The food itself was pretty good for flight food.

On the entertainment side, Delta has really stepped up their game in their offering. They have games, movies (Japanese movies too!), music and even live TV. The 14-hour flight actually went by pretty fast.

Price up what you Delta Trip to Japan may cost you


My family didn’t have any connecting flights en route to Japan, so we got off pretty easy on this section. However, on the flight back we had a layover in Detroit. This was definitely sub-optimal. We found out that our flight was delayed a few hours on the return. That is twice now flying Delta internationally that my flight has been delayed on the return.

I wish they would know a day earlier and let me know! I would have scheduled another museum tour (or two). Despite being delayed, we actually still got to Detroit for our layover on time. This was great news. It allowed for us to clear customs safely and get on the road back home.

Conclusion on Flying Delta Internationally

Delta is a great experience flying internationally. I was able to feel safe and sound on such a long flight where my entire family was counting on me. Upon arrival, we headed over to one of the best onsen experiences in Japan.

I’d recommend that you choose to fly Delta internationally. You should keep an eye out for any sales they have. Jump on them early, so you can have a safe and reliable flying experience.

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Delta Airline review - family experience from Minneapolis to Tokyo

Will you try flying Delta long-haul? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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