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Have a long-haul flying with kids experience you would like to share?

We cover a wide range of airline reviews on our website that you can read about here, but we need your help! If you have recently flown with your kids on a long-haul international flight, we’d like to hear everything about your airline experience.  We can help share your story by:

  • Linking to a review you might have on your own website; or
  • If you don’t blog or airline reviews don’t fit in your blogging niche, we will host your review on our site!

What to include in your airline review

In order to keep the reviews on our website fairly consistent, here is a list of thing to consider including in your review:

  • Who did you fly with and from where to where?
  • Any reason you chose this flight over others? (Cheaper, better times, using points, the convenience of airports?)
  • Booking: Was the online booking process easy? Direct ith the airline or through a third party booking site, code share?
  • Luggage: How much luggage could you take? Were you able to bring extra kiddy gear?
  • Seating: Was there any premium fee for seats of your choice? Could you preselect your seats?
  • Aircraft: What was the plane configuration, did you end up seated together? Were there any dreadful seats you wouldn’t recommend?
  • Airport: What airport did you fly from and what were facilities like for passengers here? (Access to premium lounges? Kids area? Family priority queue?)
  • Priority Boarding: Were you given any sort of boarding advantage with kids?
  • Service: Comment on friendliness and responsiveness of staff on the ground and onboard to family needs.
  • Kids entertainment: Comment on the availability of kids packs, in-flight entertainment or any other thoughtful extras (or lack thereof!)
  • Kids meals:  Did you order in advance? What was the quality and variety of the meals? Could you access snacks between meal times?
  • Sleeping: Did you fly overnight, were you able to sleep? Did you use any sort of sleep aid?  Eg BedBox
  • Frequent flyer programs: Did you sign up? Is the airline in an alliance or any points pooling scheme you could use as a family?
  • Punctuality & connections: Did your flight leave and arrive per schedule? Did you have any issues with connecting flights or luggage collection?
  • COVID measures: Requirements for wearing masks, was this adhered to by airline and passengers? Overall cleanliness and protocols followed.
  • Overall experience: Would you recommend the airline to other flying families? Would you book with them again?

There’s no need to answer all of this verbatim.  We’d love you to tell the story in your own words and focus on the areas of the flight that mattered most to you. 

We do have a few further guidelines for you to consider though when putting your review together detailed below.

Please contact first to ensure the airline hasn’t been covered before, or you can check our full list of previous airline reviews here.

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The Globetrotters blog style and general submission guidelines:

  • Our audience is predominantly English speaking, fairly frequent travelling parents from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and the UAE (write in your native English UK/US both acceptable)
  • Please try and include a minimum of 800 words.
  • Break your writing up with subheadings and grammar and spell check before submitting.
  • All submissions are subject to final editorial control by our Globetrotters.
  • For bloggers, we allow 2 links back to your own website and up to 3 social channels of your choice.
  • Provide us with a short bio about who you are, your family, blog. 
  • By providing us with any images or video, you will retain copyright and will be credited. You acknowledge that you are the parent or have permission to share the image of any child.  We may also use these images for promoting the article on social media.
  • Please keep file sizes small, images no larger than 1080px x 720px.
  • Please note that advertising will appear in the final post via our partner MediaVine. Affiliate links may also appear on the page.
  • Please submit your article in Microsoft Word or Google Doc format along with any images to
  • Your article will be published within 1 month of submission – if not sooner.

If you are a business, this guest posting section is not for you; Please refer to Work With Us for more practical and commercially viable ways to get involved with the Globetrotters blog. 

Thanks for agreeing to submit to this guest post series – your contribution could be invaluable to another parent.